Portland Cider Co. Adds 19.2 oz. Cans to its Portfolio

portlandciderlogoPortland Cider Co. (Portland, Oregon) has announced that it has officially begun packaging six of its most popular ciders in 19.2 oz. cans.

To remind folks of the cidery’s English roots and also give the “proper pint” (a.k.a. the 20 oz. imperial pint glass) some love, Portland Cider Co. is now giving their fans the option to enjoy the following six ciders in 19.2 oz. cans (descriptions sourced directly from Portland Cider Co.’s website):

  • Kinda Dry | Year-Round – Blended in the spirit of traditional English cider. Light, clean, refreshing, with a pleasant finish. The kind of cider you can drink all day long!  ABV – 6.9%
  • Sorta Sweet | Year-Round – Blended like traditional American style cider, with higher residual sugars and more tartness. Absolutely delicious & dangerously easy to drink!  ABV – 4.9%
  • Sangria | Year-Round – Blend our delicious cider with the juices of orange, strawberry, pear, passionfruit, elderberry, and lime, to get our Sangria cider. It’s your new favorite fruit punch, for grown-ups!  ABV – 5.8%
  • Hop’ Rageous | Year-Round – An outrageously refreshing off-dry hopped cider, full of citrus flavors that can only be described as Hop’rageous!  ABV – 6.8%
  • Concord Grape | Year-Round – Concord Grape is a deliciously tart blend of 100% NW apple cider and fresh pressed Concord Grapes.  ABV – 5.2%
  • Pineapple Rosé | Seasonal – Bursting with juicy, fresh pineapples, with a naturally pink hue from a splash of Northwest grown blueberries. Treat yourself with this fruity, tropical delight that will take your tastebuds to an island oasis.  ABV – 5.2%

“Portland Cider is an English cider company at our core,” explained Lynda Parrish, who grew up in the Somerset region of the United Kingdom. “So offering our customers a proper pint of proper cider made a lot of sense.”


“Who doesn’t like more?” added co-owner Jeff Parrish. “This is the most exciting release we’ve made here at Portland Cider in awhile. Once Lynda and I realized that 19.2 US fluid ounces is a proper English pint, we decided we were going all in with this awesome package, offering our cider fans a proper pint they can take anywhere!”

This new packaging option will officially launch on Friday, March 24 at the “19.2-ounce Can Release” party at both of Portland Cider Co.’s Portland-area pubs. If you cannot make it to the launch parties, 19.2 oz cans of the ciders listed above are available now at select cider-friendly establishments located in Oregon, Washington and Northern California (click here to use Portland Cider Co.’s Cider Finder).

In addition to their new 19.2 oz. can format, “three of the ciders will continue to be produced in 22-ounce glass bottles, including Kinda Dry, Sorta Sweet, and Sangria. Hop’ Rageous & Pineapple Rosé will also be available in six-pack 12-ounce cans. Concord Grape will be exclusively available in the 19.2-ounce can.”  Prost!