Sprecher Brewing Co. Unveils New-Look Packaging for Year-Round Beers

Sprecher-300x297Sprecher Brewing Co. (Glendale, Wisconsin) recently announced that the packaging for their lineup of Year-Round brews has underwent a full redesign.

In early 2016, Sprecher Brewing began to hint that change was imminent when they released that year’s winter Seasonal.  No longer wearing the name Winter Brew and the “familiar shiny label bearing a coat of arms”, Winter Lager hit shelves with updated packaging depicting Old Man Winter with a “more contemporary art reflecting the season, the style and . . . a visual reference to the company’s founder, Randy Sprecher.”  While the beer on the inside of the bottle remained the same, the new artwork proved to be more engaging and eye-catching when displayed in a cooler or on a shelf.  After the changes in artwork for Winter Lager – and the Seasonals that followed – received plenty of positive feedback, it was then decided to complete the transition by redesigning all packaging for the brewery’s Year-Round brews to also portray new images that “share humor, a reference to the particular beer style, and yes, a character resembling Randy Sprecher.”  The affected Year-Round brews are as follows:

  • Abbey Triple
  • Black Bavarian Style Lager
  • Hefe Weiss 
  • India Pale Ale
  • Special Amber Vienna-style Lager

The decision for this redesign is best summed up in the following quote from Sprecher president Jeff Hamilton:

“We feel the new designs better represent our beers and our company. Because of the Germanic look of our old packaging, too often people unfamiliar with the brand mistakenly assume Sprecher is a German brewery, or a brewery that has been around for generations. We wanted people to get Sprecher, to know at first glance that while we make superior versions of traditional European styles and we have fun doing it, our company is neither old world nor old school.  Customers can continue to expect flavorful beers brewed to the highest standards. That will never change.”
– Jeff Hamilton, President of Sprecher Brewing Co.

The freshly updated look for Sprecher’s Year-Round beers is expected to begin hitting shelves in Alabama, Florida, Wisconsin and throughout the rest of the brewery’s distribution network by mid-March.  While on your next beer run, be on the lookout for this new-look packaging and pick up a sixer or two to revisit the tasty offerings of Sprecher Brewing Co.  Prost!