Innis & Gunn Unveils Two New Limited-Edition Series

InnisGunnlogoInnis & Gunn (Edinburgh, Scotland) recently announced that it will soon be introducing the first beers from two new series: Latitude and Longitude Raspberry Barrel-aged Saison and Vanishing Point 01.

Raspberry Barrel-aged Saison arrives as the inaugural release in the Latitude and Longitude Series, a new lineup of barrel-aged brews that “takes inspiration from the best loved beer styles from around the world, adding an Innis & Gunn twist.”  Just as the name suggests, Raspberry Barrel-aged Saison starts as a true representation of the Saison style that has been fermented with wild yeast. Once the brewing process is completed, the beer is then matured in bourbon barrels with “heaps of Scottish raspberries.”  This produces a “delicious, refreshing, and unique” Saison experience boasting “amazing raspberry and elderflower aroma, and depth and warmth from the barrel maturation, with a clean, flinty finish.”  Latitude and Longitude Raspberry Barrel-aged Saison (6% ABV) debuts this month.  This Limited-Edition release will be available in boxed 500ml bottles at select beer establishments located in Alabama, Florida, and throughout the rest of Innis & Gunn’s distribution network in the U.S.

“As the pioneers of barrel-age brewing, Innis & Gunn continues in their quest to brew innovative, delicious beers that showcase the very best of Scottish brewing craft. We are delighted to work with our wholesaler and retail partners to bring these beers to the American beer drinker.”


– Georgia Homsany, Sr. Brand Director at US Beverage

The second series soon to launch from Innis & Gunn will be Vanishing Point.  When it comes to these limited release brews “the barrels and brewing ingredients are hand selected, top quality and chosen with one thing in mind – FLAVOR.”  Vanishing Point 01 is an 11% ABV Imperial Stout that has been aged in first fill bourbon barrels for six months, producing a beer that is “big, rich and bursting with flavors of fresh ground coffee, dark chocolate, coconut and vanilla.”  Vanishing Point 01 will turn up in the fall with limited availability in boxed 500ml bottles at fine beer establishments located within Innis & Gunn’s US distribution footprint.

Just to reiterate, please keep in mind that Latitude and Longitude Raspberry Barrel-aged Saison and Vanishing Point 01 are Limited-Edition releases.  These two offerings will move with a quickness once released, so be sure to snag your bottles whenever you happen upon them.  Prost!