Paulaner Brewery to Introduce Fürstenberg Beer in U.S.

paulanerfurstPaulaner Brauerei (Munich, Germany) recently announced plans to introduce American craft beer drinkers to their Fürstenberg Premium Pilsener beginning in March.

Over the last several years, many members of the craft beer community have voiced a demand for “more sessionable products that provide a refreshing, yet full flavor beer.” Paulaner Brauerei will answer this call next month by making their Fürstenberg Premium Pilsener available in the U.S. market for the first time.  Also known as the Beer from the Black Forest, Fürstenberg is a classic German Pilsener beer “brewed in the finest German tradition, following the Reinheitsgebot, and using only brewing malt from the region, Hallertau and Tettnang hops, and specifically developed yeast.”  Weighing in at just 4.7% ABV, Fürstenberg promises “to quench the thirst of beer-lovers across the U.S.”

“We are only introducing Furstenberg in draft to ensure the highest quality and freshness of the beer. By serving Fürstenberg exclusively on tap, we are delivering the experience of the traditional German Pilsner in its time honored style and can ensure the beer is treated right. We are proud of this product and want to make sure you get all of that rich tradition and quality in a perfect pint for you. After all, there isn’t anything better than a crisp, refreshing beer poured beer with a white, foamy head.”

–  Steve Hauser, Paulaner USA CEO

Fürstenberg Premium Pilsener will officially launch in the U.S. beginning March 1, 2017.  This Year-Round offering will be available only on draft at fine beer establishments located in Alabama, Florida and anywhere else you normally find beers from Paulaner Brauerei.  Prost!

Vital Information for Fürstenberg Premium Pilsener from Paulaner Brauerei

Release – Year-Round, U.S. roll out begins March 1, 2017
Style – German Pilsener
ABV – 4.8%
IBUs – 31
Hops –  Hallertau & Tettnang
Availability – Draft only
Awards – Fürstenberg is the winner of 4 prestigious quality awards from the rigorous quality examinations in a single year