CiderBoys Hard Cider Sends La Vida Sangria Out For a Limited Release

SangriaCiderBoys Hard Cider (Stevens Point, Wisconsin) has officially released La Vida Sangria as the latest offering to come out of its Fruitful Pairing Series.

Meant to emulate the traditional sangria – a wine punch made by mixing red wine with citrus fruits and spices – that is so popular in Portugal and Spain during the summer months, La Vida Sangria (5% ABV) is a fruit-laden Hard Cider that unites “the clean, crisp taste of . . . Washington state apples . . . with the subtle tartness of red wine and the citrus flavors of fresh lemons and oranges.” This refreshing combination offers a flavor experience that “leads with a rich, red-wine note followed by hints of orange and lemon, and then a sweet, crisp apple-cider finish.”

“La Vida Sangria is faithful to Ciderboys’ mission and vision of producing delicious and refreshing fruitful pairings by blending unexpected fruit flavors with the crisp taste of apple,” said Julie Birrenkott, Ciderboys Marketing Director. “Sangria means fruit, and fruit is what Ciderboys is all about, so naturally we thought it was a great idea.”

La Vida Sangria arrives as the fifth release in CiderBoys’ “fruitful pairing” series, a lineup of limited releases that “blend unexpected fresh fruit flavors with the crisp taste of apple cider.” La Vida Sangria was preceded in this series by Royal Blueberry, Blackberry Wild, Cherry Jubilee and Zen Berry.

Officially available now, La Vida Sangria is a Limited Release that will hang around as long as supplies last.  You can expect to find this new offering available in 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles and on draft at cider-friendly retailers, bars and restaurants located in Alabama, Florida, Wisconsin and throughout the rest of CiderBoys’ distribution network.  Prost!

Vital Information for La Vida Sangria from CiderBoys Hard Cider

Release – Limited/Fruitful Pairings Series, May 2018
Style – Hard Cider
ABV – 5%
Fun Fact – “In a first for Ciderboys, La Vida Sangria is packaged in clear glass bottles to showcase its appealing ruby-red hue. The word ‘sangria’ is derived from the Latin ‘sanguis,’ meaning blood, and refers to the blood-red color of most Spanish or Portuguese sangrias.”
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles & draft
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