Holiday Gift Idea: The TrailKeg

Bottle_Callouts_trans_1024x1024Holiday shopping days are drying up fast, but you still have the chance to hook up the beer fan in your life with a sweet TrailKeg growler system.

We all know that growlers are awesome because they provide us with the option to enjoy fresh draft beer in the comfort of our own homes.  The only issue: that freshness is quickly compromised in traditional growlers the moment you unscrew the cap for your first pour.   CO2 escapes, oxygen gets in, the beer goes flat, and its flavor could be altered.

The remedy: TrailKeg, “a vacuum-insulated CO2 pressurized beer growler that keeps . . . drinks cold for 24 hours and perfectly carbonated for weeks.”  Designed to be a multipurpose device, the TrailKeg can be used as a stand-alone tap system or – with available upgrades – it can “[interface] with industry standard equipment that many beer lovers already own, such as Kegerators, beer taps, gas systems, and more.” Its convenience goes well beyond that as its “virtually indestructible” stainless steel construction and vacuum insulation allow you to pour perfectly “cold and carbonated” beers while “tailgating, enjoying a weekend outdoors, or enjoying a cold one on the back porch with a group of friends.” Whether you are at home or out on an adventure, TrailKeg’s versatile capabilities easily make it the growler that you need to have at your side.

The 64 oz. TrailKeg Growler alone starts at $29.99 each or you can go all-in with the tap-ready TrailKeg Package (64 oz.) that starts at $99.99 each (click here for options and direct link to purchase).  Either way you choose to go with this gift, rest assured that any beer lover will get plenty of use and mileage out of a TrailKeg.  Prost!