Royal Wine Corp. Releases Cans of Bartenura Moscato

Royal Wine Corp. (Bayonne, New Jersey) has officially announced that Bartenura Moscato in now available throughout the U.S. in 4-packs of 250ml cans.

Recognized as the “original . . . imported blue bottle Moscato” and the “best-selling imported Italian Moscato in the U.S.,” Bartenura Moscato is a “slightly effervescent” Moscato that boasts “notes of wildflowers, ripe melons and honey followed by flavors of pear, nectarines and apricot.” Coming in at an incredibly refreshing and sessionable 5% ABV, the newly canned Bartenura Moscato is “a convenient option for consumers to enjoy . . . when they may not want to open a full bottle, or to where glass may be an issue – pools, beaches, picnics.”

“Aside from the convenience factor, Bartenura is the perfect summer drink – delightfully refreshing, sweet but not too sweet, slightly effervescent and with a lower alcohol content then typical wine (5% ABV versus 11%-13%).”, says wine expert Gabriel Geller, Director of PR and Manager of Wine Education Royal Wine Corp. “We’re finding more consumers want to enjoy a more mellow experience when they drink, and Bartenura’s lower alcohol content provides just that.” Mr. Geller added, “We’ve been looking at alternate sizes and formats for alcohol packaging. We’ve been working very closely with the winery and packaging facility to make sure the cans maintain the signature aroma, flavor and bubble that’s made Bartenura Moscato such a success. Consumers looking for the experience and outstanding value they’ve come to expect from Bartenura’s iconic blue bottle will not be disappointed!”

4-packs of 250ml cans (8.5 oz. or about 1.7 glasses of wine) of Bartenura Moscato are rolling out across the U.S. now and will be available Year-Round. You can expect to find these new cans at fine wine retailers for the suggested retail price of $15 per 4-pack. Prost!


Grounded Wine Co. Introduces Space Age Rosé

SpaceAge_Bottle_FrontGrounded Wine Co. (Paso Robles, California) has officially announced the release of Space Age Rosé, the first Rosé to come from Founder and Winemaker Josh Phelps’ American wine label.

Created with 100% Grenache grapes sourced from “three select parcels in the Paso Robles appellation”, Space Age Rosé “showcases California terroir” in a flavor profile that is “concentrated with tastes of summer fruits –peach, strawberry, and watermelon.” After a “very gentle treatment in the cellar”, the “brilliant pale salmon” colored Space Age Rosé (14.1% ABV) emerges boasting a balance that is “is decisively fresh, with a delicate spiciness in the finish.”

“Grounded wines demonstrate how choices made by a winemaker can influence a wine, and Space Age is a prime example,” explains Josh Phelps. “From choosing only very specific grapes to our treatment in the cellar, this is a nuanced wine created with care, and I think that shows in the way it’s meant to be enjoyed – it’s an easy, summer sipping wine.”

Space Age Rosé is available now in 750ml bottles for the suggested retail price of $20 each.  If you wish to get your hands on a bottle of this new Rosé, you can either track it down at select liquor stores located throughout the U.S. or purchase it directly from Grounded Wine Co.’s website.  Prost!

Vital Information for Space Age Rosé from Grounded Wine Co.

Release – July 2018
Vintage – 2017
Style – Rosé
ABV – 14.1%
Composition – 100% Grenache
Fun Fact – On the label artwork & design: “Continuing a long partnership with Mexico City-based design team Gospel, the attitude and the unique character of the wine are expressed through thoughtful design. The singular colors, bold typography, and an elliptical form of the label are inspired by liquor labels from the 1960’s, with the rich blue on smooth, creamy paper against the back drop of the pink rosé, creating a retro color palette reminiscent of the American flag, with a nostalgic spirit.”
Suggested Food Pairings – “Seafood, light pastas dishes or poultry”

Availability – 750ml bottles 
Online Store –

Field Trip: VIP Night at Noble Crust – Wesley Chapel

1SignOutdoor_editedOn Saturday, July 15, the Noble Crust hosted a VIP Night and Preview Party for their new location in Wesley Chapel, and we were fortunate enough to receive an invitation to cover the festivities.  Here’s your first look at this fantastic new restaurant taking up residence at the Shops at Wiregrass.

Serving as a benefit for The Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel Foundation, this VIP Night event acted as the perfect platform to introduce the community to Noble Crust and its philosophy that is clearly built on generosity and hospitality.  From the hostess at the door to the proud ownership mingling with the crowd, the entire crew at Noble Crust does absolutely everything they can to make you feel at ease and at home when you visit their restaurant.

And what a beautiful restaurant it is.  Before you enter the restaurant proper, you easily glide through a cozy patio space that has been designed with the ability to tame the Florida heat with breezy fans and a gentle misting system.  As you walk through the front door, your eyes feast on a gorgeous space that includes comfy social dining areas, an immaculate open kitchen, clever lighting that provides a warm ambiance, and one of the most stunning bars in the area.

Take a seat and your attention suddenly shifts to the alluring aromas wafting from the kitchen.  With a menu comprised of seasonal Italian dishes that retain a Southern soul, your options are many.  You can nosh on tasty appetizers such as Deviled Crab Arancini and Ricotta Gnocchi before selecting a main course that could range from one of several of Noble Crust’s incredibly balanced and delicious pizzas to Rigatoni & Short Rib Ragu or some Southern Fried Chicken.  After polishing off your first two courses, be sure to look over the dessert menu because you are definitely going to want to finish off your meal with a slice of Lemon-Buttermilk Pie or a jar of Warm Chocolate Budino.  Finally, and this goes for your entire meal, your Noble Crust experience is not complete unless you pair these delectable dishes with something from the bar.  It could be a of glass wine, a tasty brew from their carefully curated beer list, or one of their many ambrosial house cocktails.  Just find the flavor that best suits you, settle in, sip away and fully savor the complete dining experience that Noble Crust provides.

We could go on and on about our time at Noble Crust, but it is probably best to let our photos do the talking from here on out.  Check out the photos below and, most importantly, be sure to check out Noble Crust – Wesley Chapel as soon as possible.  The restaurant opens to the public this week, and their staff is polished and ready to go.  Make it happen and enjoy what may just be the finest dining option now available in Wesley Chapel.  Prost!


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Bern’s Steak House Purchases Rare Imperial Decanter that is One of Five in the World

BernsBern’s Steak House (1208 S. Howard Avenue, Tampa, Florida) recently announced the acquisition of the Aevum Imperial Service Ritual, a “distinctive hand-made crystal objet d’art service vessel” created as a collaboration between Penfolds Wines and Saint-Louis.

When your restaurant is sporting a wine cellar containing more than 6,800 unique wine labels, 5,500 red wines, 1,000 white wines and more than 200 sparkling wines, it kind of goes without saying that you are a very well-respected citizen in the world of wine.  Even with that being the case, the people behind Bern’s Steak House are always looking for that next big thing that allows them to stand out from the pack of wine’s elite.  Well . . . they just found one now that they have purchased the Aevum Imperial Service Ritual.

Born out of a two-year collaboration between Penfolds Wines and the legendary, French crystal producer Saint-Louis, the Aevum Imperial Service Ritual is a rare, museum-quality crystal decanter that was created in recognition of “the first commercial release of only five 2012 Grange Imperial 6 litre bottles available on the planet.”  This collaboration marks “the first time Saint-Louis, who has been making handcrafted crystal objects in France since 1586, has collaborated with a global brand outside of Europe.”

“When talent, heritage and know how come together, the journey from craft to ritual can be truly extraordinary. The collaboration between Penfolds and Saint-Louis represents a marriage of two masters of their crafts. This is the first time something of this calibre has taken place and the first time that we have collaborated with a winemaker at this level.”


– Jérôme de Lavergnolle, Chief Executive Officer of Saint-Louis.

The decanter’s “statuesque design reflects a powerful and passionate union and painstaking hours of crafting and refining the perfect piece.”  Although this decanter may be strikingly beautiful in appearance, the Aevum Imperial Service Ritual’s beauty carries over into function thanks to being “designed in such a way that with a gentle tilt of the vessel you receive the perfect pour.”  Only five of these exquisite decanters exist in the world, and now Bern’s Steak House of Tampa is the proud owner of one of them.

Bern’s Steak House held an assembly ceremony for the Aevum Imperial Service Ritual earlier this week, and you can view a video of that installation by visiting the restaurant’s Facebook page (click here).  The restaurant also received a 6L bottle of 2012 Grange and smaller Saint-Louis spinning Crystal decanters to go along with the purchase of the Aevum Imperial Service Ritual.  Since it is not quite ready to drink, the wine is not yet for sale but the crew at Bern’s Steak House hopes that “generations of wine lovers can appreciate this stunning work of art” now taking residence at their iconic restaurant.  Prost!