Samuel Adams Introduces Reformulated Summer Ale

SummerAle_Stats_CanPourSamuel Adams/The Boston Beer Company (Boston, Massachusetts) has officially announced that the 2019 Seasonal Release of Samuel Adams Summer Ale features a new, citrus-forward recipe that promises to be both lighter and brighter.

Although Summer Ale arrives in 2019 boasting its “first recipe change in twenty-three years”, dedicated fans of this “American Wheat Ale brewed in the Hefeweizen tradition will still enjoy the balanced notes of citrusy Hallertau Mittelfrüh Noble hops, hint of peppery spice from the Grains of Paradise and a crisp mouthfeel.”  The changes to this classic Seasonal offering come in the form of “a handful of new citrus elements including orange, lime and lemon to enhance the citrus profile with the right balance of flavor and aromas.”  Orange and lime purees “give more roundness” to the beer’s sensory profile while the pureed lemon “pulls double duty by giving a taste like fresh lemon juice with an almost candied note that the brewers thought makes the beer even more drinkable.”  Weighing in at an incredibly easy-drinking 5.3% ABV and 7 IBUs, the new Summer Ale now has the ability to “capture lighter and brighter flavors and aromas, and even more summer refreshment.”

“When we introduced Summer Ale 23 years ago it was inspired by the weather and ingredients of the season and had a dynamic flavor profile. As we started experimenting with the Summer Ale recipe, we decided to only update the classic recipe if we were blown away by the flavor and drinkability. With this new recipe, we found a way to give drinkers even more of what they know and love about Summer Ale.”


– Jim Koch, Sam Adams Founder & Brewer

The reformulated Samuel Adams Summer Ale is rolling out now and is scheduled to hang around through August 2019.  You can expect to find this Seasonal Release available in 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles, 6-packs of 12 oz. cans, 12-packs of 12 oz. bottles, 12-packs of 12 oz. cans, 16 oz. cans, and on draft at craft beer-friendly establishments located in Alabama, Florida, Massachusetts and throughout the rest of Samuel Adams’s nationwide distribution network.  Prost!

Vital Information for Summer Ale from Samuel Adams/The Boston Beer Company

Release – Seasonal, April – August 2019
Style – American Wheat Ale
ABV – 5.3%
IBUs – 7
Malts – Samuel Adams 2-Row Pale Malt Blend & Malted Wheat
Hops – Hallertau Mittelfrüh & Saaz 
Added Ingredients – Grains of Paradise & lemon, lime and orange purees 
Suggested Food Pairings – “Mussels, Sushi, Caesar Salad, Seafood, Jerk Chicken, Thai Food, Key Lime Pie, Peach Sorbet, Lemon Meringue Pie”
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles, 6-packs of 12 oz. cans, 12-packs of 12 oz. bottles, 12-packs of 12 oz. cans, 16 oz. cans & draft
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