Against the Grain Brewery Now Brewing in Europe

AtGEuropePlus1_editedAgainst the Grain Brewery (Louisville, Kentucky) recently announced that it has officially expanded operations overseas with the establishment of Against the Grain Europe at Germany’s Brauhaus Binkert.

After five years of brewing in the United States and introducing the craft beer world to their unique sense of “unabashed, crude humor”, the folks at Against the Grain Brewery are no longer satisfied with just distributing their beers across the globe.  No, they want to get up close and personal with their European fans by forming Against the Grain Europe as a brand that is “made in and for European countries.”  With production taking place at Brauhaus Binkert, this new brand will be representative of the same “American styles and quality standards” used by Against the Grain’s Louisville operation.

To properly introduce this new brand to their friends in Europe, Against the Grain has also created a new character.  Touri is an international tour guide that will be taking “European versions” of the brewery’s beloved characters –  Session, Hop, Whim, Dark, Malt, and Smoke – “on a journey across America visiting landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Grand Canyon.”

Against the Grain Europe will launch with two new offerings: Neoanderthal American IPA (6.5% ABV) and Plus One American Pale Ale (4.8% ABV).   These beers are currently being brewed and bottled in Germany, and will soon see distribution throughout Europe “where a host of [Against the Grain] core brands are already present.” Prost!