**Release Cancelled** Back Forty Beer Plans Inauguration Day Release of Mandarin Chief

mandarin_chief_can_NO_BACKGROUND.pngBack Forty Beer Company (Gadsden, Alabama) recently announced that they will officially release Mandarin Chief Imperial Black IPA on Friday, January 20.

**UPDATE 1.20.17**  Back Forty has made the following announcement concerning the cancellation of the release of Mandarin Chief Imperial Black IPA:

“MANDARIN CHIEF UPDATE (hint: its not ready): It turns out that #makingcraftbeergreatagain takes a lot of time and attention to detail. So we have to let you guys know that The Mandarin Chief will not be available tomorrow (January 20) night for our inauguration party. But because you guys have been asking here’s what we will do. For the next 24 hours…anyone who buys one of our limited edition The Mandarin Chief t shirts (either here in person or online) will receive a limited time voucher for a chance to purchase the first run of The Mandarin Chief here at Back Forty. For more details email brad@backfortybeer.com. Cheers!”  **UPDATE 1.20.17**

In an effort to make craft beer great again, Back Forty Beer Company will recognize Inauguration Day 2017 with the debut of Mandarin Chief.  Brewed with mandarin oranges, this Imperial Black India Pale Ale has come forward to be “a brand new beer for a brave new world.”  Weighing in at a YUGE 11% ABV and 70 IBUs, Mandarin Chief has unabashedly declared itself the perfect beer choice for either celebrating or condemning the swearing in of the 45th President of the United States.

“If our calculations are correct this is going to be the most terrific beer ever served, trust us, people that know beer, and we’ve talked to the top people, they love this beer.”

– Back Forty Beer Company

Mandarin Chief absolutely has a plan in place for its launch, but the exact details of that plan have yet to be released.  What we do know is that Back Forty will hold a release event/Inauguration Day Watch Party for Mandarin Chief Imperial Black IPA beginning at 8 a.m. on January 20, 2017.  “Initially available in the Tap Room only”, this offering will be available on draft and in 12 oz. cans.  The “initially” portion of that quote leads us to believe this brew will eventually see some sort of distribution, but that’s totally up to the Mandarin Chief. We will absolutely provide you with updates on this release once that information becomes available.  Stay tuned, Murica.  Prost!

Vital Information for Mandarin Chief Imperial Black IPA from Back Forty Beer Company

Release – Limited, Tap Room Release on January 20, 2017
Style – Imperial Black India Pale Ale/Cascadian Dark Ale
ABV – 11%
IBUs – 70
Added Ingredients – Mandarin oranges
Availability – Draft & 12 oz. cans (Tap Room only initially)
Official Twitter Account – @MandarinChief
Schwag Alert! – The brewery has Mandarin Chief t-shirts currently available for purchase on their website (click here to check them out)