Bern’s Steak House Purchases Rare Imperial Decanter that is One of Five in the World

BernsBern’s Steak House (1208 S. Howard Avenue, Tampa, Florida) recently announced the acquisition of the Aevum Imperial Service Ritual, a “distinctive hand-made crystal objet d’art service vessel” created as a collaboration between Penfolds Wines and Saint-Louis.

When your restaurant is sporting a wine cellar containing more than 6,800 unique wine labels, 5,500 red wines, 1,000 white wines and more than 200 sparkling wines, it kind of goes without saying that you are a very well-respected citizen in the world of wine.  Even with that being the case, the people behind Bern’s Steak House are always looking for that next big thing that allows them to stand out from the pack of wine’s elite.  Well . . . they just found one now that they have purchased the Aevum Imperial Service Ritual.

Born out of a two-year collaboration between Penfolds Wines and the legendary, French crystal producer Saint-Louis, the Aevum Imperial Service Ritual is a rare, museum-quality crystal decanter that was created in recognition of “the first commercial release of only five 2012 Grange Imperial 6 litre bottles available on the planet.”  This collaboration marks “the first time Saint-Louis, who has been making handcrafted crystal objects in France since 1586, has collaborated with a global brand outside of Europe.”

“When talent, heritage and know how come together, the journey from craft to ritual can be truly extraordinary. The collaboration between Penfolds and Saint-Louis represents a marriage of two masters of their crafts. This is the first time something of this calibre has taken place and the first time that we have collaborated with a winemaker at this level.”


– Jérôme de Lavergnolle, Chief Executive Officer of Saint-Louis.

The decanter’s “statuesque design reflects a powerful and passionate union and painstaking hours of crafting and refining the perfect piece.”  Although this decanter may be strikingly beautiful in appearance, the Aevum Imperial Service Ritual’s beauty carries over into function thanks to being “designed in such a way that with a gentle tilt of the vessel you receive the perfect pour.”  Only five of these exquisite decanters exist in the world, and now Bern’s Steak House of Tampa is the proud owner of one of them.

Bern’s Steak House held an assembly ceremony for the Aevum Imperial Service Ritual earlier this week, and you can view a video of that installation by visiting the restaurant’s Facebook page (click here).  The restaurant also received a 6L bottle of 2012 Grange and smaller Saint-Louis spinning Crystal decanters to go along with the purchase of the Aevum Imperial Service Ritual.  Since it is not quite ready to drink, the wine is not yet for sale but the crew at Bern’s Steak House hopes that “generations of wine lovers can appreciate this stunning work of art” now taking residence at their iconic restaurant.  Prost!