Harpoon Brewery Releases Mixed 30-pack to Celebrate 30th Anniversary

harpoon30Harpoon Brewery (Boston, Massachusetts) recently announced that they have released the Harpoon 30-Pack in honor of the brewery reaching the milestone of 30 years of craft brewing.

The number of stories created and shared at a brewery that has been operating for 30 years is kind of difficult to quantify, but that is exactly what has happened over the last three decades at Harpoon Brewery.  Whether they were entertaining anecdotes, life-altering accounts or just trivial, day-to-day banter, these are the stories that helped all of the brewery’s co-workers, friends, family, fans, etc. bond and relate to one another.  To honor these 30 years of stories, Harpoon is giving their team members and fans an outlet to share them at www.Harpoon30.com (click here to check that out).

Just like each and every member of the Harpoon Brewery family, each beer that the brewery has created over the last 30 years can also tell a story. Craft beer fans can get a taste of this experience with the release of the Harpoon 30-Pack.  This mixed 30-pack consists of the following 15 different offerings – two 12 oz. bottles of each – that span the brewery’s history:

  1. Harpoon Ale – Release: 1986.   A balanced and mild amber ale.  5.0% ABV
  2. Harpoon Octoberfest – Release: 1989.  A malty, rich welcome to fall.  5.3% ABV
  3. Harpoon IPA – Release: 1993.  Hoppy, floral, crisp.  5.9% ABV
  4. Harpoon Dark Dunkel – Release: 1998.  Deliciously dark and velvety smooth with roasted notes.  5.2% ABV
  5. Oatmeal Stout – Release: 2003.  The first session of the Harpoon 100 Barrel Series kicked off this new adventure in brewing with style.  5.05% ABV
  6. Leviathan IPA – Release: 2008.  Our Imperial IPA is loaded with big, juicy American hop character and balanced by a strong, malty backbone.  10.0% ABV
  7. El Triunfo Coffee Porter – Release: 2012.  Hints of chocolate and caramel complement bittersweet coffee in this hearty porter.  6.0% ABV
  8. Hoppy Belgian-style Blonde – Release: 2012.  A delightfully drinkable Belgian-style ale with a big kick of American hops.  6.5% ABV
  9. Citra Victorious Pale Ale – Release: 2013.  A sessionable pale ale loaded with Citra hops and grapefruit peel.  5.8% ABV
  10. Harpoon Take 5 Session IPA – Release: 2014.  Vibrant citrus and pine hop aromatics greet a distinct malt profile in this Session IPA.  4.3% ABV
  11. The Long Thaw White IPA – Release: 2014.  A seasonal IPA for the ‘in-between’ season.  6.2% ABV
  12. Hoppy Adventure Double IPA – Release: 2015.  A Double IPA that’s slightly sweet with a lingering bitterness.  7.8% ABV
  13. Harpoon Sweet Spot Golden Ale – Release: 2016.  Complex meets smooth in this full-flavored but easy-drinking Golden Ale.  4.8% ABV
  14. Harpoon Flannel Friday Amber Ale – Release: 2016.  A hoppy amber ale brewed for the crisp days of fall.  5.7% ABV
  15. Interrobang Imperial Stout – Release: 2016.  An unabashed Imperial Espresso Stout.
    18% ABV

The Harpoon 30-Pack is available now as a very limited release.  Look for this mixed 30-pack to be available at select craft beer retailers within Harpoon Brewery’s distribution area (this will probably exclude states like Alabama where that 18% ABV Interrobang Imperial Stout is deemed illegal).  Get this mixed pack while you can, and be sure to share a beer and a story or two with a friend while you work your way through this liquid history of Harpoon Brewery.  Prost!