Cascade Brewing Shifts to a Smaller Format Bottle

cascadenewlogoCascade Brewing (Portland, Oregon) has officially announced that it will move away from 750ml bottles and begin packaging its award-winning barrel aged Northwest sour beers in 500ml bottles on Friday, June 15.

Although Cascade Brewing is widely known for its signature 750ml cork and cage bottle conditioned sour beers, the brewery has decided to shift production to a “more user-friendly and price-conscious” 500ml bottle.  Cascade’s reasoning behind this decision is that this smaller packaging format “will enable first-time consumers to purchase its barrel aged sour beers in a format that works for them, while allowing long-standing customers to purchase its beers in more locations.” The bottle conditioning process at Cascade Brewing will remain the same, and the new 500ml bottles will continue to use the cork and cage.

“The decision to move to the 500ml bottles is consistent with the shift in the industry away from large format bottles,” explained Tim Larrance, Cascade VP of Sales and Marketing. “We have had numerous request from our wholesaler partners and retail accounts, all asking for a smaller format package.”

Cascade’s Apricot 2017 will release on June 15 and will be the first offering to launch in the 500ml bottle format.  For those of you that are fans of the larger format bottles, Cascade Brewing did mention that it “has inventory on more than a dozen releases over the past year and will continue to sell them until they are gone.”  With that said, the folks at the brewery did go on to warn that “fans looking to purchase beers for their cellar are encouraged to do so while they can, because when the 750ml bottles are gone, they are gone forever.”  Make sure to act accordingly when it comes to those 750ml bottles and look for the 500ml bottles to begin hitting shelves later this month. Prost!