Off Color Brewing Brings the Nostalgia with Release of Beer for Pizza

Off Color Brewing (Chicago, Illinois) has officially announced that it will begin the Limited Release of Beer for Pizza, a Cola-inspired Ale, in October 2020.

Modeled after the unofficial official soda pop pairing for pizza parties everywhere, Beer for Pizza is an Herb/Spice Beer featuring “sweet crystal malts, Belgian dark candi syrup, and vanilla balanced with acidity from lime juice and citric acid” and dosed with a “flavor addition . . . inspired by the secret ‘Seven X’ blend of citrus, cinnamon, and nutmeg for a juicy, yet spicy-sweet botanical kick.” Beer for Pizza (4.5% ABV) is finished with the addition of “kola [which] provides a slight caffeine boost while a crisp carbonation enhances the mouthfeel.”

Beer for Pizza is available now at both Off Color Brewing locations and is entering distribution now. You can expect to find this Limited Release available in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans at select craft beer-focused establishments located in Chicagoland and throughout the rest of Off Color’s distribution footprint. Prost!

Vital Information for Beer for Pizza from Off Color Brewing

Release – Limited; launching October 2020
Style – Herb/Spice Beer
ABV – 4.5%
IBUs – 3
Malts – Vienna & Crystal
Hops – Nugget
Secret Ingredients – Dark Candi Syrup, Kola Nut, Lime Juice, Vanilla, Lemon Zest, Orange Zest, Orange Blossom, Cinnamon, Coriander, Nutmeg & Citric Acid
Fun Fact – “Caffeine (and the name) of Cola was originally provided by the kola nut, native to the rainforests of Africa. This caffeine rich nut was chewed as a pick me up and was a common ingredient in old-timey tonics including a now world famous tonic that included extract from the coca plant. Kola nuts are no longer used in modern colas and instead are replaced with caffeine extract, but Beer for Pizza uses the kola nut as its source for a mild caffeine kick.”
Availability – 4-packs of 16 oz. cans