Einstök Olgerd Brings its Icelandic Winter Ale to the US for the Holidays

WinterAle-2Einstök Olgerd (Akureyri, Iceland) has announced that it will expand its Winter Seasonal lineup in the U.S. this year with the introduction of Icelandic Winter Ale.

Created as a collaboration with Eimverk Distillery in Garðabær, Einstök’s 2017 release of Icelandic Winter Ale has been “brewed with Icelandic grown, birchwood-smoked barley and flavored with spruce tips hand cut from [their] brewmaster’s backyard.”  This results in an 8% ABV Winter Ale that helps you embrace the cold with its pronounced notes of “smoky pine and whisky flavor.”  Making its American debut this holiday season, Icelandic Winter Ale now joins Icelandic Doppelbock to act as Einstök’s two Winter Seasonal offerings.

“From its native Icelandic ingredients to the unique brewing process, this is truly a special ale,” said Gudjon Gundmundsson, Einstök’s Managing Director from Reykjavik. “It was received with great fanfare here in Iceland last year, so we are very excited to now make it available in the U.S.”

Icelandic Winter Ale is rolling out now and will be hanging around through the winter months (while supplies last).  You can expect to find this Limited Release offering available in 500ml bottles and on draft at select craft beer establishments (notably Total Wine & More & Cost Plus World Market locations) located in Alabama, Florida and throughout the rest of Einstök’s U.S. distribution network.  Prost!

Vital Information for Icelandic Winter Ale (2017) from Einstök Olgerd

Release – Seasonal/Limited, Winter 2017
Style – Winter Warmer/Holiday Ale
ABV – 8%
Malts – Smoked Icelandic Barley, Pale, Crystal & Chocolate
Hops – Bavarian hops
Added Ingredients – Icelandic Spruce Tips
Suggested Food Pairings – “Smoked leg of lamb, smoked saddle of pork. Traditional dishes like Þorramatur, Sviðahausar, Hrútspungar & Lundabaggar. Dark chocolate. Cold nights. New beginnings.”
Availability – 500ml bottles & draft
Beer Finder – https://einstokbeer.com/ale-locator/


Einstök Ölgerð to Offer Icelandic White Ale and Arctic Pale Ale in Cans

einstoklogoEinstök Ölgerð (Akureyri, Iceland) has announced that Arctic Pale Ale and Icelandic White Ale will officially launch in cans beginning in May.

In an effort to expand their portfolio of canned offerings in the U.S., Einstök will soon release 330 ml cans of their award-winning Icelandic White Ale and Arctic Pale Ale.  Both offerings will be “packed in photodegradable six-pack rings, [and] these styles will continue to also be available in 330 ml bottles and in kegs.”  Arctic Pale Ale and Icelandic White Ale are the latest Einstök offerings to join Arctic Berry Ale in 330 ml cans.  Toasted Porter and Wee Heavy Scottish Ale are scheduled to be available in cans in fall of 2017.

“Our fans tend to be adventurous and on the move,” said Jack Sichterman, founder and beermaster, “whether that’s going to concerts, beaches, ballgames and other events. When consumed responsibly, cans support that lifestyle, while also doing a better job protecting the beer and its flavor on the journey from Iceland.”

330 ml (11.2 oz.) cans of Arctic Pale Ale and Icelandic White Ale will officially arrive in the U.S. beginning in May.  Once released, you can expect to find these two offerings on shelves at craft beer establishments located in Alabama, Florida, and throughout the rest of Einstök’s 15 state distribution area.  Prost!

Vital Information for Arctic Pale Ale from Einstök Ölgerð

Release – Year-Round, cans launch in May 2017
ABV – 5.6%
Ingredients – Pale ale malt, crystal malt, chocolate malt, American and Bavarian hops
Availability – 6-packs of 330 ml (11.2 oz.) bottles, 6-packs of 330 ml (11.2 oz.) cans & draft
U.S. Distribution – AL, FL, AR, CA, CO, DE, IN, MI, MS, NJ, NY, PA, TN, TX & WI
Beer Finder – http://einstokbeer.com/ale-locator/
Suggested Food Pairings – “The hoppy start and long malty finish make it the perfect pairing for almost any meal, from burgers and steaks to hearty vegetable dishes, pasta, chili and BBQ.”

Vital Information for Icelandic White Ale from Einstök Ölgerð

Release – Year-Round, cans launch in May 2017
ABV – 5.2%
Ingredients – Wheat malt, pilsner malt, oats, Bavarian noble hops, coriander, and orange peel
Availability – 6-packs of 330 ml (11.2 oz.) bottles, 6-packs of 330 ml (11.2 oz.) cans & draft
U.S. Distribution – AL, FL, AR, CA, CO, DE, IN, MI, MS, NJ, NY, PA, TN, TX & WI
Beer Finder – http://einstokbeer.com/ale-locator/
Suggested Food Pairings – “The crisp, citrus and spice notes are the perfect complement to seafood, poultry, vegetarian dishes, Asian food, and spicy food, including Mexican, tapas, Indian and Thai.”

Einstök Ölgerð Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Release of Icelandic Wee Heavy

einstok-wee-heavy-wetEinstök Ölgerð (Akureyri, Iceland) is commemorating five years of craft brewing with this week’s launch of their latest offering, Icelandic Wee Heavy.

Just five short years ago, Einstök Ölgerð first unleashed their brand of craft brews on the good folks of Iceland.  Since that date, the brewery has lived up to its motto of “Drink. Conquer. Repeat.” by winning several awards, becoming the #1 craft beer out of Iceland, earning the distinction of being the largest exporter of alcoholic beverages from Iceland, and expanding distribution to 22 countries and 15 states within the U.S.  To recognize this ridiculous amount of success, the brewery has chosen to celebrate with the release of a new packaged offering.

Not only does Icelandic Wee Heavy act as the brewery’s fifth year milestone, it is also Einstök’s newest year-round offering.  Weighing in at a formidable 8% ABV, this malty brew gets its signature character from angelica and birch-smoked Icelandic barley.  Icelandic Wee Heavy joins Icelandic White Ale, Icelandic Arctic Pale Ale and Icelandic Toasted Porter to comprise the brewery’s lineup of year-round beers.

Icelandic Wee Heavy is officially available now in Iceland.  The beer will then make its way to the European market in a few weeks, and the United States will begin to see distribution at the start of 2017.  Once it arrives stateside, you can expect to find this brew in six-packs of 330ml bottles and on draft at craft beer friendly establishments in Alabama, Florida and the rest of Einstök’s 15 state distribution footprint.  Keep an eye on the imports shelf at your favorite craft beer store for Icelandic Wee Heavy’s arrival, and be sure to give the brewery’s other offerings a try while you are at it (**cough** Icelandic Toasted Porter **cough** Do it. **cough**).  Believe me, you will not be disappointed.  Prost!