Starr Hill Brewery to Release Box of Chocolates Stout Pack

Box of Chocolates Pack_editedStarr Hill Brewery (Charlottesville, Virginia) announced today that it will begin the limited release of Box of Chocolates Stout Pack, a variety 12-pack containing Double Bass Double Chocolate Stout and three of its variants, on November 15.

First introduced at the start of 2017 as a part of Starr Hill Brewery’s All Access Series, the original Double Bass Double Chocolate Stout quickly achieved fan favorite status thanks to its “massive additions of cocoa [that bring] forward aromas of dark chocolate, mocha and vanilla.”  Looking back at that first release, the folks at Starr Hill realized this 7.8% ABV Imperial Stout had limitless potential as a base beer that could carry a plethora of other flavors and ingredients.  Since they have experienced success with the Four Kings IPA Pack that features variants of their King of Hop Imperial IPA, why not give Double Bass a similar platform with the release of Box of Chocolates Stout Pack?

This new variety 12-pack will consist of Double Bass Double Chocolate Stout and three variants that have been “infused with all-natural ingredients including organic peppermint leaves, smoke-dried jalapeño peppers, and locally roasted whole coffee beans” (three bottles of each beer in each pack).  For a little more information on these brews, here are the official names and descriptions for all four offerings that will be included in the Box of Chocolates Stout Pack:

  • Double Bass Double Chocolate Stout – This rich imperial stout is all about malt and chocolate. Aromas of dark chocolate, mocha and vanilla arise from cocoa additions. Robust bittersweet chocolate and dark fruit lead into a smooth finish.
  • Peppermint Double Bass – Bittersweet aromas arise from cocoa additions while fresh mint and chocolate notes lead into a smooth finish.
  • Chipotle Double Bass – Bittersweet aromas arise from cocoa additions while smoked pepper and chocolate notes lead into a smooth finish.
  • Mocha Double Bass – Bittersweet and roasted aromas arise from cocoa additions while coffee and chocolate notes lead into a smooth finish.

“With the great response we received from our Four Kings IPAs, we thought our Double Bass Double Chocolate Stout would be a great complementary base beer to take this idea in a new direction,” said Starr Hill Brewmaster, Robbie O’Cain. “Box of Chocolates is arriving just in time for the holiday season and will be a perfect pairing for festive desserts and winter gatherings.”

The Box of Chocolates Stout Pack will first debut in the Starr Hill Brewery Tap Room in Crozet, Virginia on Wednesday, November 15 and then enter distribution in mid-November.  You can expect to find limited quantities of Box of Chocolates available in 12-packs of 12 oz. bottles and on draft at exclusive craft beer establishments located in Alabama, Virginia, and throughout the rest of Starr Hill’s distribution footprint. Prost!

Box of Chocolates Lineup


Starr Hill Brewery Releases 2017 Lineup Calendar

allaccessshbStarr Hill Brewery (Crozet, Virginia) offers the craft beer community a glimpse into the future with the official release of the brewery’s 2017 Lineup Calendar.

Just as we’ve done with previous posts concerning brewery release calendars, we are going to post Starr Hill Brewery’s 2017 Lineup below so that you can check it out on your own.  Before we do so, Starr Hill is going big once again this year and we need to cover a few highlights first:

  • The brewery’s All Access Series will see three new additions: Double Bass Double Chocolate Stout (January), brewed with generous cocoa additions for a mocha aroma with a bittersweet chocolate and dark fruit finish; Hop Buzz Coffee IPA (April), dry-hopped with whole coffee beans for a roasty aroma with subtle coffee flavor and citrus hops on the finish; & Resinate Imperial Red IPA (July), brewed with specialty malts for a ruby-red hue and firm maltiness, with American hops imparting citrus aroma and flavor.
  • Starr Hill’s Heavy Rotation Series will also feature three new brews: Warehouse Pils (March), a German Pilsner dry-hopped with German hops, golden in color with a mildly floral flavor and a crisp malt finish; Festie Oktoberfest Lager (September), a smooth and malty tribute to the great German Märzen, makes its awaited return to 6-packs for the first time in over four years; & Two-Tone Vanilla Porter (December), melds the aroma and flavor of real vanilla beans with the sweetness of chocolate, malt and subtle caramel notes.
  • The draft-only Debut Series will be rocking four new offerings: Scotch Ale (January), characterized by its huge malty nose and features a full, sweet palate with very little hop bitterness; Denali Double IPA (April), highlights the fruity aroma of Denali hops; Farmhouse IPA (July), blends American hops with spicy notes from the French yeast; & Russian Imperial Stout (October), for the holidays with special ingredients to be announced.
  • Arriving in February, the Spring Tour Variety Pack will be the first seasonal variety 12-pack of bottles released by the brewery in 2017.  It will feature Grateful Pale Ale, Reviver Red IPA, The Love Wheat Beer, & Warehouse Pils.

Check out the rest of the 2017 releases on the calendar available below, and settle in for another great year of craft beer from Starr Hill Brewery. Prost!