Ogden, Utah Features Female Brewer in New Tourism Video

VisitOgdenVisit Ogden recently sent out a press release to promote their new tourism video “Femintation”, a short film showcasing the talents of Jacquie King Wright of Roosters Brewing Company (Ogden, Utah).

Not too long ago, the city of Ogden decided to use its resources in the Tourism Department to create a short film focused on Jacquie King Wright, an avid trail runner who also happens to be one of three female brewers in the state of Utah.  Born in Germany and greatly influenced by that country’s beer culture, Jacquie chased her beer-making dreams by quitting her full-time job to take a 2-year, unpaid apprenticeship at Ogden’s Roosters Brewing Company.  Her hard work and determination eventually earned her the Head Brewer position at Roosters when the previous brewer decided to move on.  The video created by Visit Ogden not only briefly describes Jacquie’s story and passions, but it also mentions her new beer Femintation, an American Strong Ale that celebrates her place in Utah’s beer scene.

The fact that the city of Ogden decided to tell Jacquie King Wright’s story is refreshing on a couple levels.  First, we need to recognize and support our female brewers.  Although it may seem to be at times, craft beer is not a boys’ club and we need to make that clear.  Our female brewers are just as talented as their male peers, and we are long overdue in emphatically educating the public to that fact.  Secondly, Ogden has realized that breweries can and do drive tourism.  If you provide visitors with information on your brewers, a great deal of them will stop in, spend some cash and try some brews.  Visit Ogden has it figured out, and we applaud them for it.

The video is available below, and we highly recommend that you give it a watch.  Who knows, it may inspire you to take a trip to Utah to check out Ogden, Femintation, and Jacquie King Wright’s full lineup of beers at Roosters Brewing Company.  Prost!