Angry Chair Brewing Schedules Bottle Release for Barrel-Aged Lunar Lycan

AngryChairOn Saturday, October 14 at 9 a.m., Angry Chair Brewing (Tampa, Florida) will hold a bottle release for Bourbon/Brandy Barrel-Aged Lunar Lycan, a special offering brewed in collaboration with Omnipollo (Stockholm, Sweden).

For those of you that were in the area back in March during Tampa Bay Beer Week, you may remember Angry Chair Brewing’s release of Lunar Lycan, an 11.5% ABV Imperial Marzipan Coffee Cream Stout that they tag-teamed with Sweden’s Omnipollo.  The release was insane and the beer sold out quickly, but some Lunar Lycan was kept from us and tucked away in barrels that once “held Bourbon for 12 years . . . were [then] dumped and . . . refilled with Brandy for several more years.”  Months have passed and now Bourbon/Brandy Barrel-Aged Lunar Lycan is finally ready to fill your glass.

There is a lot to keep in mind when it comes to just about every bottle release at Angry Chair, so we are going to break down all the details and rules so that you are able to easily acquire your bottles without pissing anyone off:

  • Angry Chair will begin the Bourbon/Brandy Barrel-Aged Lunar Lycan bottle release at 9 a.m. on Saturday October 14The brewery will be open for bottle sales only at 9 a.m. and reopen for normal business at noon with a limited amount of Bourbon/Brandy Barrel-Aged Lunar Lycan pouring on draft.
  • Bourbon/Brandy Barrel-Aged Lunar Lycan will be available in 750ml bottles for the price of $30 each
  • Bottle limits will be established based on how many people are in line at the time of release
  • Please BRING CASH so that the brewery staff can expedite the process and keep the line moving
  • Speaking of the line, here’s a note from the brewery: “Lines are becoming dangerous and we do not want to stop releasing so please help us out by: standing/sitting AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to our building while on Florida Ave. leaving ample sidewalk space between you and the road, this is also to help people who are just trying to walk past our building. If we have to, we will move you, please do not make us come out and do that.”
  • Parking – As always, DO NOT PARK ON FERN. Trip’s Diner across the street will be open and need their parking spots for their customers, so DO NOT PARK AT TRIP’S DINER.  Parking is available on most residential streets nearby, but do not block driveways, walkways, etc.  This may sound like a hassle and it can be, but you can avoid the parking issues by carpooling, having someone drop you off/pick you up, or using an Uber.
  • Finally, and above all else, just be respectful of Angry Chair’s neighbors.

If all attendees come prepared and follow the guidelines above, everything should go smoothly with everyone happily walking away with bottle(s) in hand.  With that said, Bourbon/Brandy Barrel-Aged Lunar Lycan is pretty much guaranteed to sell out and you will need to be in line at the time of the head count to get your bottle.  Just be on time, be patient, have fun with your fellow beer lovers, and be cool.  Prost!