Tennessee Brew Works Set for Seasonal Return of Wildwood Flower

TNBrewWorkslogoTennessee Brew Works (Nashville, Tennessee) has announced that Wildwood Flower Honey Blonde Ale will officially begin its Seasonal release on February 16.

Meant to ease beer fans into the warmth and renewal of spring, Wildwood Flower is a Belgian-style Blonde Ale “derived from a classic Belgian Abbey yeast; accentuated by a floral, aromatic hop profile and commingled with a blend of the locally sourced Wildflower and Sourwood honeys.”  When all is brewed and done, those beautiful ingredients produce a “sophisticated” and refreshing experience that comes in at 6.8% ABV and 22 IBUs.

Wildwood Flower will officially release in the Tennessee Brew Works Taproom on February 16 and will hit distribution shortly thereafter.  You can expect to find this Seasonal release available in 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles and on draft at select craft beer establishments located within the brewery’s distribution footprint in North Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky.  Prost!

Vital Information for Wildwood Flower from Tennessee Brew Works

Release – Seasonal, arrives mid-February 2018
Style – Blonde Ale
ABV – 6.8%
IBUs – 22
Added Ingredients – A blend of Wildflower and Sourwood honeys sourced from Del Rio, Tennessee’s Strange Honey Farm
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. bottles & draft
Distribution – Alabama, Tennessee & Kentucky
Fun Fact – On the label artwork: “Wildwood Flower Ale showcases one of Tennessee Brew Work’s original employees, Director of Sales, Danielle Daniel. A native Tennessean, Danielle was born in Cottontown and raised in Hendersonville. Danielle worked at renowned Nashville beer spots such as the Flying Saucer and Frugal MacDoogal, where she discovered her love for craft beer and became determined to work in the industry. In 2013, she met Tennessee Brew Works founder, Christian Spears, at the Flying Saucer while the brewery was still being built. Danielle’s driving influences of wanting to work within a local community, explore Nashville’s ever-expanding scenes, and produce distinct and delicious beer led her to Tennessee Brew Works. Her business savvy and dedication to the industry quickly set her apart, and Danielle became one of the first members of the Tennessee Brew Works family.”

Tennessee Brew Works Expands Distribution to Birmingham

TNBrewWorkslogoTennessee Brew Works (Nashville, Tennessee) has officially announced that it has entered into a partnership with AlaBev Distributing Co. so that it can launch distribution in Birmingham, Alabama.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the brewery, Tennessee Brew Works is “100% owned and operated by folks in Tennessee” that firmly believe in the local movement.  Dedicated to producing nothing but high-quality craft beer, they create their offerings “by utilizing Tennessee’s agricultural ingredients whenever possible, and using one of the greenest brewing methods in the region.”  Known for being culinary-minded and often working with chefs to develop new beer recipes, Tennessee Brew Works has “developed a reputation in food and wine circles as well.”  Their popularity has allowed for steady growth, and the brewery currently distributes throughout the state of Tennessee, Kentucky, and now in Alabama.

“We are excited to be adding Birmingham to our distribution cities. Birmingham’s food and drink scene is vibrant and we look forward to sharing our beers with so many friends and family members in the Iron City,” says Founder and President Christian Spears.

Tennessee Brew Works is currently launching in Birmingham, Alabama with the following offerings:

  • 1927 IPA – Juicy. Citrusy. Dank. A tribute to the birth of modern country music. Bristol, Tennessee, 1927.  ABV – 7.5%  IBUs – 50
  • Basil Ryeman – This creamy and spicy farmhouse ale has been making a Grand Ole splash since it hit the beer scene. The Thai and traditional sweet basil, sourced from Bloomsbury Farms, and rye malts take center stage; offering complexity while remaining approachable. One can taste a variety of notes, with tones of pepper and fennel on the nose and palate.  ABV – 8%  IBUs – 25
  • Cutaway Rye IPA – For beer lovers who stretch beyond the 12th fret, this spicy rye IPA strums with an obvious bouquet of grapefruit and tangerine harmonies.  ABV – 6%  IBUs – 55
  • Extra Easy Ale – A classic malt forward English-style pub ale, or ESB, with tones of apricot, plum, and caramel that’ll help you relax and appreciate the moment. Brilliant pairing to offset spicier foods.  ABV – 5.25%  IBUs – 35
  • Southern Wit – This citrusy unfiltered Belgian white ale hits high notes of tangerine, pear and honey; sourcing from natural ingredients including fresh orange zest, coriander, and chamomile.  ABV – 5.15%  IBUs – 14.5
  • Tripel Star – Harnessing the yeast of the legendary Westmalle Abbey, we have created a traditional Belgian-style tripel right here in Tennessee. Notes of apricot, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove provide a complex and full-flavored ale.  ABV – 9%  IBUs – 30
  • Walk the Lime – This crisp, tropical 100% wheat beer, springs with fresh lime zest onto the nose and tongue; imparting citrus notes to its finale.  ABV – 5.4%  IBUs – 20

The beers above are rolling out now with availability in 12 oz. bottles and on draft.  If you would like to give these brews a try, you can track them down at the following craft beer establishments in Birmingham:

The beers of Tennessee Brew Works will also be available in Huntsville at launch, and distribution will continue to expand throughout the state of Alabama over the coming months.  If you are in the Birmingham-area, be sure to keep an eye out for any launch events to be held at the locations listed above so that you can give the folks at Tennessee Brew Works a proper welcome to the great state of Alabama.  Prost!