Lizard of Koz Next Up in Backstage Series from Founders Brewing

founderslokFounders Brewing Company (Grand Rapids, Michigan) recently announced that Lizard of Koz Imperial Stout will be joining their Backstage Series beginning in mid-November.

Lizard of Koz enters the Founders Brewing portfolio of distributed offerings as the second and final release in the 2016 Backstage Series, a limited release lineup made up of “boundary-pushing, experimental beers” that the brewery affectionately refers to as their “brewers’ playground.”  This Imperial Stout’s recipe was created by Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki as a birthday gift to his sister Liz and features some of her favorite ingredients: “fresh Michigan blueberries, rich chocolate and vanilla – aged in bourbon barrels to round out those beautiful flavors.”  Fans of Founders Brewing first experienced Lizard of Koz when it was added to the tap list at the brewery’s 2015 Black Party – an annual celebration of the brewery’s dark, experimental beers -, and it proved to be an undeniable hit that just had to be revived on a larger scale.  The Backstage Series was established for just such a beer, and now the nation will have the opportunity to try this special offering.

“Lizard of Koz represents everything we love about the Backstage Series,” says Co-Founder and President Dave Engbers, “Inspired, creative, a little bit out there and exploding with flavor. The perfect way to cap off 2016.”

Starting in mid-November with most areas seeing it by December, the extremely limited release of Lizard of Koz will officially hit shelves in 750 ml bottles for the suggested retail price of $18.99 each (price may vary upon location).  Look for this beer to turn up at select craft beer retailers in Alabama, Florida and throughout the rest of Founders Brewing’s 39 state distribution footprint.  It goes without saying that anything with “Bourbon Barrel-aged” in its description does not last long on shelves these days, so do not waffle on your decision to purchase this one if you see it at your favorite craft beer shop.  Take my advice and just buy the bottle.  Prost!