Saint Louis Crafted Cocktails Launches with Release of White Russian Ale

image001The Saint Louis Brewery (St. Louis, Missouri), makers of Schlafly Beer, has officially introduced Saint Louis Crafted Cocktails as its newest brand of all-natural, crafted malt beverages.

Crafted to capture “the flavors of the most iconic cocktails”, Saint Louis Crafted Cocktails is a new line of experimental malt beverages that all have one mission: to be “a cocktail that’s not a beer, and a beer that’s not a cocktail.”  This new brand is expected to produce “five beverages throughout 2019 with inspirations from the Paloma to Old Fashioned cocktails.”

The first release from Saint Louis Crafted Cocktails will be White Russian Wheat Ale, a malted beverage that uses “coffee toddy, lactose and solid malt [to tie] the drink together.”  Weighing in at a sip-worthy 7.5% ABV, White Russian Wheat Ale offers a “smooth toffee sweetness, reminiscent of flavors of the legendary cocktail.”

White Russian Wheat Ale is rolling out now with availability in 4-packs of 330ml apothecary-style bottles.  You can expect to find this new brew at select craft beer-friendly establishments located “throughout the Midwest, in St. Louis, Missouri as well as surrounding states.”  Prost!

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