Grayton Beer Company Extends Distribution Reach to Tennessee

graytonlogoGrayton Beer Company (Santa Rosa Beach, Florida) has officially announced that it has entered into a partnership with BountyBev and will begin distribution in middle Tennessee immediately.

Founded in 2011, Grayton Beer Company is a family-owned, community driven brewery focused on “sourcing the finest ingredients to craft beers of character for a Gulf Coast state of mind.”  What started as a small dream has since grown to become a 30,000-square foot state-of-the-art facility that produces “a variety of year-round styles, limited releases and barrel-aged beers.”  Grayton Beer Company offerings can be found in Northwest Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and now in middle Tennessee.

“Our desire to have a strong partner in middle Tennessee was evident almost as soon as we opened distribution in the state,” said Grayton Beer Company founder, Jamey Price. “Having developed meaningful relationships over the years with visitors from The Volunteer State, our partnership with BountyBev further cultivates the North Florida-Tennessee bond long after they’ve left the beach.”

Grayton Beer Company will launch in Tennessee with the following offerings (descriptions sourced from the brewery’s website):

  • 30A Beach Blonde Ale – Whether you’re on vacation or just clocked out for the day, our Beach Blonde Ale will take you away to good times and sunshine. Classic Noble Hops combine with a nuanced malt sweetness to yield a perfectly balanced, crisp and refreshing beer. This Blonde Ale is what put us on the grid, but when you drink it we hope you feel like you are off of it.  ABV – 4.6%  IBUs – 13
  • 30A Rosé Gose – Inspired by the abundant salt from the water in our backyard and the colors of our vibrant sunsets, we present 30A Rosè. Organic hibiscus flowers paint the perfect shade of Rosè pink. Bright berry notes interplay with the unique salty and tart foundation. This beer allows you to take the beautiful Emerald Coast wherever you goes-uh.  ABV – 4.6%  IBUs – 12

With BountyBev handling all distribution responsibilities, the beers of Grayton Beer Company will be available in the greater Nashville area and eight central Tennessee counties.  You can expect to find Grayton offerings available in their respective packaging formats and on draft at craft beer-focused retailers, restaurants and bars located in middle Tennessee.  Prost!



Grayton Beer Company Unveils Redesigned Packaging with Release of 30A Rosé Gose

GraytonRoseCanGrayton Beer Company (Santa Rosa Beach, Florida) is officially introducing beer fans to its new-look packing by rolling out cans of its newly released 30A Rosé Gose and flagship 30A Beach Blonde Ale.  

First released in the brewery’s taproom in August of 2017, 30A Rosé Gose is a Gose-style ale – a tart and salty German style pronounced “Goes-uh” – that is “inspired by the abundant salt from the Gulf Coast waters in the brewery’s backyard and the colors of the Emerald Coast’s vibrant sunsets.”  Organic hibiscus flowers supply this brew with “the perfect shade of rosé pink while bright berry notes interplay with the unique salty and tart foundation.” 30A Rosé Gose clocks in at an easy-drinking 4% ABV and 12 IBUs.

This new packaging format for 30A Rosé Gose and 30A Beach Blonde Ale officially marks the start of the brewery’s gradual “transition into cans . . . Later in the year, Grayton Beer Company will release two additional beer styles in cans, Fish Whistle IPA and Staff Pale Ale.”

Cans of 30A Rosé Gose and 30A Beach Blonde Ale are rolling out now and will reach Grayton’s full six-state distribution footprint over the next four weeks.  Both offerings will now have availability in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft.  Prost!

Vital Information for 30A Rosé Gose from Grayton Beer Company

Release – Year-Round, rolling out May 2018
ABV – 4%
IBUs – 12
Added Ingredients – Organic hibiscus flowers
Recommended Glassware – Tulip
Suggested Food Pairings – “Traditionally, this style would have been enjoyed by the gallon with rich German pork and potato dishes.  The acidity and citrus help to cut through these fatty dishes. These elements also offer a wonderful complement to creamy desserts such as cheesecake or bread pudding.”
Fun Fact – “30A Rosé Gose is the second beer produced by Grayton Beer Company in partnership with The 30A Company.”

Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans & draft
Distribution – Northwest Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi & Tennessee