Pax Odeon Joins Coppertail Brewing Co.’s Alpha Hunt IPA Series

16ozCan_TPaxCoppertail Brewing Co. (Tampa, Florida) has officially announced that it will begin the Limited Release of Pax Odeon IPA in mid-October 2019.

Arriving as the newest member of Coppertail’s Alpha Hunt Series of “India Pale Ales dedicated to discovery of new hops and the constant hunt for innovative IPAs,” Pax Odeon – a.k.a. “The Space Explorer” – is an American India Pale Ale brewed with Loral, Sabro, Simcoe and Mosaic hops. Coming in at 8.4% ABV, Pax Odeon seeks to capture all the celestial magic locked within its otherworldly hop bill.

The Story of Pax Odeon

“Is this man from the future?

A man by the name of Pax Odeon was detained by local officials after several residents of the Bay Area complained about the mad man’s disjointed rants.

‘He claims to be from the future and he crash landed here on Earth while he was hunting some mythical sea creature in outer space … yeah ok buddy’ commented an anonymous source.

The ‘Space Man from the Future’ did have some peculiar technology and dress. More details will be released as the story unfolds.”

Pax Odeon IPA is available now and will be on the hunt through December 2019.  You can expect to find this new Limited Release offering available in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans and on draft at select craft beer-focused establishments located throughout Coppertail Brewing Co.’s distribution footprint in Florida.  Prost!

Vital Information for Pax Odeon IPA from Coppertail Brewing Co.

Release – Limited/Alpha Hunt IPA Series; October – December 2019
Style – American India Pale Ale
ABV – 8.4%
Featured Hops – Loral, Sabro, Simcoe & Mosaic
Availability – 4-packs of 16 oz. cans & draft
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Tasting Notes: Hazy Memory IPA from Lagunitas Brewing Company

LagunitasHazyMemoryPour2For this edition of Tasting Notes, we take a break from the final, turbulent waves of the workweek so that we can lose ourselves in the idea of the approaching weekend and a Hazy Memory IPA from Lagunitas Brewing Company (Petaluma, California).

Designed to be “evocative of everything [Lagunitas has] learned in hop-forward brewing,” Hazy Memory is a Hazy India Pale Ale loaded down with “oats and smooth wheatly-esque-ish-ness” and then “packed with some of the murkiest, juiciest, turbid Loral 291, Hallertau Blanc, Galaxy, and Citra Hops.” Coming in at 8% ABV and 55 IBUs, Hazy Memory IPA is “a little boozy and a little hoppy — just like a fuzzy memory of a great night long gone.”

Hazy Memory IPA was introduced back in mid-September and is still available for a limited time.  You can expect to find this One Hitter Release available in 12 oz. cans and on draft at select craft beer-friendly establishments located in Alabama, Florida, California, Illinois, Washington and throughout the rest of Lagunitas’ distribution area.

Now that we all know a little bit of the story behind the beer, let’s crack open a can and get lost in a Hazy Memory with some Tasting Notes!

Tasting Notes for Hazy Memory IPA from Lagunitas Brewing Company

Appearance:  A gentle, swirling pour produces a Hazy IPA that is a deep golden yellow in color with orange highlights and capped with nearly two fingers of bright white, airy foam.  When held to direct light, the orange tones pull out of the color a bit and the yellows brighten to become more of a lemon hue.  The haze is lighter than most examples of the style these days (which we are fine with), allowing lazy beads of carbonation to be seen moving about within.  Head retention is really fantastic, eventually falling to a lasting half finger that saturates the glass with sticky, arcing lace patterns.

Aroma:  Juicy fruit notes immediately burst from the glass to greet the nose with notes of orange, grapefruit, tangerine, passion fruit, peach, pineapple and melon.  As the juiciness subsides, an undercurrent of more traditional hop characteristics surface with herbal, floral and grassy tones.  The grains give off a bit of sweetness here, but this aroma is all about those hops.

Taste:  The Citra hops are quick to take control with a citrusy, hoppy bite loaded with orange, tangerine, grapefruit and lime.  The sweeter, juicier side of the hop bill then gains traction, adding notes of peach, blueberry, gooseberry, white wine grapes, apricot, pineapple, papaya, melon and passion fruit to the mix.  The real surprise here is a traditional, almost Noble-like hop presence that offers a pretty substantial amount of floral and herbal tones alongside just a grace of pine (something you would expect from a more traditional West Coast-style IPA).  The grains keep the bitterness in check with just the right amount of balancing sweetness.

Mouthfeel:  Medium in body with a medium carbonation, this beer is smooth, creamy, and takes its time on the palate.  It does lean a bit to the hoppy/bitter side (supplying a bit more bite than other Hazy IPAs out there), but the malts do a good job in keeping the bitterness from getting too aggressive.  The 8% ABV lets you know it is there with a little building warmth in the throat.  Tangerine and lime linger in the aftertaste.

Final Thoughts: In a craft beer world heavily inundated with a ridiculous number of Hazy IPAs, Lagunitas somehow finds a subtle way to stand out from the crowd with Hazy Memory IPA.  Sure, it has all those big, fruity and juicy hop notes up front, but it does not stop there.  It goes a step further by playing the greatest hits of the hop spectrum with an infusion of piney, herbal and floral characteristics as well.  It makes for a playful experience that has all the hazy, juicy qualities people are looking for in modern IPA’s while still carrying the memory of more old school IPA styles.  This makes Hazy Memory come together as something new that is still carrying a torch for the IPAs that came before it, and – as a group of IPA drinkers that often have a “get off my lawn” mentality when it comes to Hazy/Juicy IPAs – we can get behind that idea.  Be sure to check out Hazy Memory IPA before it fades from existence.  Prost!

Brew Bus Brewing & Orpheus Brewing Collaborate on Softly Shimmer Hazy IPA

BrewBusOrpheusBrew Bus Brewing (Tampa, Florida) has officially announced that it will begin the Limited Release of Softly Shimmer, a Hazy IPA brewed in collaboration with Orpheus Brewing (Atlanta, Georgia), in mid-October 2019.

Collaboratively cooked up at Brew Bus Brewing to commemorate Orpheus Brewing’s recent distribution expansion to Central Florida, Softly Shimmer is a Hazy India Pale Ale that brings together “pillowy mounds of Cashmere and Galaxy hops.” Best enjoyed fresh, Softly Shimmer (6.1% ABV) is “full of tropical fruit goodness” that is sure to “softly shimmer” in the Florida sun.

Softly Shimmer officially released in Brew Bus Brewing’s Tasting Room (4101 N Florida Ave | Tampa, Florida) on October 15 with availability in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans and on draft.  This Limited Release will only be available as long as supplies last. Softly Shimmer is currently only available in Brew Bus Brewing’s Tasting Room, and there is no word at this time if it will hit distribution.  Prost!

Vital Information for Softly Shimmer from Brew Bus Brewing & Orpheus Brewing

Release – Limited; October 15, 2019
Style – Hazy India Pale Ale
ABV – 6.1%
Featured Hops – Cashmere & Galaxy
Availability – 4-packs of 16 oz. cans & draft
Distribution – None; Tasting Room only

Rogue Ales Doubles Down on Cherry Beers with Debut of Cherry Choctabulous & Double Time Cherry Lime

Double_Time_Cherry_Lime_Single_Can_16ozRogue Ales (Newport, Oregon) has officially announced that it will launch two new cherry-themed beers – Cherry Choctabulous Milk Stout and Double Time Cherry Lime Imperial Berliner Weisse – in November 2019.

Here to put an added cherry (or two) on top of its 2019 Release Calendar, Rogue Ales is introducing these two new Limited Release offerings (descriptions sourced directly from the brewery’s press release):

Cherry Choctabulous

Cherry Choctabulous, a new addition to Rogue’s seasonal line-up, drinks like a cherry cordial in a bottle. This rich and creamy stout opens with a luscious cherry aroma and flavor that quickly gives way to indulgent and satisfying notes of dark chocolate.

“Cherry and chocolate are the star ingredients in this rich milk stout that we made for sharing during the holidays,” says Rogue Vice President of Marketing Bliss Dake. “This delicious stout tastes like candy in a bottle and is the ideal treat for sipping on a cold winter night.”

Double Time Cherry Lime

Double Time Cherry Lime, an imperial Berliner Weisse juiced up with cherry and lime, is a light-bodied brew that packs a big punch. This beer offers a delicate balance of sweet cherries and tart lime for easy sipping during the busy season. The sour base sets the stage for the tart and sweet cherry notes to play off the citrus from the lime.

“Double Time Cherry Lime pushes the boundaries of beer,” says Rogue Brewmaster Joel Shields. “It mixes two unique styles for a naturally sour yet still sweet taste. This surprisingly refreshing and fruity beer will brighten up the cold and dreary winter days.”

Cherry Choctabulous and Double Time Cherry Lime are scheduled to debut in November 2019 with plans to hang around for a limited time. Cherry Choctabulous will have availability in 22 oz. bottles and on draft while Double Time Cherry Lime will be available in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans and on draft.  You can expect to find both of these new offerings at craft beer-focused establishments located in Alabama, Florida, Oregon and throughout the rest of Rogue’s distribution area.  Prost!

Vital Information for Cherry Choctabulous from Rogue Ales

Release – Seasonal/Limited; November 2019
Style – Milk Stout
ABV – 8.4%
IBUs – 30
Availability – 22 oz. bottles & draft
Beer Finder –

Vital Information for Double Time Cherry Lime from Rogue Ales

Release – Limited; November 2019
Style – Imperial Berliner Weisse
ABV – 9.1%
IBUs – 14
Availability – 4-packs of 16 oz. cans & draft
Beer Finder –



New Realm Brewing Launches Barrel Aged Series with Release of Pastry Blonde Strong Ale

newrealmlogo2New Realm Brewing Company (Atlanta, Georgia) has officially announced that it will hold a highly limited bottle release for Pastry Blonde Strong Ale, the first release in the brewery’s Wooded Reserve Barrel Aged Series, in its Atlanta Taproom on Tuesday, October 22.

Hinted at by New Realm Brewing Company for quite some time, the Wooded Reserve Barrel Aged Series has finally surfaced to represent “the true spirit of brewing exploration and nods back to the original renaissance of beer spurred by the hardworking barrel makers; the coopers.” Meant to be both innovative and historical, this new series harkens back to when nearly “every beer in the 1800’s was barrel aged, and it is from this handmade heritage that [New Realm’s] barrel aged beers are born.”

The first Wooded Reserve release is simply known as Pastry Blonde Strong Ale, “a rich Amber Ale, decadently sweet and aged six months in first use Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels.” This treatment supplies Pastry Blonde Strong Ale (10.6% ABV) with “layers of bourbon, sherry and vanilla notes.”

Pastry Blonde Strong Ale will officially release in New Realm Brewing Company’s Atlanta Taproom (550 Somerset Terrace NE | Unit 101 | Atlanta, Georgia) on October 22, 2019.  This special release is limited to only six cases of 500ml bottles, and your best bet to secure your stash of Pastry Blonde Strong Ale is by reserving in advance through CraftCellr (click here to do so).  These bottles are guaranteed to disappear with a quickness, so be sure to lock yours down ASAP.  Prost!

Vital Information for Pastry Blonde Strong Ale from New Realm Brewing Company

Release – Limited/Wooded Reserve Barrel Aged Series; October 22, 2019
Style – American Strong Ale
ABV – 10.6%
IBUs – 13
Treatment – Aged for six months in Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels
Availability – 500ml bottles
Distribution – None; Taproom only release
Reserve Online –


Heavy Seas Beers Set to Release Siren Noire & Coconut Variant

SirenNoire12ozBottle2019Heavy Seas Beer (Baltimore, Maryland) has officially announced that the Limited Releases of Siren Noire and Coconut Siren Noire, a highly limited, draft-only variant, will begin in November 2019.

Back to claim its place as the final release of the year in the Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters Series, Siren Noire is an Imperial Stout brewed with a mix of dark malts, Brewers Gold hops, and “almost three pounds of Belgian coco nibs per barrel,” and then aged for “five weeks in bourbon barrels with vanilla beans added.”  Weighing in at 9.5% ABV, the alluring Siren Noire “isn’t your father’s chocolate stout.”

New this year to give you a fresh perspective on the long-standing, fan-favorite that is Siren Noire, Coconut Siren Noire starts with a similar base beer but “[forgoes] the vanilla bean addition that the regular Siren Noire has and add a healthy addition of fresh coconut as well as toasted coconut.”  To take the decadence up a notch, dark chocolate is also added to basically make Coconut Siren Noire “a Mounds Bar in a glass!”

Siren Noire and Coconut Siren Noire are both scheduled to release in November 2019 and will hang around as long as supplies last.  Siren Noire will have availability in 4-packs of 12 oz. bottles while Coconut Siren Noire will only be available on draft.  You can expect to find both offerings at select craft beer-focused establishments located in limited markets within Heavy Seas’ distribution footprint.  Prost!

Vital Information for Siren Noire from Heavy Seas Beer

Release – Limited/Uncharted Waters Series; November 2019
Style – Imperial Stout
ABV – 9.5%
IBUs – 8.5
Malts – 2-Row, Crystal, Chocolate & Roasted Barley
Hops – Brewers Gold
Added Ingredients – Belgian cocoa nibs
Treatment – Aged for five weeks in Bourbon barrels with vanilla beans
Availability – 4-packs of 12 oz. bottles & draft
Beer Finder –




Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Introduces New Off-Centered Art Series Artist with Release of 75 Minute IPA

75minute-stiles-packaging-3_cropDogfish Head Craft Brewery (Milton, Delaware) has officially announced that 75 Minute IPA will return in late October 2019 to act as the first release in the brewery’s 2019-2020 Off-Centered Art Series featuring artwork from Dan Stiles.

First introduced back in 2011 as a “twist on the brewery’s classic, continually hopped series,” 75 Minute IPA is an American India Pale Ale “brewed with New England maple syrup, continually hopped throughout the entire boil and dry hopped with a slew of Cascade hops.”  Coming in at 7.5% ABV and 75 IBUs, 75 Minute IPA is a “malty, full-bodied . . . beer with citrusy-pine hop flavors balanced by subtle maple notes.”

This year’s batch of 75 Minute IPA has the distinction of introducing Dan Stiles as the latest collaborating artist in Dogfish Head’s Off-Centered Art Series, “an annual collection of four beers that personifies the creative expression at the intersection of ales and art.” Based out of Portland, Oregon, Dan Stiles is “an acclaimed illustrator and author . . . “[that has] spent 25 years creating visuals for indie bands, global brands and everyone in between.”

Stiles’ vision for this year’s 75 Minute IPA artwork is steampunk-themed and “portrays a man wearing a top hat; an image created entirely by pieces of metalwork commonly seen in a brewery – pipes, cogs, hoses, bolts. In his hand, the character holds a maple leaf and a hop cone to represent the hoppy, maple syrup-infused nectar that is 75 Minute IPA. His only eye beckons to drinkers, daring them to crack open a bottle.”

“Each year, I look forward to watching the visions of our collaborating artists come to life. It’s always astounding to see how well they can integrate their personal styles with our brand’s unique personality to tell the off-centered stories of our beers,” said Sam Calagione, founder of Dogfish Head. “I’m beyond excited and impressed by Dan’s interpretation of 75 Minute IPA. He’s definitely set the bar pretty high for the rest of his Art Series creations – and I can’t wait to see them come to fruition!”

75 Minute IPA is scheduled to release in late October 2019 and this hoppy, maple goodness will stick around through January 2020.  You can expect to find this Limited Release available in 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles and on draft at select craft beer-friendly spots located in Alabama, Florida, Delaware and throughout the rest of Dogfish Head’s 45-state distribution area.  Prost!

Vital Information for 75 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Release – Limited/Off-Centered Art Series; late October 2019 – January 2020
Style – American India Pale Ale
ABV – 7.5%
IBUs – 75
Featured Hops – Cascade
Added Ingredients – New England maple syrup
Suggest Food Pairings – “Burgers, grilled meats, avocado”
Recommended Glassware – IPA glass
Fun Fact – More on Dan Stiles, the 2019-2020 collaborating artist in Dogfish Head’s Off-Centered Art Series: “Drawing inspiration from an array of media – skateboard graphics, album covers, modern art, Japanese design, comic books and vintage packaging, [Stiles] creates artfully simplistic, pop-off-the-page designs that are known worldwide.”
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles & draft
Beer Finder –


Thunderstruck Coffee Porter Makes Seasonal Return for Highland Brewing

TS-Web-Render_2f738ceffacd75bb03d92ae127419836Highland Brewing (Asheville, North Carolina) has announced that Thunderstruck Coffee Porter is officially back on shelves and taps to serve as the brewery’s Fall/Winter Seasonal.

Crafted to be “the perfect pick me up” during the colder months, Thunderstruck is an American Porter brewed with “200 pounds of Dynamite coffee” per batch.  Clocking in at 5.8% ABV, Thunderstruck supplies its drinker with plenty of “coffee aroma and flavor with subtle spice and fruit notes.”

Thunderstruck Coffee Porter is rolling out now and is scheduled to hang around through January 2020.  You can expect to find this Seasonal offering available in 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles and on draft at craft beer-friendly retailers, bars and restaurants located in Alabama, Florida, North Carolina and throughout the rest of Highland Brewing’s distribution footprint.  Prost!

Vital Information for Thunderstruck Coffee Porter from Highland Brewing

Release – Seasonal; October 2019 – January 2020
Style – American Porter
ABV – 5.8%
IBUs – 30
Malts – Pale, Caramel 60, Chocolate & Midnight Wheat
Hops – Chinook, Hallertau Mittlefrue & German Select
Added Ingredients – 200 lbs. of Dynamite Coffee per batch
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles & draft

North Coast Brewing Co. Welcomes Fall with Return of Cranberry-Quince Berliner Weisse

NCBC-Website-Header-NC-Whale-Logo (1)North Coast Brewing Co. (Fort Bragg, California) has officially announced that it will begin the Limited Release of Cranberry-Quince Berliner Weisse in mid-October 2019.

Brewed to capture the flavors of autumn, Cranberry-Quince Berliner Weisse is a “spontaneously soured Berliner Weisse . . . made with quince fruit and the juice of Oregon cranberries.”  Coming in at just 4.1% ABV, Cranberry-Quince Berliner Weisse has an “amber hue and noteworthy taste, [making] it the star of the fall drinking season, ideal for pairing with any holiday meal.”

“We like to say that fall doesn’t begin here in Fort Bragg, California until our Cranberry-Quince Berliner Weisse is released,” says North Coast Brewing Company Brewmaster, Chuck Martins. “Growing up, quince trees were in my backyard, and when creating the fall release in our Berliner Weisse trio, we decided to use quinces as one of our featured fruits. Their subtle sweetness complements the acidity of Oregon cranberries to give our Cranberry-Quince a tangy and sweet flavor. It’s a crowd favorite at fall celebrations.”

Cranberry-Quince Berliner Weisse is available now and will hang around as long as supplies last.  You can expect to find this Limited Release available in 4-packs of 12 oz. bottles, 22 oz. bottles and on draft at select craft beer-focused establishments located in Alabama, Florida, California and throughout the rest of North Coast’s distribution network.  Prost!

Vital Information for Cranberry-Quince Berliner Weisse from North Coast Brewing Co.

Release – Limited; returning mid-October 2019
Style – Berliner Weisse
ABV – 4.1%
IBUs – 0
Added Ingredients – Quince & the juice of Oregon cranberries
Fun Fact – “Influential beer author the late Michael Jackson describes ‘Berlin White Beer’ as having an ‘insistent sparkle, a fragrant fruitiness in the nose, a sharp, dry palate, and a frisson of quenching, sour acidity in the finish.'”
Availability – 4-packs of 12 oz. bottles, 22 oz. bottles & draft
Beer Finder –

Tasting Notes: Celeste Saison from Iron Fist Brewing Company

CelesteSaisonPour2For this installment of Tasting Notes, we bask in the splendor that is Saison Sunday by savoring a pour of Celeste Saison from Iron Fist Brewing Company (Vista, California).

Introduced back in June as the fifth release of 2019 in Iron Fist’s series of Small Batch Experiments, Celeste is a Belgian-style Saison created with the use of “traditional Belgian methods, with a touch of celestial magic and perfected for the California sunshine.” Balanced by “malty and tart notes with aromas of citrus, light clove, banana, and a hint of bubble gum,” this Saison is meant to be a “deeply refreshing” summertime brew that highlights bright notes of “lemon and white pepper.”  Coming in at just 5.0% ABV, Celeste is light in body with a “lively carbonation” and a “crisp, dry finish.”

Celeste was released in June 2019 in Iron Fist’s Vista and Barrio Logan taprooms with limited availability on draft and in a limited-edition run of 500 12 oz. cans.  This offering’s supply is no doubt dwindling, but activity on Untappd (as of 10.13.19) seems to indicate that it is still pouring on draft in Iron Fist’s taprooms.

Alright . . . now that we are all a little more familiar with Celeste, let’s fully immerse ourselves in Saison Sunday with some Tasting Notes!

Tasting Notes for Celeste Saison from Iron Fist Brewing Company

Appearance: A careful pour into a stemless red wine glass produces a Saison that is a sunny, golden yellow in color and capped with nearly two fingers of fast-forming, bright white foam.  When held to direct light, the yellows pick up even more intensity and lighten to a lemony hue at the edges. The beer has a touch of cloudiness to it, but steady streams of carbonation can still be seen working within to feed that trademark Saison head.  Retention is quite good, falling slowly to a fluffy ring that still has the ability to notch the glass with wide lines of lace after each and every pull.

Aroma: The Saison yeast is wonderfully pronounced (even when the glass is at arm’s length), giving off notes of clove, bubble gum, banana, pear and white pepper.  The hops lend a tinge of herbaceousness that translates as wintergreen mint and chamomile. The aromatics close with softly sweet tones of clean, fresh grain.

Taste:  The Saison yeast once again captures the spotlight, dominating the flavor profile with gorgeous notes of banana, clove, bubble gum, sweet pear, floral honey, and white pepper. A touch of citrus – lemon and orange zest – brightens things a bit and draws your attention to a somewhat shy herbal hop character. All of this is carried on a backbone comprised of sweet, lightly toasted grains, wet hay, and a touch of mustiness.

Mouthfeel:  On the light side of medium in body with a medium carbonation level, this beer is soft on the palate and finishes wonderfully dry and clean.  The balance is impeccable. It not too sweet or too hoppy, and this allows the yeast to really shine.  At 5.0% ABV, it is incredibly refreshing and highly drinkable.  The aftertaste is just a lingering touch of banana and bubble gum.

Final Thoughts:  For a brewery to properly execute a true representation of the Saison, the finished beer just has to embrace every aspect and characteristic of its yeast.  The experience – and it is an experience when done right – is difficult to properly describe, but it provides a full sensory experience similar to the one you might get while sitting on the porch of country home as the breezes of a cool evening carry to you all the smells, tastes and sounds from across the fields, the barn, the dirt roads, etc.   Although there is so much there for you to take in, you are allowed the time to appreciate it at your own pace.  It is a peaceful beauty that all great Saisons possess – think Saison Dupont from Brasserie Dupont, Fantôme Saison from Brasserie Fantôme, Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale from Boulevard Brewing Co. and Allagash Saison from Allagash Brewing Company just to name a few – and Iron Fist was able to harness and capture a great deal of that beauty in Celeste.

This is not something that happens by accident, and you can tell that Iron Fist’s brewers really took their time with this one. This beer was nurtured, and that Saison yeast character was cultivated with care so that it could reach its full potential in both flavor and aroma.  It is more than obvious that everyone that had a hand in this beer wanted to absolutely nail the style and nail it they did.

Beyond their attention to the yeast, Iron Fist made another fantastic decision by having this beer come in at the lower end of the style’s ABV range (5%).  This makes Celeste an incredibly refreshing and easy drinking beer – perfect for late summer/early fall – that still possesses all the big, complex aromas and flavors you want from a Saison.

Celeste Saison is a special beer and we just cannot say enough good things about it.  We are aware that it is late in this Limited Release’s life cycle, but you need to treat yourself to this beer if the opportunity arises.  If not, just make sure that you keep Iron Fist on your radar because they are putting out some truly exceptional beers right now.  Prost!