SLO Brew Goes Nationwide With Lineup of Cali-Squeeze Hefeweizens

SLO Brew (San Luis Obispo, California) has officially announced that three of its Cali-Squeeze offerings – Blood Orange Cali-Squeeze, Mango Cali-Squeeze and Tropical P.O.G. Cali-Squeeze – are now available nationwide for the first time.

Ever since it was first introduced back in 2017, Blood Orange Cali-Squeeze “has been flying off shelves and quickly climbing the ranks as a fan favorite.” This “uber-popular” offering’s success has led SLO Brew to develop two new Cali-Squeeze variants, and now the brewery is ready to share all three of these Hefeweizens “infused with real fresh-fruit purée” with beer lovers outside of California (descriptions sourced directly from the brewery’s press release):

  • Blood Orange Cali-Squeeze | Blood Orange Hefeweizen – We juiced up our classic Hefeweizen with loads of fresh blood orange and struck the perfect balance of tart and sweet. Real bright citrus is the only mastermind behind this crisp brew’s fiery pink color. Masterfully refreshing, incredibly drinkable. Meet your new main squeeze. ABV – 5.4% IBUs – 15
  • Mango Cali-Squeeze | Mango Hefeweizen – We canned sunshine. Ripe with refreshing mango this classic Hefeweizen simply radiates waves of big fruit flavor. Your new main squeeze packs a sweet, juicy punch that’s perfectly cut with crisp tropical tang. Best paired with good times. ABV – 5.4% IBUs – 15
  • Tropical P.O.G. Cali-Squeeze | Passion Fruit, Orange & Guava Hefeweizen – The tropics called and we answered. Bursts of passion fruit, orange and guava layer in perfect harmony for a bright twist on our classic Hefeweizen. Settle in for a crisp island trip that’s not to be forgotten. ABV – 5.4% IBUs – 15

The nationwide roll out for Blood Orange Cal-Squeeze (12 oz. and 16 oz. cans), Mango Cali-Squeeze (16 oz. cans) and Tropical P.O.G. Cali-Squeeze (16 oz. cans) will begin in late July 2020. You can expect to find all three Year-Round offerings at “craft beer outlets and major retailers across the country.” Prost!