Anderson Valley Brewing Company Turns to Sunshine State Distributing in Florida

Anderson Valley Brewing Company (Boonville, California) has officially announced that it has partnered with Sunshine State Distributing to handle all its distribution in the state of Florida.

A move that is meant to further improve and maximize the brewery’s exposure to Florida’s craft beer lovers, Anderson Valley is turning to Sunshine State Distributing to “represent AVBC’s entire portfolio of brands, including its iconic Boont Amber Ale, Barrel Series beers, Poleeko Pale Ale and Goses, making AVBC’s beers readily accessible in top on-premise and off-premise accounts.”

“Sunshine’s impressive reputation as the leading craft beer distributor in Florida made them our ideal partner as we aim to further AVBC’s long standing presence in the state,” said President and CEO Kevin McGee. “Sunshine’s commitment to long term success and brand education will have a big impact on our ability to service accounts and drive consumer awareness throughout Florida.”

“We are excited to work with Anderson Valley Brewing Company,” said President of Sunshine Distributing Chris Larue. “Their top notch quality and vast portfolio ensures they have a fit for every palate.  Florida residents can look for AVBC very soon at their favorite on and off-premise establishments.”

You can expect to find Anderson Valley Brewing Company offerings at craft beer-friendly establishments located throughout Florida in the coming weeks. Prost!