Full Sail Brewing Co. Releases 100 Calorie Session Light

SessionLight_6PackFull Sail Brewing Co. (Hood River, Oregon) has officially introduced Session Light, a Premium Lager with 100 calories and only 6 carbs, as the newest Core offering to join its Session family of beers.

Developed for those in the market for a “better-for-you, healthy” beer option that still has “flavor and nuance”, Session Light is a Premium Lager “brewed with mountain spring water, malted barley, and Glacier and Sterling hops.” Light in calories, carbs and ABV (3.6%), Session Light “pours bright, has a mellow, malty flavor, and finishes crisp and clean.”

“Session Light is our craft-beer take on the light lager category and we’re really happy with how this beer came out,” says Full Sail Brewmaster Greg Doss. “It’s a great alternative for people wanting all the flavor of a craft brew without all the calories. If you’re looking for the perfect go-anywhere, drink-anytime beer, Session Light is it.”

Session Light is pouring now on draft and availability in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans, 12-packs of 12 oz. cans and in the Session Mashup Summer Variety Pack of 11 oz. bottles is scheduled to begin this spring.  You can expect to find this new Core offering at craft beer-friendly establishments located in Florida, Oregon and throughout the rest of Full Sail’s distribution area.  Prost!

Vital Information for Session Light from Full Sail Brewing Co.

Release – Year-Round/Core, launching February 2019
Style – American Light Lager
ABV – 3.6%
IBUs – 15
Calories – 100
Carbs – 6
Featured Hops – Glacier & Sterling
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans, 12-packs of 12 oz. cans, in the Session Mashup Summer Variety Pack of 11 oz. bottles & draft 
Beer Finder – https://fullsailbrewing.com/where-to-buy/


Fresh Perspective IPL Emerges From Iron Fist Brewing’s Small Batch Program

IronFistFPIPLzoomIron Fist Brewing Company (Vista, California) has announced that Fresh Perspective IPL has officially released as the brewery’s first Small Batch offering of the year.

Serving as a launching point for Iron Fist’s new brewing strategy in 2019, Fresh Perspective is an India Pale Lager that is “light straw in color with classic pilsner overtones and a floral bouquet.” Anyone lucky enough to get their hands on a pour of this small batch brew can expect an experience boasting “notes of herbal spice, earth, lemon, and a touch of honey on the finish.”  Fresh Perspective IPL clocks in at 6.5% ABV and 40 IBUs.

The release of Fresh Perspective IPL “marks the start of the Iron Fist’s new brewing strategy, which is focused highly on short-run tap room exclusives.”  Meant to be “an experimental brewing playground” for the crew at Iron Fist, these Small Batch brews will be released on a monthly basis with availability on draft and in a limited run of cans (500).

“We’re really excited to have introduced a new structure to our brewing that allows us to continuously push the boat out and try new things on a monthly basis.”


– Tom Garcia, Brewmaster at Iron Fist Brewing Company

Fresh Perspective IPL is available on draft now in both Iron Fist Tap Room locations – Brewery & Tap Room in Vista, California | Barrio Logan Tap Room in San Diego, California – and a limited run of 500 cans will release during the week of February 25.  Like all Small Batch releases from Iron Fist, Fresh Perspective IPL is a tap room exclusive that will not see distribution.  Prost!

Garage Brewing Co. Begins Limited Release of Barrel-aged Imperial Oatmeal Brown Ale

GarageIOBAbottleGarage Brewing Co. (Temecula, California) has officially announced that it will begin the Limited Release of a very special batch of its Imperial Oatmeal Brown Ale on February 14, 2019.

Do not be fooled by its seemingly innocent, straightforward name.  Sure, Garage Brewing’s Imperial Oatmeal Brown Ale is just that, but it does have one big secret: it has been aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels for 22 months.  Thanks to this lengthy aging period, Imperial Oatmeal Brown Ale (8% ABV) has emerged “darker in color than a typical brown ale” and is filled with “toasty, nutty and light vanilla notes.”

“This beer is out of the ordinary,” Garage Brewing Co.’s Brewmaster Guy Bartmess, said.  “We’ve taken a style of beer that isn’t typically aged in Bourbon barrels and left if in the oak for almost twice as long as usual. The outcome is a unique Bourbon barrel aged beer that has no peer.”

This batch of Imperial Oatmeal Brown Ale will officially debut on draft in Garage Brewing Co.’s Tap Room on Thursday, February 14 and distribution is expected to follow shortly after the on-site release.  You can expect to find this Limited Release offering available in 22 oz. bottles and on draft at select craft beer-focused establishments located within Garage Brewing Co.’s distribution footprint in Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada.  Prost!

Vital Information for Imperial Oatmeal Brown Ale from Garage Brewing Co.

Release – Limited; releasing February 14, 2019
Style – Imperial Brown Ale
ABV – 8%
Treatment – Aged for 22 months in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels
Availability – 22 oz. bottles & draft
Beer Finder – http://www.garagebrewco.com/find-our-brew

Heavy Seas Beer Sets Date for Taproom Release of Joose Cannon

45718056452_40d9331d94_z (2)Heavy Seas Beer (Baltimore, Maryland) has officially announced that it will release Joose Cannon, a Hazy Juicy IPA brewed with tangerine, exclusively in its taproom on March 8, 2019.

Arriving as the first offering to come out of Heavy Seas’ 15 bbl brewhouse in 2019, Joose Cannon is a Hazy Juicy India Pale Ale that serves as “an exciting twist on [the brewery’s] flagship IPA, Loose Cannon.”  With a hefty amount of oats and wheat supplying the haze, Joose Cannon (7.25% ABV) goes next level with huge tropical and citrus aromas sourced from “an alternate dry-hopping procedure, along with tangerine puree and massive doses of Citra and Simcoe hops.”

“After developing Citra Cannon, we decided we should take the ‘Juicy IPA’ concept to another level. Thus, Joose Cannon was born,” says Heavy Seas Brewmaster, Christopher Leonard. “I was blown away by the aroma and bright, fresh flavor of the tangerine puree, so incorporating it into Joose Cannon was a no-brainer. We’re having a lot of fun with the releases on the 15 bbl brewhouse so far and I am confident this one will make a lot of people very happy!”

Joose Cannon will release exclusively in the Heavy Seas Taproom on Friday, March 8 with availability in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans and on draft.  This Limited Release offering will not see distribution.  Prost!

Vital Information for Joose Cannon from Heavy Seas Beer

Release – Limited/Taproom Exclusive; March 8, 2019
Style – Hazy Juicy India Pale Ale
ABV – 7.25%
Hops – Warrior, Simcoe & Citra
Malts – Marris Otter, Oats, Malted Wheat, Munich & Caramalt
Fun Fact – “The Joose Cannon label artwork was designed by local Baltimore artist, Owen Murphy, of One Drop Design Studio, who also designed Heavy Seas’ 23 Anniversary beer label this past December. All the taproom exclusive beer labels will be designed by Owen in 2019.”
Availability – 4-packs of 16 oz. cans & draft
Distribution – None/Taproom Exclusive

Bear Republic Brewing Co. Introduces Sonoma Tart

unnamed - 2019-02-13T165648.340Bear Republic Brewing Co. (Sonoma County, California) has officially announced that Sonoma Tart Sour Ale will begin hitting craft beer shelves and taps during the week of February 11.

Brewed as a celebration of “Sonoma County’s rich agrarian history along with its newer ‘Wine Country’ identity”, Sonoma Tart is a Sour Golden Ale that has been lightly fruited with guava and passion fruit.  Coming in at an easy-drinking 5.2% ABV, Sonoma Tart is an approachable refresher that can easily serve as either a “gateway beer” for wine drinkers or a versatile daily drinker for craft beer enthusiasts.

“Compared to barrel aged beers, Sonoma Tart is much more drinkable and crushable. The tartness activates your taste buds, gets your palate flowing while fruit essence comes through without cloying sweetness,” said Bear Republic’s Master Brewer Peter Kruger. “Afterwards there’s a dry finish, for wine drinkers this beer is analogous to a sauvignon blanc.”

Sonoma Tart is rolling out this week with availability in 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles and on draft.  You can expect to find this refreshing new brew at select craft beer-friendly retailers, bars and restaurants located in Florida, California and throughout the rest of Bear Republic’s distribution area.  Prost!

Vital Information for Sonoma Tart from Bear Republic Brewing Co. 

Release – Launching the week of February 11, 2019
Style – American Sour Ale
ABV – 5.2%
IBUs – 17
Malts – 2-Row, White Wheat & Carapils
Yeast – BRBC Ale Yeast & Lactobacillus
Suggested Food Pairings – “Blue cheese, goat cheese, mussels, egg dishes, seafood, pork”
Fun Fact – On the label artwork: “CEO/Brewmaster Richard G. Norgrove provided Sonoma Tart’s label art which features Sonoma County regional landmarks such as the Dry Creek General Store, Healdsburg bridge, Santa Rosa’s Round Barn (sadly burned down during the 2017 Tubbs Fire) and a water tower representative of the tank houses which dot the area. The font style of Sonoma Tart is an homage to a popular Sonoma Coast inn which for decades has welcomed thirsty travelers from the world at large.”
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles & draft
Beer Finder – https://bearrepublic.com/bear-tracker/

Tasting Notes: Tangerine Deuce Coupe DIPA from Garage Brewing Co.

GarageDeucePourX500For this installment of Tasting Notes, we cruise over the midweek hump with a little assistance from Tangerine Deuce Coupe DIPA from Garage Brewing Co. (Temecula, California).

Built to be the perfect vehicle to carry Garage Brewing Co. into 2019, Deuce Coupe is a Limited Release series of West Coast-style Double India Pale Ales that boast a “citrusy note of grapefruit” sourced from a hop bill comprised of Chinook, Simcoe and Amarillo hops.  The Tangerine Deuce Coupe variant revs up the base beer with a “tangy note of tangerine” while Grapefruit Deuce Coupe adds depth to its already established grapefruit character.  All three versions of Deuce Coupe come in at 8.9% ABV and 100 IBUs.

Deuce Coupe DIPA, Grapefruit Deuce Coupe and Tangerine Deuce Coupe are all out now and plan to hang around for a bit.  You can expect to find these Limited Release brews available in 22 oz. bottles and on draft at select craft beer-friendly establishments located within Garage Brewing Co.’s distribution footprint in Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada.  **Pro-tip: Tangerine Deuce Coupe is this week’s (February 13 – 17, 2019) Growler Fill Special in Garage Brewing Co.’s Tap Room**

Now that we are done with the background information on the Deuce Coupe DIPA series, it is finally time to choose one for the full Tasting Notes treatment.  Since everyone here is a sucker for just about anything tangerine, it was a pretty easy decision to go with the Tangerine Deuce Coupe . . . so, let’s pop the top and take this thing out for a test drive!

Tasting Notes for Tangerine Deuce Coupe Double IPA from Garage Brewing Co.

Appearance:  This Double IPA is an intensely vivid, sunburst orange in color and is capped with almost two fingers of super fluffy, white foam.  When held to direct light, bright yellows push through at the sides while that deep orange holds firm at the center.  Although the beer does have a tinge of cloudiness/haze, it is mostly clear and presents an exuberant display of carbonation bubbles.  Head retention is quite good, slowly falling to a lasting 1/4 finger that leaves massive chunks of lace behind on the glass.

Aroma:  A subtle earthy and piney hop presence is the first note to step forward, but it eventually turns things over to the wonderfully pronounced citrus qualities – sweet orange juice mostly – of those Amarillo hops.  This sets the stage beautifully for the tangerine to assert itself with a wonderful juiciness that is supported by a bright burst of zest.  It seriously smells like a crate of freshly picked tangerines.

Taste:  Bitter grapefruit intertwines with some pine resiny goodness to wake up the taste buds with a jolt.  The citrusy hops open further to welcome in orange tones and eventually an incredibly clean tangerine presence.  We are talking fresh tangerine juice that is both sweet and zippy along with a bracing bite from the peel and zest.  A gently sweet pale malt character works its way in at the finish to leave behind a note of candied tangerine peel.

Mouthfeel:  Medium bodied with a peppy carbonation level, this Double IPA is wildly refreshing and drinks much lighter than one might expect.  It definitely leans to the bitter side (it is 100 IBUs after all), but the malts are dialed in perfectly to keep things from getting out of hand.  ABV is nicely muted for 8.9% and does not bring much heat at all.  Aftertaste is all pine and tangerine peel.

Final Thoughts: Just as billed, this variant absolutely takes the Deuce Coupe DIPA base to all new, tangerine-filled heights (yes, we actually drank all three . . . you know . . . for research). As the regular Deuce Coupe DIPA and Grapefruit Deuce Coupe both focus on their hops’ ample grapefruit notes, Tangerine Deuce Coupe shifts gears, turns the wheel and takes the experience in a whole new direction.

The tangerine character – in both aroma and flavor – is beautifully clean (there is absolutely no trace of artificiality to be found) and complements the hop bill perfectly by pulling the Amarillo hops forward to shine while the Simcoe and Chinook hops dutifully support with complex notes that are earthy, piney and citrusy (grapefruit). This is really interesting because Tangerine Deuce Coupe completely flips the script when it comes to how the hop bill performs in it (Amarillo dominant) rather than in the other two variants (Simcoe and Chinook dominant).

All three variants are damn good, legit West Coast Double IPAs and work nicely as a group, but Tangerine Deuce Coupe is basically just that close buddy that always seems to set off to do his/her own thing.  For us, it just pulls away from the pack by being a simply gorgeous, incredibly refreshing, and ridiculously easy-drinking Double IPA.  If you get the chance, check out all three Deuce Coupe DIPA variants so that you can pick a fave of your own.  Prost!



TBBW 2019 Event: Campfire S’mores Sweet Stout Bottle Release at Rapp Brewing

RappLogoRapp Brewing Company (Seminole, Florida) has officially announced that it will be getting in on the Tampa Bay Beer Week 2019 festivities by hosting a bottle release for Campfire S’mores Sweet Stout at 4 p.m. on Friday, March 8.

It just would not be Tampa Bay Beer Week without a special bottle release from Rapp Brewing Company, and this year they are mixing things up a bit by going the Sweet Stout route.  Just as its name would lead you to believe, Campfire S’mores is a s’mores-inspired Sweet Stout filled with “that ooey gooey goodness when the marshmallow and chocolate melt together with a light char from the campfire.”  Coming in at smooth sipping 7.3% ABV, each warming sip of Campfire S’mores promises to conjure up memories of “nights camping in the wilderness and roasting s’mores on a stick.”

Campfire S’mores Sweet Stout will officially release at 4 p.m. on March 8 and is expected to sell out quickly.  This Limited Release offering will be available in 22 oz. bottles for the price of $15 each (bottle limits have yet to be determined).  Due to the limited nature of this release, Campfire S’mores will not be available on draft.  Prost!


7venth Sun Brewery & LOKO Cuisine Team Up for Valentine’s-Themed Triple Bottle Release

7venthSunLOKO_edited7venth Sun Brewery (Dunedin & Tampa, Florida) has officially announced that it will host “For the Love of Chocolate!”, a special bottle release event featuring three chocolate-centric beers brewed in collaboration with LOKO Cuisine, on Thursday, February 14.

To bring the appropriate amount of chocolaty goodness to your Valentine’s Day this year, 7venth Sun Brewery recently brought in John LoScalzo of LOKO Cuisine to “put his creative, wonderful and talented chef brain to work on some delicious beer ideas” that all feature cacao nibs from Pinellas Chocolate.  As usual, LoScalzo came through to produce some amazing flavor combinations that he and the brewery translated into the following three culinary-inspired Imperial Sweet Stouts that will be featured at the “For the Love of Chocolate!” Bottle Release (descriptions sourced directly from 7venth Sun’s event page on Facebook):

  • LOKO for the Coco – Chocolate & toasted coconut Imperial Sweet Stout (a distant relative of Eat Your Coco Nibs, for those who are acquainted)
  • Mole con Cacahuetes – Mole is typically made with a plethora of ingredients from the pantry like chili, spices, chocolate and nuts. We chose peanuts to blend with the complex flavors of this Imperial Sweet Stout with guajillo and ancho chilies, cacao nibs, roasted peanuts, cinnamon, allspice and lactose.
  • Double Chocolate Chip Flapjack Stack – If you don’t know, brunch is pretty much LOKO Cuisine’s jam – so we couldn’t neglect a brunch-inspired beer. Gossip with your friends over this Imperial Sweet Stout with cacao nibs, maple, vanilla and lactose aged on cypress wood. (seriously it tastes like chocolate chip pancakes)

All three beers above are priced at $17 per bottle and will go on sale at both 7venth Sun locations at noon on Valentine’s Day.  These beers will be available as long as supplies last and there will be no bottle limits.

In addition to the triple bottle release, “For the Love of Chocolate!” will also feature a few special beer tappings at both 7venth Sun locations.  As far as food goes, Xtreme Tacos will be at the Tampa location at 6 p.m. to collaborate with LOKO Cuisine on “a mole chicken Valentine’s dinner special” that will pair beautifully with the featured beers.  Guests attending in Dunedin are encouraged to venture next door to HopScotch Cafe to experience their “charcuterie and cheese boards in addition to their delicious salads and sandwiches.”

For those keeping score at home, this event features indulgent levels of chocolate, decadent adult beverages, and delicious food options.  So . . . it pretty much sounds like 7venth Sun and LOKO Cuisine just handled all your Valentine’s Day needs in one sweet package.  Whether you are in Dunedin or Tampa, do the right thing, swing by a 7venth Sun location and treat yourself (and anyone you feel inclined to bring along) to everything this “For the Love of Chocolate!” event has to offer.  Prost!

MGP Ingredients Introduces Eight & Sand Blended Bourbon Whiskey

Eight&Sand-hangtagMGP Ingredients (Atchison, Kansas), a leading supplier of premium distilled spirits and specialty wheat proteins and starches, has officially launched Eight & Sand Blended Bourbon Whiskey as the newest member of its Rack House Series.

Inspired by the amazing history of the American railroad, Eight & Sand’s name “refers to the eighth (and fastest) notch on a locomotive’s throttle and the sand used on the wheels to prevent slipping. To wish a train crew an “Eight & Sand” is akin to “smooth sailing.”

As far as the whiskey itself, Eight & Sand is a “blend of bourbon and whiskies married together to create a smooth and satisfying experience in every sip.”  Bourbon fans can expect this offering’s “nose and palate [to deliver] spicy rye and cinnamon notes, followed by a touch of caramel at the caboose.”  Eight & Sand clocks in at 44% ABV/88 PROOF and contains “no additives or colors – just the good stuff.”

“We’re proud to position Eight & Sand as an engine of innovation in our portfolio,” says Andrew Mansinne, Vice President of Brands, MGP Ingredients. “We were inspired by the story of the American railroad, and Atchison’s local E&S Locomotive 811 which has long connected our hometown to the country. We’ve designed Eight & Sand as an approachable blend of bourbons and whiskies designed to appeal to consumers looking for great value, great quality and smooth taste.”

Eight & Sand Blended Bourbon Whiskey is officially rolling out now with availability in 750ml bottles (competitively priced at $29.99 each).  You can expect to find this new offering at fine liquor retailers located in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas and Wisconsin.  Prost!

Vital Information for Eight & Sand Blended Bourbon Whiskey from MGP Ingredients 

Release – Launching February 2019
Style – Bourbon (blend)
ABV – 44%
Fun Fact – ” Eight & Sand Blended Bourbon Whiskey is dedicated to supporting American Railroad Museums and historic preservation.”
Availability – 750ml bottles (SRP $29.99)
Distribution – Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas and Wisconsin

Eight & Sand_SmoothSailing

Good People Brewing Co.’s Hitchhiker IPA Returns for the Spring

GPBC-Hitchhiker-Can3Good People Brewing Company (Birmingham, Alabama) has officially announced that it will begin the Seasonal Release of Hitchhiker IPA on Monday, February 11.

Sauntering back into the Heart of Dixie with “more of a West Coast vibe than [Good People’s] flagship India Pale Ale“, Hitchhiker is an American India Pale Ale that “balances the aromas of pineapple, grapefruit, orange, and tangerine with a caramel malt backbone.”  Coming in at an intriguing 7.8% ABV and 100 IBUs, this is one Hitchhiker that you will be more than happy to pick up.

Hitchhiker IPA rolls out this week and will stick around throughout the months of spring.  You can expect to find this Seasonal brew available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft at craft beer-friendly establishments located within Good People’s distribution footprint in Alabama, the Florida Panhandle, Georgia and Tennessee. Prost!

Vital Information for Hitchhiker IPA from Good People Brewing Company

Release – Spring Seasonal, returning February 11, 2019
Style – American India Pale Ale (West Coast-style)
ABV – 7.8%
IBUs – 100
Featured Hops – Columbus, Cascade & Simcoe
Suggested Food Pairings – “Cuisine (Curried, Thai), Cheese (Peppery: Monterey/Pepper Jack; Sharp: Blue, Cheddar; Pungent: Gorgonzola, Limburger), Meat (Poultry, Fish, Shellfish, Salmon)”
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans & draft
Beer Finder – http://goodpeoplebrewing.com/beer-finder