Tasting Notes – Spirits Edition: NYAK Cognac VS from NYAK

A new workweek is upon and that pretty much always calls for a drink. So . . . let’s do it right, break out a bottle and get into some Tastings Notes on NYAK Cognac VS from NYAK.

Founded by Business Mogul and CEO of Detroit Equities, Dennis McKinley, Former VP for Remy Cointreau, Patrick Charpentier, and Jerome Hyafil, a former EVP at Seagram’s Spirits and Wines, NYAK is a premium Cognac brand that was conceptualized at “a time when Cognac houses in France started to realize the consumption in the U.S. was drifting away from its tradition of being used as a digestive toward a more casual, fun-loving, and informal approach.” Combine that with the fact that “the African-American community was making monumental breakthroughs in pop culture,” and there could not have been a better time for NYAK to hit the spirits scene.

NYAK VS (Very Special) is a “contemporary” take on Cognac that possesses “distinctive, finely grained” aromatics of “delicious toasty oak notes (Bourbon vanilla, toasted bread) that stand out against a delightful peppery gourmet base (pear, grape, light honey).” It goes on to promise a flavor experience comprised of “silky tannins . . . followed by notes of pastry and jammy fruit (marmalade, ripe apricot), pear, butterscotch and a subtle spiced finish.” Coming in at 40% ABV, NYAK VS Cognac possesses “a delicately distilled flavor that is perfect over ice.”

NYAK VS Cognac is available in 750ml bottles, 500ml bottles and 200ml bottles. You can expect to find NYAK offerings at fine bottle shops located in Florida, Texas, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Delaware and Connecticut.

Now that we know the details and inspiration behind NYAK, let’s uncork this bottle, pour up a finger or two and see what this Cognac has to offer over some Tasting Notes!

Tasting Notes for NYAK Cognac VS from NYAK

Appearance: Served neat and at room temperature in a shaped spirits tasting glass, NYAK pours a gorgeous, tawny amber in color. When held to direct light, the amber glows with brighter orange and glossy brown hues. The liquid is perfectly clear. When jostled about, the Cognac coats the glass with a syrupy arc that drops a bounty of thin, quick-moving legs down the side of the glass.

Aroma: The profile opens with notes of toasted bread drizzled with sweet honey. Boozy, bourbon-like tones offer deep pulls of wood and vanilla. Things then begin to open up with complex fruity notes comprised of grape, stonefruit, raisin and fig. A touch of pepper finally settles in to close the aromatics out.

Taste: Rich tones of butterscotch and caramel burst forth and then immediately back off to allow the wood-sourced vanilla to combine with notes of apple, pear and spice to create an apple pastry-like character. This blooms further to offer lightly floral tones that mingle with notes of apricot jam, raisin, and figs dipped in honey.

Mouthfeel: Medium in body with a medium length finish, this Cognac is fruity and sweet but still manages to dry out beautifully. Slick on the palate and incredibly smooth, it finishes clean and the 40% ABV offers very little heat. The aftertaste is all honey-laced figs, raisins and apples.

Final Thoughts: NYAK easily proves to be an absolutely delightful and smooth sipper. It has plenty of complexity and nuance, but it truly wows with its wonderful level of dryness that keeps the experience ridiculously easy-drinking and not at all cloying. It is a solid option for fireside sippin’ when the temperatures drop in the coming months, on the rocks or in most cocktails that call for cognac. All in all, NYAK Cognac VS is difficult to beat at the price point and is absolutely worth a spot in your liquor cabinet. Prost!