New Belgium’s La Folie Grand Reserve: Geisha Makes its Debut

geishaNew Belgium Brewing (Fort Collins, Colorado) has officially announced the limited release of La Folie Grand Reserve: Geisha Sour Ale.

To celebrate “the artistry and passion behind two of the world’s most beloved liquids”, the brewers at New Belgium have introduced their award-winning La Folie Sour Brown Ale to the highly coveted Panama Geisha coffee grown at the Peterson family’s Hacienda La Esmeralda.  The whole roasted Geisha coffee beans possess “brilliant mandarin and soft jasmine floral notes which play nicely with the sour plum and cocoa flavors synonymous with La Folie.”  To further marry these flavors, the beer was also brewed with a “custom blend of Colorado-grown malted barley and wheat from Fort Collins based Troubadour Maltings . . . [to bring] the sweet, floral notes to the forefront.”  The 7.9% ABV La Folie Grand Reserve: Geisha was finished by being “bottled on nitrogen for a soft, velvet-like mouthfeel and body, and is recommended to be served chilled and fresh (not cellared).”

“La Folie is the sour that launched our wood beer program nearly 20 years ago, and as we reimagine our specialty portfolio, we’re revisiting many of our most-loved and acclaimed beers, presenting them in new and unique ways,” said Andrew Emerton, New Belgium specialty brand manager. “This take on La Folie is adventurous – reminiscent of coffee’s silky, rich attributes but counterbalanced with the bright, complexity of a foeder-aged sour. This will be the most expensive beer we’ve ever made, and it’s so very worth it.”

La Folie Grand Reserve: Geisha is rolling out now in 750ml bottles and will be available while supplies last.  You can look for this Limited Release to be available “in select markets” within New Belgium’s distribution area.  Prost!

Vital Information for La Folie Grand Reserve: Geisha from New Belgium Brewing 

Release – Limited/Special, late-October/early-November 2017
Style – American Sour Ale
ABV – 7.9%
Featured Malts – Malted Barley & Wheat from Fort Collins based Troubadour Maltings
Added Ingredients – Geisha Coffee from Panama’s Hacienda La Esmeralda
Availability – 750ml bottles 
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Fun Fact – “New Belgium partnered with Fellow B Corp, Sustainable Harvest out of Portland, OR, who brokered the coffee deal. A portion of proceeds from the beer will contribute to a grant that will distribute climate resistant coffee varietals to small scale coffee farmers across the globe.”