Tasting Notes: Hobo Life Session IPA from Lord Hobo Brewing Company

hobolifepour1000_editedThis week’s Tasting Notes continues our exploration of the Session IPA by taking a look at Hobo Life Session IPA from Lord Hobo Brewing Company (Woburn, Massachusetts).

Typically, we start off each Tasting Notes post by citing the official brewery descriptions and technical data behind the featured beer, but that information just does not seem to exist for Hobo Life Session IPA.  This is probably the case because Lord Hobo Brewing Company reported that it “grew nearly 415% in 2016.”  With an impressive number like that coming from a brewery that just recently celebrated its 2nd Anniversary, we completely understand that the focus at the brewery needs to be on keeping up with demand and allowing the beer to speak for itself.  **UPDATE 9.2.17** Just a week after we published this post, Lord Hobo Brewing Company launched a beautiful new website filled with information about the brewery, Hobo Life Session IPA and their full lineup of brews.  Check it out by clicking here.  **UPDATE 9.2.17**

With that said, what we do know is that Lord Hobo Brewing Company and Hobo Life recently hit the Florida market along with Boomsauce Hoppy Ale and Consolation Prize Double India Pale Ale.  Weighing in as the smaller of the three offerings, Hobo Life is a 4.5% ABV Session IPA that has been dry-hopped with Citra hops.  This beer is available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft at craft beer establishments located in Florida, Massachusetts and throughout the rest of Lord Hobo Brewing’s distribution area.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s keep this train rollin’ and get a little taste of the Hobo Life!

Tasting Notes for Hobo Life Session IPA from Lord Hobo Brewing Company

Appearance: Hobo Life presents itself as a hazy, orange juice-like, yellow orange in color with a finger and half of pure white foam resting on top.  Held to direct light, the yellows brighten greatly but an orange core holds steadfastly at the beer’s center.  Despite the haze and cloudiness, a lively carbonation presence can be seen streaming within.  Although it eventually falls to a thick, complete ring, the head lasts throughout the experience and leaves notching wisps of lace behind on the glass.

Aroma:  This brew is all hops on the nose. Composed but hinting at a nice and dank experience ahead, it opens with big, lovely pops of ruby red grapefruit, passionfruit and honeydew melon.  Those tropical, fruity tones take on a little grassy character before the profile closes with some bright lime zest and a bit of crackery malt.

Taste:  The flavor mirrors the aroma pretty closely, but with a bit more conviction when it comes its dank, resinous intentions.  We start here with a wonderfully pronounced presence of passionfruit and melon.  A bit of crackery sweetness then works its way in to wash over the palate for just a moment before the tropical fruit party continues with the development of some lychee and tangerine notes.  Just as you think the beer is done, it closes out with some lasting, bitter grapefruit.

Mouthfeel:  This Session IPA sits on the medium side of light in body and has a medium carbonation level.  The beer has a good weight to it, but still resides in the easy-drinking part of town.  Although quite fruity in the hop department, it still has some bite and brings just the right amount of bitterness to the palate.  Dries out well, and cleans up nicely.  At 4.5%, the ABV gives zero indication of its presence.  Aftertaste is light with a little grapefruit juice and zest left behind after each sip.

Final Thoughts: Hobo Life certainly has the look everyone seems to be after these days, but this beer is quick to point out that it is more than just another pretty face.  It is actually a pretty astute study of just how much the Citra hop has to offer.  Sure, this hop is a go-to these days, but I cannot remember a time that I have been able to distinguish this amount of passionfruit and melon from a Citra hopped beer.  Simply put, it’s just on another level in that regard.  Then you have to recognize the fact that this beer shows off some mighty big flavor dynamics, but it does so while maintaining an easy-drinking Session IPA experience.  All in all, the beer in this glass is damn impressive.  Yeah, Lord Hobo has a winner here and you should probably check out Hobo Life Session IPA just as soon as you get the chance.  Do it. Prost!