Tasting Notes: Mise En Rose – Table Beer from Brew Gentlemen

BGMiseEnRosePour_editedAnother workweek has come to an end and we are here to close the thing out by taking down some Tasting Notes on Mise En Rose – Table Beer from Brew Gentlemen (Braddock, Pennsylvania).

Mise En Rose, a term meaning “‘setting the rose’ – the stage of the barrel-making process where the barrel first begins to take shape”, is Brew Gentlemen’s Limited Release collection of modern-American Farmhouse Ales that focuses “on mixed culture fermentation, extended aging in oak, and careful blending.”

Mise En Rose – Table Beer is the brewery’s take on the Belgian Tafelbier, a low-alcohol Farmhouse Ale that is traditionally served with meals.  This offering is a “delicate” Saison that has “aged for several months in oak foeders with [Brew Gentleman’s] house culture, then naturally conditioned in the bottle.”

Table Beer is a recurring release that “serves more or less as the flagship beer of the [Mise En Rose Collection].” Brew Gentlemen aims to keep this offering “permanently available” and there were quite a few 750ml bottles of Table Beer in stock when we visited the brewery in late August.

Now that we have properly gone over the necessary background information, it appears that it is finally time to gather round the table and get into these Tasting Notes!

Tasting Notes for Mise En Rose – Table Beer from Brew Gentlemen 

Appearance: Table Beer pours a golden yellow in color and is capped with a finger of brilliant white foam.  When held to direct light, that brilliance dims to a softer, paler hue of yellow.  Although slightly cloudy, the beer remains mostly clear and displays steady streams of carbonation bubbles drifting skyward to feed the head.  Head retention is decent, but it eventually reduces down to a lasting, chunky ring that leaves occasional spots of lace behind on the glass.

Aroma: Equal parts farmhouse funk and citrus tartness open the aromatics with a gorgeous introduction that is both dominant and mesmerizing.  Pear and lemon come through to offer a grace of fruity character while the hops support with some grassy, floral and earthy (think light pepper and damp wood) notes.  Crackery grains and toasted oak hold it all together from underneath.

Taste: A bright, lemony tartness eagerly rushes the palate, but it quickly relinquishes its hold so that a gentle presence of farmhouse funk can settle in.  Notes of pear, lemon zest and white grapes then combine with a gentle oak character to create a distinct white wine/champagne-like quality.  In the background, additional grassy and earthy notes covertly meet with a soothing grain presence to close out the flavor profile.

Mouthfeel:  Light in body with a medium to high carbonation level, this Farmhouse Ale offers an experience that is crisp and refreshing.  The beer finds a nice balance between its tart acidity, fruity sweetness and earthy funk.  The 4.8% ABV is incredibly faint, further adding to the beer’s overall easy-drinking nature.  The aftertaste is a soft, lingering presence of oak and funk.

Final Thoughts: On the surface, Mise En Rose – Table Beer is exactly what it should be and true to style. It is a beer that deserves a place at the table for any meal that is being served for any occasion (ranging from a typical Wednesday night to an elaborate celebratory event). Planning to enjoy a frittata and a side of fresh fruit at brunch? What about a multi-course dinner built around a heavy pork dish? You can rest assured that Brew Gentlemen’s Table Beer will comfortably hold its own in those and a myriad of other pairing situations.

With that said, this beer is far more than what many may expect from an offering that humbly wears Table Beer” as its name.  It is an incredibly nuanced Farmhouse Ale that is wonderfully complex, exquisitely balanced, and somehow still wildly approachable.  It is a fine example of the level of craftsmanship that brewers in the Pittsburgh area and all over the U.S. are capable of, and it is proof that mind-blowing beauty can be found in simplicity and tradition.  Mise En Rose – Table Beer is damn near perfect and easily one of the best beers we have had this year. You absolutely need to check this beer out if you get the chance. Prost!