Smokey and the Brett next up in Dank Tank from SweetWater Brewing

unnamed (6)SweetWater Brewing Company (Atlanta, Georgia) recently announced that Smokey and the Brett India Pale Ale with Brett will be the next release in the Dank Tank Series.

Back in June, thieves brazenly rolled up to SweetWater Brewing Company and took two flat-bed trailers packed with 3,272 cases of freshly packaged craft beer.  Just as they thought they had committed the perfect heist, the beers were quickly located because the not so bright desperados failed to realize the trailers were rockin’ some serious GPS recovery capabilities (click here to read more about this story).

When news of this situation broke, my first thought was that this whole ordeal had “future Dank Tank release” written all over it.  Sure enough, this caper provided the proper inspiration and Smokey and the Brett was created.  Since Dank Tank offerings challenge SweetWater brewers to explore their creativity by dabbling with new ingredients and/or brewing practices, this 7.3% ABV India Pale Ale received a slow fermentation with Brettanomyces wild yeast to lend the beer a pop of “acidity and tartness” to interact with the style’s expected hoppy bitterness.  The signature funkiness of the Brett mingles with aromatic and flavor notes of grapefruit and apricot. For a bit more information about the inspiration behind this brew, here is the full story from the bottle’s label:

Hard up and flat broke, El Danko couldn’t stop the shakes from SweetWater withdrawals, jonesing for the brews he most wanted.

Down but not out, El Danko doubled down and went big to solve his problem once and for all.  In the wee hours, El Danko and trusted accomplice El Putzo jacked two beer trailers from the brewery packed with over 69,000 bottles of SweetWater brew! (True story, check it at

Danko and Putzo hightailed it to their batwingcave, ready to throw down and fade out.  Not the sharpest duo, they missed the GPS trackers on the trailers and were nabbed by Ol’ Smokey and Detective Dick Farachi before they could suck down their first six pack.


Smokey and the Brett officially releases at the brewery on Wednesday, August 31.  If you cannot make it to the brewery for the launch party, look for this brew to turn up in 22 oz. bottles in Alabama, Florida and wherever you normally find Dank Tank releases within SweetWater’s distribution footprint.  Prost!