Product Review: Personalized Growler Cooler Bag from Groovy Guy Gifts

A big thank you goes out to 7venth Sun Brewery – Tampa for allowing us to photograph in their beautiful tasting room.

Not too long ago, Groovy Guy Gifts reached out to us to see if we would be willing to review their Personalized Growler Cooler Bag.  Figuring it would make for a fun little project, we agreed and put this product to the test this week.

**Disclaimer: Groovy Guy Gifts supplied Mashing In with a Personalized Growler Cooler Bag in exchange for an honest review of the product**

The Personalized Growler Cooler Bag is made of a light-weight, military green canvas and has brown faux leather trim around the base and on the handle.  It is cylindrical in shape and measures in at just over 12 inches tall and 23 inches around. The bag features a sturdy carrying handle that folds flat and a removable shoulder strap for easy transport. The front of the bag has a small pocket where you can easily stash an ID, credit cards, cash, newly acquired brewery stickers, a small bottle opener, etc.  This pocket also acts as the frame for the personalized embroidery option of a single initial.

The interior of the main compartment has an insulated liner made of thick gray plastic and is capable of holding water in case any ice melts before you get your growler to its final destination. This area can easily accommodate a 64 oz. jug-style growler with an ice pack, a 32 oz. growler with ice and/or ice packs, or two 32 oz. crowlers with ice and/or ice packs.

In addition to just being a growler tote, this item’s versatility just might make it your new best friend for bottle shares as it also has the ability to hold and keep cold two 4-packs of 12 oz. cans, one 4-pack of 16 oz. cans and one 4-pack 12 oz. cans, three 22 oz. bottles, or two standard 750ml bottles (it is not quite tall enough to accommodate 750ml bottles with cork & cage).

We put the Growler Cooler Bag to the test by picking up a 32 oz. growler at 7venth Sun Brewery at noon on a 90 degree day in Tampa, Florida.  The growler was filled at the beginning of our visit and then placed directly into the bag with no ice.  It was then left in the car as we ran errands for around 3 hours or so.  Upon returning to the office, the growler was still cold and just a couple degrees warmer than fill temperature.  To test the bag’s ability to hold water, it was then filled halfway with ice and left in a hot garage for two days. The ice did completely melt but there were no signs of leaks.

Everything above amounts to a whole lot of positives, but we do have to report that there are a couple negatives.  First, you can tell the bag was mass-produced and the stitching got incredibly wonky in some areas.  The bad stitching is most prevalent at the bottom of our bag and it actually deformed its shape a bit.  With that said, we only received one bag and it is entirely possible that this was an isolated incident that somehow made it through quality check.  The good news is that the bad stitching did not appear to affect the bag’s performance or durability.

The second negative when it comes to this Personalized Growler Cooler Bag is that Groovy Guy Gifts discontinued this model shortly after sending us the sample.  Although you can no longer get this exact bag, the company did replace it on their website with a larger, backpack-style Personalized Growler Cooler Bag featuring a much larger front pocket, two side pockets capable of holding 64 oz. growlers, and personalized embroidery options that include a single initial inside a square outline or a custom line (max 12 characters) at no additional cost. The best part about this upgrade is that it costs $29.99, the same price as the smaller bag that we received.

All in all, we are incredibly happy with the Growler Cooler Bag that we received, and it will definitely be put to work carrying beers to bottle shares and events we attend from here on out.  If you are in the market for an insulated growler/beer bag or just some personalized beer-themed gifts for friends, we suggest you give Groovy Guy Gifts a look to see if they have anything that meets your needs.  Prost!