Catawba Brewing Co. to Launch Friki Tiki IPA Series

CatawbalogoCatawba Brewing Co. (Asheville, North Carolina) recently announced plans to roll out their Friki Tiki Series, a new lineup of Seasonal fruited IPAs, with the release of Friki Tiki Pineapple IPA on July 14.

The idea for the Friki Tiki Series was originally conceived back in December when the folks at Catawba Brewing Co. brewed up a batch of Pineapple IPA for their Tropical Xmas Party.  Since that beer and several subsequent “fruit-forward hoppy beers” from the brewery’s Small Batch Series proved to be incredibly popular with fans, Catawba Brewing has now decided to fully commit to this concept by establishing Friki Tiki as a new series of rotating, seasonally-released fruit IPAs.

Each release in the Friki Tiki Series will start with a base India Pale Ale recipe that utilizes flaked wheat in the mash to impart “the soft mouthfeel and juicy character associated with New England IPAs.” The hop bill for each of these IPAs will consist of West Coast hops that have been “carefully chosen to complement a massive addition of real fruit.”  To “ensure optimal freshness,” the beers of the Friki Tiki Series will only feature seasonal fruit selections that properly complement each offering’s “tropical and citrus-forward character.”

The Friki Tiki Series will fittingly kick off with the revival and widespread release of Friki Tiki Pineapple IPA.  This Seasonal offering will officially launch at release events held at all four Catawba tasting room locations on Friday, July 14.  Shortly after launch, Friki Tiki Pineapple IPA will then be sent out as a draft-only release to select craft beer establishments located in Alabama, North Carolina, and throughout the rest of Catawba Brewing’s distribution footprint.  More detailed information concerning Friki Tiki Pineapple IPA is sure to be released soon, and we will update you with that info just as soon as we get it.  Prost!