Tasting Notes: Cage Radler from Victory Brewing Company

CageRadlerlogoNow that things have gotten settled with the establishment of this site, it is finally time to get into a little Tasting Notes action thanks to Cage Radler from Victory Brewing Company (Downingtown, Pennsylvania).

Before we get to the sampling of this tasty liquid, we should probably cover some background information on Cage Radler.  This offering is Victory Brewing’s take on the historic beer cocktail that combines fine German-style beer with citrus soda or juice.  Cage Radler starts with a base of a Light Lager and adds “fresh lemon” to take things to another level of quenching drinkability.  The finished beer comes in at a more than sessionable 3% ABV that is absolutely the perfect call for warm weather drinking.  You can find Cage Radler in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans (suggested retail price of $9.99) and in 12 oz. bottles found exclusively in Victory’s Summer Selection’s Variety 12- Pack.  This offering is available in Alabama, Florida and throughout Victory Brewing’s 37 state distribution footprint all summer long.  Now that we have that covered, let’s get to the fun part and jot down some Tasting Notes!

Tasting Notes for Cage Radler from Victory Brewing Company

Appearance: Cage Radler pours up a very hazy, matte yellow in color.  When held to the light, the yellows brighten a bit but still holds the haze and pale appearance.  To put the look in perspective, this brew is a bit lighter in color than say a traditional German wheat beer, but it definitely displays the cloudiness with pride and great form.  Through that haze, you can spot a lively and speedy carbonation activity streaming throughout the body.  The pour produced a loose finger of bright white foam that quickly withdraws to a much tighter, thin top cap.  Spots of lace do find some stick from time to time, but most of it just slowly slips back into that cap.  This Radler certainly looks great and just as I hoped it would.

Aroma: The aromatic notes kicking around in here are light, but still present and discernible nonetheless. The first note that grabs you is a clean lemon juice aroma with just a touch of sugar.  Basically, it is coming across as a really nice and freshly squeezed lemonade.  The malts and hops are muted, but you can find some Pilsner graininess hiding behind that lemon.  On just scent alone, this offering is hinting at being an incredibly nice balance of beer to soda-like qualities.

Flavor: First thing I can say about this beer is that it is quite clean in flavor and completely lives up to what one would expect from a Radler.  That lemonade note spotted in the aroma definitely translates to the taste with lovely lemon and citrus notes attacking the tongue.  It does push the boundaries of sweetness from time to time, but it holds the line and absolutely crushes it when it comes to refreshment.  That Pils base is no slouch either, coming in to level off the sweetness with some grain and a nice earthy hoppiness to lend a grace of bitterness.  Fantastically put together here by going with a straight forward flavor profile that strives for refreshment with just the right amount of complexity to be found if you want to look for it.

Mouthfeel: Cage Radler is wonderfully light and easy drinking, but still somehow avoids feeling watered down or resembling the lemon-flavored malternatives out there.  The carbonation level is high and up there to boost that quenching ability.  This offering may be sweet at times, but it dries out quickly and cleanly.  Aftertaste is all lemonade and/or lemon-lime soda.

Final Thoughts:  If the German-style lovin’ brewers at Victory Brewing Company are going to tackle a Radler, you just know that they are going to do it right.  In all categories, Cage Radler just comes together as liquid perfection when it comes to summer drinking.  It has just enough ABV to give you that reassurance that you are definitely sipping on a well-crafted beer, but it remains easy drinking and soda-like enough to be the highly drinkable and quenching beverage you need to beat the heat.  The name of the game when developing a Radler is satisfying drinkability.  With that said, Cage Radler absolutely has that game down.  This offering is spot on for the “style”, and it just might be one of best American-made representations out there in cans these days.  Get you some while you can! Prost!