Stone Brewing Brings White Geist Berliner Weisse Stateside for a Limited Time

StoneBerlinerWeisse_GermanCANStone Brewing (Escondido, California) has officially announced that Stone White Geist Berliner Weisse will venture over from Germany to make its debut in the U.S. beginning this week.

Available in Europe as a Year-Round offering from Stone Brewing – Berlin, Stone White Geist is an authentic take on the Berliner Weisse-style that “gains its orthodox lightly sour and acidic character from a specially selected historic Lactobacillus strain sourced from Berlin’s cultures.”  Well . . . mostly authentic because you know Stone Brewing had to put its own twist on the style by raising the ABV a bit to 4.7%. Rounded off with newer German hop varieties (Calista and Hüll Melon), Stone White Geist Berliner Weisse’s “aroma leads with lemon, peach and melon and the unexpectedly bold and pleasantly refreshing tart flavor punches above its ABV weight.”

“As global participants in the craft beer community, Stone has the unique opportunity to share beers across locations, highlighting the different local and regional influences along the way,” stated Greg Koch, Stone Brewing executive chairman & co-founder. “Stone White Geist Berliner Weisse features the work of our talented team at Stone Berlin, and we’re truly honored to be among Berlin’s craft brewers taking charge as the revivalists to help return this style to its former glory.”

Stone White Geist Berliner Weisse will debut in California beginning this week and a “broad national launch” will follow in the fall of this year.  Once fully released, you can expect to find this Limited Release available in 6-packs of 0.33l cans and on draft at select craft beer-friendly retailers, bars and restaurants in Alabama, Florida, California, Virginia and throughout the rest of Stone Brewing’s nationwide distribution footprint.  Prost!

Vital Information for Stone White Geist Berliner Weisse from Stone Brewing

Release – Limited; California in May 2018, national this fall 
Style – Berliner Weisse
ABV – 4.7%
IBUs – 12
Featured Hops – Calista & Hüll Melon
Fun Fact – On the style’s history: “The Berliner Weisse is a style dating back to at least the 16th century, and to this day, European appellation labeling standards require that a beer must be brewed within the city of Berlin to call the beer a ‘Berliner Weisse.’ A complex sour beer, the style was once honored by Napoleon as the ‘Champagne of the North.’ It’s now enjoying a resurgence by small brewers in the US and elsewhere in the world, many of whom are creating amazing variations with fruit and other creative additives. As Stone deepens its roots in the city of Berlin, it seems only fitting that the team would take an interest in exploring the style in its purest and most authentic form.”
Availability – 6-packs of 0.33l cans & draft
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