Voodoo Brewery Expands Distribution to Florida

unnamed (87)Voodoo Brewery (Meadville, Pennsylvania) has officially partnered with Cavalier Distributing and will launch distribution in Florida beginning the week of March 5.

Since starting their operation in 2005, the employee owners of Voodoo Brewery “have taken their brewing experiences and quirky personalities and wrapped them up into a line of beers oriented around what they feel are fun, flavorful, and thought-provoking.” This approach has allowed the brewery to steadily expand their reach, establish five locations in Pennsylvania, and now bring their tasty brews to the beer loving masses in Florida.

With Cavalier Distributing handling all distribution responsibilities, Voodoo Brewery will enter the Florida market beginning on March 5.  The brewery plans to lead with the following offerings:

  • Hoodoo IPA – Forged in the bowels of the Meadville bayou, this IPA ushers your soul down a twisted journey on the 7C’s. This Voodoo brew will insight your dark side and open a portal to your hoppier senses. The 7C’s alchemic concoction of 7 different hop varieties starting with the letter “C” conjures your taste buds into a piney-citrus paradise fit for a Hoodoo doctor.  ABV – 7.3%
  • Voodoo Love Child Belgian-Style Ale – Our Gran Met aged on passion fruit, cherries, and raspberries. This is traditionally unique to Lambics. So we feel, why should they get all the fun? This ale is inspired by fun, flavor, and a passion for brewing. We say, have a couple and your own Voodoo Love Child later. ABV – 9.5%
  • White Magick of the Sun White Ale – Our Voodoo-ized version of a white ale. This spiced wheat ale is perfect for that true craft beer individual that seeks out flavorful beers with integrity to the craft of beer. Spiced with coriander, bitter and sweet orange peel, juniper berries and 12 varieties of peppercorns. This ale is fantastic with foods of flavor, blackened catfish and the like. So step into the Magick of the Sun. ABV – 7.3%
  • Wynona’s Big Brown Ale – A robust dark brown ale brewed with generous amounts of brown malt and marris otter and hopped with Simcoe, Amarillo, and Northern Brewer to enhance the flavor and aroma for your enjoyment.  ABV – 7.3%

In addition to the offerings above, the brewery also plans to offer Florida beer drinkers “Variety 12-packs, as well as seasonal and limited releases as they are available to Tampa and south Florida.”

“Voodoo Brewing Company is happy to announce our partnership for Florida distribution with our partners at Cavalier. Together, we will bring our quality products to a wider customer base for the first time ever in the Florida market. Cavalier’s attention to detail and care for our products, will ensure every customer receives the freshest product we have available.” 


– Matteo (Matthew) Rachocki, Voodoo CEO

As a bit of a tease, the beers of Voodoo Brewery will be featured prior to launch at J. Wakefield Brewery’s Wakefest Invitational on February 17 in Miami and Jacksonville’s Riverside Craft Beer Fest on February 24.  Official launch events will begin the week of March 5 (a.k.a. Tampa Bay Beer Week) and they are as follows:

  • Lake Park – Tuesday, March 6: The Brewhouse Gallery (720 Park Ave, Lake Park, Florida)
  • Tampa – Wednesday, March 7: Angry Chair Brewing (6401 N Florida Ave, Tampa, Florida) **This event will feature a special collaboration beer from Voodoo Brewery and Angry Chair Brewing**
  • Largo – Thursday, March 8: Willard’s Tap House (12500 Starkey Rd, Largo, Florida)
  • Tampa – Friday, March 9: The Mermaid Tavern (6719 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, Florida)

**Launch events are subject to change.  We will update this post with any changes or added details as they become available.  Stay tuned.**

The addition of Voodoo Brewery is a huge score for the Florida craft beer community, so be sure to give them a proper welcome to the state by attending one of the events above or by simply picking up a sixer or two when they hit your local bottle shop.  Prost!