Tasting Notes – Cider Edition: Pineapple Rosé from Portland Cider Company

PortlandPineappleRosePourX600For this special edition of Tasting Notes, we ride a refreshing, tropical wave into the weekend thanks to a few cans of Pineapple Rosé from Portland Cider Company (Clackamas, Oregon).

Crafted to give cider fans the opportunity to “rosé all day” this summer, Pineapple Rosé is a Hard Cider “bursting with fresh juicy pineapples” and rocking “a pretty in pink hue from a splash of Northwest-grown blueberries.” This refreshing combo produces a “fruity, tropical cider [that comes] in at 5.2% ABV and, much like the rosé wine it’s modeled after, is versatile with a variety of foods.”

Pineapple Rosé is available now and scheduled to hang around through August 2019.  You can expect to find this new Seasonal offering available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans, 19.2 oz cans, and on draft at cider-friendly establishments located within Portland Cider Company’s distribution footprint in Oregon and Washington.

Now that we are all a bit more familiar with this cider’s background information, let’s crack open a can or two, raise a glass to the weekend and get into these Tasting Notes!

Tasting Notes for Pineapple Rosé from Portland Cider Company

Appearance: Pineapple Rosé pours a peach-hued, light pink in color and is capped with a 1/4 finger of quickly dissolving fizzy bubbles.  When held to direct light, the peach color deepens and gains vibrancy, creating a natural sepia tone.  The cider is absolutely pristine in clarity and displays a highly energetic carbonation presence coursing within.

Aroma:  The top-billed pineapple opens the aromatic profile with a gentle breeze of tropical fruitiness.  The apples then settle in to support with a clean, semi-sweet cider character.  The profile closes with a musty, vinous note – which has to be the added blueberries – that does a fantastic job of selling the Rosé wine-like experience beyond just a pink appearance.

Taste:  The apples really assert themselves at the jump, setting a solid and balanced cider base.  The pineapple is subtle, rising out of the apple’s sweetness to add a bit of a tropical tanginess and sweetness.  This tropical quality is furthered by a welcomed grace of banana esters from the yeast.  The blueberries are quite muted here, but they do add just a touch of balancing tartness at the finish.

Mouthfeel:  On the lighter side of medium in body with a spritzy carbonation level, this cider comes across as super light and easy-drinking.  On the palate, its lightly sweet, tangy and tart character finds an elegant balance, allowing it to finish nice and dry.  At just 5.2%, the ABV is well hidden and does not surface at all in the profile.  Fittingly, the aftertaste is all apple and pineapple.

Final Thoughts:  Beautifully composed, Pineapple Rosé is one of the few mock Rosé offerings that we have encountered that actually lives up to its inspiration.  Sure, just like the wine, it has a soft pink color and is incredibly approachable, easy-drinking and refreshing.  It then goes a step further by playing with the wine’s sweet and dry characteristics and even somehow mimics vinous notes in the aroma to create a complete package that is ridiculously fresh and natural.  The overall experience basically reads as though you are chasing a bite of an apple slice soaked in pineapple juice with a sip of a drier Rosé to lift and cut that sweetness. It is just gorgeous.

All in all, Pineapple Rosé is a stellar summertime sipper that will fit in perfectly at the brunch table or at the poolside.  If you happen to run across it this summer, be sure to check out this tasty Seasonal cider while you have the chance.  Prost!