Sprecher Brewing Company Gives New Life to Malt Duck

Sprecher Brewing Company (Glendale, Wisconsin) recently announced that the storied brew known as Malt Duck is making a comeback this fall.

If you do not recognize the name or are too young to remember, Malt Duck was a very popular adult beverage during the ’70s and ’80s.  Sadly, this libation disappeared from store shelves in the 1990’s, but it does not seem to have been from a lack of interest or devotion from this beverage’s fans.  Since it was discontinued, there have been countless blogs, Facebook groups and chat rooms dedicated to sharing fond memories of Malt Duck and calling for its revival.  That call has now officially been answered.

The folks at Sprecher Brewing did some research and found that the trademark for Malt Duck had been abandoned.  They scooped up the mark, and quickly got to work developing an updated “version of Malt Duck that would pay homage to its past while appealing to contemporary taste preferences.”  Craig Burge, Brewmaster at Sprecher Brewing Company, developed a recipe that requires no added sugar thanks to the use of Concord grapes.  Weighing in at an easy drinking 5.9% ABV, this blend of premium beer and Concord grapes was such a hit with focus groups that Sprecher is more than confident moving forward with production and distribution.

Malt Duck Premium Beer with Concord Grapes is available now in 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles.  Distribution of this offering is currently limited to stores and bars in Wisconsin, but select, other states within Sprecher Brewing Company’s distribution area will see roll-outs in the future.  If you happen upon this offering at your favorite beer store, pick up a sixer to wax nostalgic or just make some new memories with the now revamped Malt Duck.  Prost!