Swamp Head Brewery Announces Plans to Release Three Limited Brews

Swamp Head Brewery (Gainesville, Florida) recently announced that they will package and release the following three limited offerings during the months of December 2016 and January 2017: 10-10-10 Imperial India Pale AleScieanhops Imperial Red Ale and Hoggetowne Irish Red Ale.


On Tuesday, December 13, 10-10-10 Imperial India Pale Ale will begin a very brief and limited release.  Fully embracing the idea of excess, Swamp Head brewers “use massive quantities of the finest European barley malts and American hops to produce a wonderfully malty beer with outrageous hop expression.”  The result is a 10% ABV, 110 IBU brew that is “truly fertilizer for the hop lover’s soul.”  10-10-10 Imperial IPA officially releases in 750 ml bottles and on draft at a brewery launch party on December 13 at 4 p.m. (click here for full details).  An incredibly small amount of bottles and kegs will then enter the brewery’s distribution area in Florida shortly thereafter.  10-10-10 is released infrequently and is seemingly “gone in a flash” whenever available, so be sure to secure your bottles if you can.


Named after the Redfish (a.k.a. Sciaenops Ocellatus), Scieanhops Imperial Red Ale is an annually-released Celebration Ale made “to meet craft beer anglers’ thirst for a hearty red ale with a feast of hop flavor and aroma.”  This goal is achieved by brewing an Imperial Red Ale laden with five hops and eight malts.  Although the finished beer produces “a gigantic floral, citrus and tropical fruit hop aroma and flavor,” balance is achieved thanks to a “generous malt sweetness.”    Scieanhops will officially release on Tuesday, January 10 with availability on draft and (for the first time) in 12 oz. cans.  4-packs of 12 oz. cans will be available exclusively at Swamp Head’s tasting room, The Wetlands.


Originally brewed as a collaboration with the Hogtown Brewers – Gainesville’s American Homebrewers Association recognized homebrew club – to serve at the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire, Hoggetowne Irish Red has now established itself as “the proud pint at St. Patrick’s Day celebrations all around Florida.”  Brewed with only the best English hops and malts, this traditional Irish Red Ale is subdued in hop presence to allow a “clean caramel malt flavor and hint of roasted grain” the chance to shine.  This easy drinkin’ brew clocks in at 5.5% ABV and 32 IBUs.  The 2017 release of Hoggetowne Irish Red will officially begin on Tuesday, January 10, and you can expect to find this limited offering available in 12 oz. cans and on draft at select craft beer bars, restaurants and retailers found within the brewery’s distribution footprint.

The release dates for 10-10-10 Imperial India Pale AleScieanhops Imperial Red Ale and Hoggetowne Irish Red will be here before you know it, so go ahead a make a note now to ensure that you do not miss out on these limited brews from Swamp Head.  Prost!

Vital Information for 10-10-10 Imperial India Pale Ale from Swamp Head Brewery

Release – Limited/Spasmodic Series, releases December 13
Style – Imperial India Pale Ale
ABV – 10%
IBUs – 110
Hops – Columbus, Cascade Centennial, Amarillo & Simcoe
Malts – Marris Otter & Munich
Availability – Draft & 750ml bottles (limited distribution)

Vital Information for Scieanhops Imperial Red Ale from Swamp Head Brewery

Release – Limited/Elusive Reclusive Series, releases January 10
Style – Imperial American Red Ale
ABV – 8.3%
IBUs – 65
Hops – Centennial, Columbus, Amarillo, Simcoe & Cascade
Malts – Pale Ale, Munich, Amber, Biscuit, Chocolate Wheat, Cara-Pils, Crystal & Flaked Oats
Availability – 4-packs of 12 oz. cans available at the brewery only & draft

Vital Information on Hoggetowne Irish Red from Swamp Head Brewery

Release – Seasonal/Migrational Series, available beginning January 10
Style – Irish Red Ale
ABV – 5.5%
IBUs – 32
Hops – Fuggle & East Kent Goldings
Malts – Pale Ale, Marris Otter, Crystal & Roasted Barley
Availability – 12 oz. cans & draft