Big Storm Brewing launches Hurricane Series of Belgian-themed brews

bigstormCatBig Storm Brewing Company (Clearwater, Florida) recently announced the official release of Category 1-4 of their new Belgian-style Hurricane Season Series.

To pay respect to the Belgian breweries that have inspired so many brewers in America and throughout the world, Big Storm Brewing has created a Belgian-themed series.  This series is released during the Atlantic Hurricane Season, and each ale has been “named for the different levels defined by the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, based on a hurricane’s sustained wind speed.”  Just as hurricanes get a higher category ranking as they grow stronger, each beer in the Big Storm Hurricane Series also gets a higher designation as the ABV rises.  For the full rundown on these beers, here are their official descriptions from the brewery:

  • Category 1, Belgian Single – A silver medalist at the 2016 Best Florida Beer awards, the Belgian Single is the first in the Big Storm “Hurricane Series.” It is pale yellow in color and pours a billowy white head. This award-winning ale is well carbonated with fruity and spicy Belgian yeast character and a floral hop aroma.  ABV – 6%  IBUs – 15
  • Category 2, Belgian Dubbel – The second installment of the Big Storm “Hurricane Series,” the Dubbel features a deep reddish amber to copper in color with rich malty flavor. This best seller presents dark or dried fruit esters reminiscent of raisin, plum and dates. The dense creamy off-white head sits atop a clear and complex sweet malt flavor that generally finishes moderately dry.  ABV – 6.6%  IBUs – 18
  • Category 3, Belgian Tripel – Category 3 has a higher alcohol content and features a yellow to deep golden color, with a creamy white head. Citrusy esters are present with a slight note of banana, as the beer laces the glass. The Tripel has become a fan favorite due to the somewhat spicy, dry, ale with a firm malt flavor and higher hop bitterness.  ABV – 9.2%  IBUs – 38
  • Category 4, Belgian Quadrupel – Characterized by the reddish amber in color, the distinctive nature of this ale is a rich malty presence and the intense dark fruit esters of raisin, plum, and dates. The complex malt flavors and yeast esters leaves the drinker with a warm satisfying experience.  ABV – 10.6%  IBUs – 25

Big Storm is in the process of brewing Category 5, a “Belgian Quintupel”, and it will be released later in the summer.

Look for Category 1-4 of the Hurricane Series to be available now at select craft beer-friendly establishments within Big Storm Brewing Company’s distribution footprint in Florida.  Prost!