Stone Brewing Hits November Hard with Bevy of Arrogant Brewing Releases

arrogantbastardsStone Brewing Co. (Escondido, California) might be single-handedly declaring November the official month of arrogance with the release of seven (7!) beers from their Arrogant Brewing line: Double Bastard Ale, Double Bastard Bigger Longer UncutLukcy Basartd Ale, Southern Charred, Double Bastard in the Rye, Crime and Punishment.

First up are three Special Release offerings from Arrogant Brewing, and we begin with Double Bastard Ale. This classic was first brewed in 1998 for the one year-anniversary of Arrogant Bastard Ale, and the aggressive nature of this amped-up American Strong Ale has been captivating and/or daunting craft beer fans ever since.  Double Bastard Bigger Longer Uncut arrives for the first time this year, and it is a “peatier, haughtier, boozier, doubler, more ‘er’ of everything” version of Double Bastard Ale thanks to being 100% aged in Islay Scotch Whisky barrels.  Finally, this barrage of Special Releases rounds off with Lukcy Basartd Ale.  Unlike the two previously mentioned beers, this excessively dry-hopped blend of Arrogant Bastard Ale, Double Bastard Ale and OAKED Arrogant Bastard Ale will not benefit at all from aging.  Drink it fresh.  Drink it now.

arrogantbastardsbottlesIf those three brews do not seem to fit the criteria to properly bewilder, batter and beat your taste buds, Arrogant Brewing more than has you covered with these four brews dropping from their Small Batch Series:

  • Southern Charred – Continuing the Double Bastard theme by aging the offering for months in Kentucky Bourbon barrels, this treatment lends the brew “a well-rounded mixture” of caramel, molasses, hops, char and brown sugar.  The result: “A once-burly behemoth emerges as a stunningly graceful beast, with its bold, bullish roots lingering just under the surface.”
  • Double Bastard in the Rye – Where the barrel-aging of Southern Charred creates a smoother, more gentlemanly Bastard, the lengthy aging period in Templeton Rye Whisky barrels used in the creation of Double Bastard in the Rye allows the beer to achieve a new height of arrogance by upping the intensity level with “elevated spice and vanilla character.”
  • Crime – A blend of Arrogant Bastard Ale, Double Bastard Ale and OAKED Arrogant Bastard Ale aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels and then dosed with jalapeño, serrano, and other chile peppers.  “The result is something unsuitable for the faint of heart, mind or palate.”
  • Punishment – Disclaimer: “While chili pepper connoisseurs, daredevils and masochists proclaim it’s an enlightening experience, the average human (read: you) cries uncle at the first whiff.” Double Bastard Ale aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels acts as the base for Punishment, and then this brew is laced with a sinister amount of capsaicin by way of jalapeno, serrano, Fresno and other undisclosed peppers.  Only the “bold and the truly brave” should take on this brew.

All seven of these Arrogant Brewing beers are available now as limited offerings.  The beers from the Special Releases Series – Double Bastard Ale, Double Bastard Bigger Longer Uncut & Lukcy Basartd Ale – can be found in 22 oz. bottles and on draft at craft beer retailers in Alabama, Florida and throughout Stone Brewing Co.’s nationwide distribution footprint.  A bit more limited and a little harder to find, the brews of the Small Batch Series – Southern Charred, Double Bastard in the Rye, Crime & Punishment – can be found in 500ml bottles at select craft beer establishments within Stone Brewing’s distribution area.  If you feel you are truly “worthy” of these brews, swing by your local beer store and add a little liquid arrogance to your holiday season.  Prost!