Green Flash Brewing Co. Welcomes Back Vivid Sauvage Belgian IPA

C316_210x755_VividSauvage_Cellar3Green Flash Brewing Co. (San Diego, California) recently announced that Vivid Sauvage Belgian-style India Pale Ale aged in Red Wine Barrels is returning this month as the brewery’s latest Cellar 3 limited release.

Previously released under the name Oculus SauvageGreen Flash created Vivid Sauvage as a hybrid ale that combines the Belgian-style Tripel and American Imperial India Pale Ale styles.  To make this a true Cellar 3 offering, the base beer is then “inoculated with Brettanomyces [and] aged for 12-24 months in red wine barrels.”  Once the aging process is completed, the finished beer weighs in at 10.1% ABV and “offers juicy and tart hints of apple orchard and soft vanilla balanced by a satisfying kick of barnyard funk.”

Vivid Sauvage is a limited release offering that is available now in 750 ml bottles and on draft.  You can expect to find this offering on shelves and taps at select beer-focused establishments located in Alabama, Florida, California, Virginia and throughout the rest of Green Flash Brewing’s expansive distribution network.  Vivid Sauvage will not be around for long, so be sure to grab a bottle or pour whenever you happen upon it.  Prost!

Vital Information for Vivid Sauvage from Green Flash Brewing Co.

Release – Limited/Cellar 3, April 2017
Style – Hybrid Ale, Belgian-style Tripel & American Imperial India Pale Ale
ABV – 10.1%
IBUs – 101
Treatment – Inoculated with Brettanomyces yeast, aged in red wine barrels for 12-24 months 
Availability – 750 ml bottles & draft
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Green Flash Brewing Rebrands Rayon Vert as Baroque Belgique

c316_126x507_baroquebelgique_beerimageGreen Flash Brewing Co. (San Diego, California) recently announced that Rayon Vert is officially headed back to shelves with a new name: Cellar 3 – Baroque Belgique.

After being temporarily discontinued in 2014, Rayon VertGreen Flash Brewing’s Belgian-style Pale Ale conditioned with Brettanomyces – has finally returned under a new name, with a new look and in new packaging.  Now a Cellar 3 offering dubbed Baroque Belgique, the foundation for this “bold and complex” Belgian Pale Ale has been laid with herbal hops and traditional malts.  The beer is then bottle conditioned with fresh ale yeast and Brettanomyces to create a funk-filled experience adorned with “a delightfully bright effervescence, dryness, and continuously evolving character.”  Green Flash declares that if they were “founded in historical Belgium, Baroque Belgique would have been [their] flagship brew.”

Baroque Belgique is available now as a year-round, Cellar 3 offering.  Packaged in cork finished champagne style 750ml bottles, you can find this brew at craft beer-friendly retailers, bars and restaurants in Alabama, Florida and throughout Green Flash Brewing Co.’s full distribution area.  Keep an eye out for Baroque Belgique as it hits shelves this holiday season because this newly-named old favorite will make a wonderful pairing for any of the turkey dinners in your near future.  Prost!

Vital Information for Cellar 3 – Baroque Belgique from Green Flash Brewing Co.

Release – Year-Round, November 2016
Style – Belgian-style Pale Ale with Brettanomyces
ABV – 7%
IBUs – 32
Availability – 750ml bottles
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