Breakside Brewery Presents 2019 Beer Release Calendar

breaksidelogoAfter riding a steady stream of beer calendars through the week, we are closing things out with a look at the 2019 Beer Release Calendar from Breakside Brewery (Portland, Oregon).

Our approach to beer calendars remains the same as we have published Breakside Brewery’s full 2019 Beer Release Calendar below for you to look through at your convenience.  There are few details that we feel need some special attention, so let’s quickly knock those out:

  • What Rough Beast – a “contemporary India Pale Ale brewed with feet firmly planted in the Northwest and a nod to New England” – will transition from a Seasonal offering to Year-Round in 2019.
  • The brewery’s Year-Round portfolio will also see the addition of True Gold.  Available in 6-packs, this easy-drinking “‘golden pilsner’ . . . has a bite and crispness that hearkens back to a pilsner or lager, with a distinctive Breakside-style twist.”
  • Breakside’s lineup of Core Seasonals will trim down to focus on two main beers: Tall Guy IPA (January – May) and Passionfruit Sour Ale (June – October).  Salted Caramel Stout (November – December) will make a brief appearance during the holiday season.
  • The Rotating IPA Series will return with four offerings that will be released quarterly: Kids These Haze (Q1), Rainbows & Unicorns (Q2), Thirst Trap (Q3), and Coming Out Party (Q4).
  • 2019 will see the rise of The Oligarch – “A study in barrel-aged experimentation, this new brew is far more than ‘just’ an Imperial Stout. The Oligarch project encompasses 84 casks, 122 bbls of finished beer and no less than eight resulting variants. Aged in bourbon barrels (including some that previously contained maple syrup) the different beers resulting from this creative undertaking feature ingredients ranging from chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon all the way to mushrooms, almonds and raspberries.”
  • Breakside will also roll out an All Draft Lager Series in 2019.  This “smaller volume project” will consist of a vast array of “refreshing, smooth, drinkable, clean, and complex” Lagers that will be available “to a wider audience for the first time.”

“Our 2019 calendar is exciting. The rotating IPA series returns, featuring four favorite hoppy beers that we have refined over the past few years. Our barrel program continues to grow – both in wood-aged strong ales and mixed culture sour beers. The first releases from that wing of our brewery include some exciting new beers like The Oligarch and Fruits That Begin With The Letter Yuzu.”


– Ben Edmunds, Brewmaster for Breakside Brewery

That should just about cover everything that we wanted to go over, but there is still a massive amount of good information left for you to discover on the calendar below.  Check it out and start getting stoked for another fantastic year of brews with Breakside Brewery.  Prost!

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