Holiday Gift Guide 2019: DraftBottle Stainless-Steel, Reusable Beer Bottle

DraftBottleBreakdownThe 2019 Holiday Season is upon us and it is time to start thinking about those unique gift ideas. The crew here at Mashing In is well aware that it is often difficult to find that perfect gift, so we have decided to compile a gift guide for anyone in your life that enjoys a well-crafted adult beverage from time to time. This installment of the gift guide is for the beer drinker who enjoys his/her draft beer on the go: the DraftBottle from CTL Investments LLC.

Chris Lyons, Inventor/President at CTL Investments LLC & DraftBottle, came up with the idea for the DraftBottle one day when he was wanting to enjoy a beer from his kegerator while doing yard work.  In that moment, Lyons realized he did not have a proper vessel for that occasion because a mug or plastic cup could easily spill, make it possible for debris to get into his beer, and would allow the beer to warm/go flat too quickly.  That realization led Lyons to mentally design a reusable, insulated, stainless-steel beer bottle that opens below the neck so that it can be easily filled with draft beer.  He then put his idea on paper, sent it off to a patent attorney, and the DraftBottle went on to become a reality.

More than just another stainless-steel bottle, the patented DraftBottle is a truly unique beverage container that has the following features and uses (descriptions sourced directly from DraftBottle’s press release):

DraftBottle Features

DraftBottle unscrews below the neck allowing you to easily fill it with 1 Pint (the bottle will hold 22oz in total) of draft beer, beer from a growler, mixed drinks or any other beverage. It’s made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel, and the base cup is double walled and vacuum sealed to keep your brew cold!

The reusable screw cap prevents spills and stops anything unwanted from getting inside. The exterior is powder coated to help durability, it’s sweat-proof, and has a leak-proof seal around the separation. DraftBottle is eco-friendly, BPA free and dishwasher safe.

DraftBottle Uses

The uses for DraftBottle are endless. There is the obvious use for draft beer, beer from a growler, glass bottled/canned beer, and so on. It also is great in the heat around your pool, where you do not want glass drinkware/bottles, at the beach, in the yard, tailgating and on and on. We have also had feedback of customers using them as water bottles where it allows you to easily add ice to the cup.

The DraftBottle is available now for the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $24.99 each, and you can purchase yours by visiting the DraftBottle website (click here to do so).  Prost!