Tasting Notes: Share This: OC from The Bruery

BruerySTOCglass1000This week’s Tasting Notes finds us drinking with a purpose as we take a look at Share This: OC from The Bruery (Placentia, California).

Not too long ago, we let you all know about the recent release of Share This: OC (click here to check that out).  If you happened to miss that post, this offering comes to us by way of The Bruery’s Share This program, a beer series that acts as a fundraising effort for charities in regions that supplied ingredients or inspiration for each release.  For Share This: OC, the brewers focused on their “home county and its history as a significant growing region for oranges” by creating an Imperial Stout “dosed with orange zest, TCHO cacao nibs, and vanilla beans.”  For each bottle of Share This: OC produced, The Bruery will donate $1 to Food Forward of Southern California – a 501(c)(3) charity that provides hunger relief within their community by rescuing “fresh, local produce that would normally go to waste from backyard fruit trees, public orchards, farmers markets, and the downtown Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market.”  Share This: OC is available for a limited time in 750ml bottles.  You can support this wonderful cause by picking up a bottle at craft beer establishments located in Florida, California and throughout the rest of The Bruery’s distribution network.

With that information now covered, I do believe it is time to pour up a few glasses for the Mashing In family and get to some Tasting Notes!

Tasting Notes for Share This: OC from The Bruery

Appearance:  Deep black in color, Share This: OC presents itself in the glass with a look that is similar to highly polished obsidian.  When presented with direct light, the oily blacks stand firm to deny any light from penetrating.  The body is completely opaque and reflective.  The pour produced a good two fingers of creamy, dark tan foam.  The head displays good retention and eventually settles in as a chunky half finger that lasts throughout the experience.  Each sip leaves behind a solid sheet of lace on the glass that slowly slips back down to rest in the top cap once again.  Truly stunning in appearance.

Aroma:  As soon as the nose approaches the glass, it is greeted by intense notes of heavily roasted malt and the finest dark chocolate.  The chocolate is splendidly pronounced, but it eventually opens up a bit to reveal a layer of freshly scraped vanilla beans.  Just as you think the beer is done, it closes out with a lingering, comforting fragrance of fresh orange juice and zest.

Taste:  Just as in the aroma, the chocolate is more than happy to bat lead-off in the flavor.  We are talking about some incredibly rich chocolate qualities that span from notes of bars of bittersweet dark chocolate to luxurious chocolate pot de crème to tall glasses of chocolate milk.  Vanilla builds and merges with a heavily roasted, black coffee character to lend some light mocha tones. At 11% ABV, a touch of alcohol presents itself in the flavor but it finds a place with the orange zest to create an orange liqueur note.  All of these flavors harmoniously work together to make each sip an indulgent delight.

Mouthfeel:  Fullest of the full in body with a moderate carbonation presence.  Slick and coating on the palate, the flavors are allowed to linger so that the drinker can truly savor everything hitting the taste buds.  With that said, the hops and citrus qualities lift the beer a bit to keep it from being cloying.  The ABV is absolutely there and creates a warmth that rises slowly from the belly.  The aftertaste conjures memories of chocolate oranges at Christmas.

Final Thoughts:  True to the name of the series, there is no denying that Share This: OC is a massive beer that is meant to be sipped and shared with friends.  Once you get beyond the sheer size of this brew, it becomes quite easy to get lost in its intoxicating chocolate and citrus notes.  The use of the orange gives the beer added dimension and supplies it with a bright freshness not often found in big ol’ Imperial Stouts.  That being the case, Share This: OC can be enjoyed on its own, as a pairing with dessert, or could even have some play with a few savory dishes as well.  No matter how you choose to enjoy it, we highly suggest you pick up a bottle of Share This: OC during its limited release.  Not only so you can enjoy a truly delicious brew, but to also support the very worthy cause of Food Forward in the process.  Make it happen because there is absolutely no way that you can walk away from this beer disappointed.  Prost!