Iron Fist Brewing Enters May with Small Batch Release of Sol del Barrio Mexican Lager

SDB_Press_Image_01Iron Fist Brewing Company (Vista, California) has officially announced that it will recognize Cinco de Mayo with the fourth release in its Small Batch Experiments Series, Sol del Barrio Mexican Lager.

Inspired by a Tom Garcia’s – Brewmaster at Iron Fist – recent “beer exploration trip to Tijuana, Mexico”, Sol del Barrio is a Mexican-style Lager that takes its “cue from [Mexico’s] European side of influence . . . and casts aside any preconceptions of a pale liquid and slice of lime.”  To prove that it is “truly a testament to the diversity of Mexican Lagers”, Sol del Barrio (5.5% ABV) “pours clear and copper with a touch of red hue” and offers its drinker “a touch of malty sweetness, followed by a pleasant breadyness and a low bitter finish with Nobel hop overtones.”

“Mexican Lagers all really had such variation. The color, the flavor, it seemed there were lots of perspectives and strands forming the idea of Mexican Lager. We could get beers ranging from pale straw to deep amber in color with flavor profiles ranging from a classic pilsner to a bold, malty full bodied lager.


Family, friends, food, and a few delicious Mexican Lagers meant all was well in the world. I can still remember eating Nopales (cactus) and fish tacos, something I try to replicate as often as possible at home in California. Our Mexican lager is basically a tribute to the beautiful beers being made just south of the border. I’m very excited to have brewed a 12oz vacation! Now all I need is a plate of tacos.”


– Tom Garcia, Brewmaster at Iron Fist Brewing Company, reflecting on his trip Tijuana, Mexico and the inspiration behind Sol del Barrio

A sneak peek of Sol del Barrio will take place at the Padres Beerfest at Petco Park on May 3. The official draft release of Sol del Barrio will begin on Saturday, May 4 and a limited-edition run of 500 12 oz. cans “will be announced shortly thereafter, via Iron Fist’s social media channels.” This Small Batch offering will be available “exclusively in Iron Fist’s Vista and Barrio Logan taprooms, with a small amount pouring at the Iron Fist SuperCart at Petco Park.” Prost!

Vital Information for Sol del Barrio from Iron Fist Brewing Company

Release – Limited/Small Batch Experiments Series, May 2019
Style – Mexican-style Lager
ABV – 5.5%
IBUs – 22
Fun Fact – On the brewing history of Mexico: “After the Mexican War of Independence ended in 1821, German and Austrian immigrants, then from the Austro-Hungarian Empire allegedly began emigrating in droves to what is today Texas, but was then Mexico, bringing with them a rich old European tradition of brewing, unknown to Mexico. While the history of Mexican Lager has meandered since, this older European influence brought with it techniques that still survive in small, independent amounts today.”
Availability – 12 oz. cans & draft
Distribution – None. Available exclusively in Iron Fist’s Vista and Barrio Logan taprooms