Stevens Point Brewery Introduces Snow Pilot Pistachio Nut Brown Ale as Winter Seasonal

spsnowpilotbottleStevens Point Brewery (Stevens Point, Wisconsin) has officially announced the release of Point Snow Pilot Pistachio Nut Brown Ale as the brewery’s new Winter Seasonal.

As a bit of a different take on the winter seasonal, Stevens Point decided to provide their fans with the comfort and familiarity of a Nut Brown Ale.  To create Point Snow Pilot, brewers laid the foundation of this English-style Brown Ale with Victory malt, Caramel malt and Palisade hops.  When it came time for nut selection, the brewery chose crushed pistachios as a bit of twist to take this offering to full on Nut Brown status.  Although big in flavor, the very reasonable 6% ABV allows this beer to remain an easy-drinking option that you can revisit all winter long.

“When you want to highlight the nutty components of a beer’s flavor, you brew with a nutty malt like Victory,” Brewmaster Gabe Hopkins said. “The first thing you notice when you taste Snow Pilot is a caramel maltiness, followed by a very nice pistachio-flavored sweetness,” he explained. “Snow Pilot has a very distinct, well-defined pistachio flavor and nutty aroma that shows itself more and more as the beer warms in the glass. “The ideal serving temperature for Snow Pilot, Hopkins noted, is around 44 to 48 degrees. “Snow Pilot is a very sessionable, easy-to-drink brown ale just right for colder weather,” he said.

Available now through the end of January 2017, Point Snow Pilot Pistachio Nut Brown Ale can be found in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans, 6-packs & 12-packs of 12 oz. bottles, in the Winter Wonderland variety 12-pack, and on draft.  If this brew has piqued your interest, you can expect this one to turn up at craft beer-friendly establishments in Alabama and throughout the full Stevens Point distribution area.  Prost!

Vital Information for Snow Pilot Pistachio Nut Brown Ale from Stevens Point Brewery

Release – Seasonal, November 2016 through January 31, 2017
Style – English Brown Ale
ABV – 6%
IBUs – 16
Malts – Victory & Caramel
Hops – Palisade
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans, 6-packs & 12-packs of 12 oz. bottles, in the Winter Wonderland variety 12-pack, & on draft
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