Tasting Notes: KÖLD SCHAUER from Sixpoint Brewery

Koldshowerpour1000With sights set on ultimate refreshment, this week’s Tasting Notes has us getting into a KÖLD SCHAUER from Sixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, New York).

The “shower beer” has officially gone mainstream, and Sixpoint Brewery is getting in on that action with the Limited Release of KÖLD SCHAUER.  Intent on creating something “light, fresh, and clean”, they decided to go with a Kölsch that is light on bitterness (23 IBUs) but still has “a distinctive honeydew melon aroma from Huell Melon hops.”  With “distinctive kölsch yeast [and] pilsner malts” supporting those juicy hop notes, the 4.9% ABV KÖLD SCHAUER shows absolutely “no shrinkage in the flavor department.”  KÖLD SCHAUER is rolling out now, and this Limited Release is available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft at craft beer establishments located in Alabama, Florida, New York and throughout the rest of Sixpoint Brewery’s distribution footprint.

Alright, I guess it’s time to grab a towel, hit the showers and get into these Tasting Notes . . .

Tasting Notes for KÖLD SCHAUER from Sixpoint Brewery

Appearance:  The pour produces a yellow-tinted, light orange colored brew capped with nearly two fingers of fluffy white foam.  When held to direct light, yellow hues intensify and the color turns to more of a burnished gold.  The beer is slightly hazy and displays a steady carbonation presence bouncing about within.  Head retention is good, but it slowly falls to a rocky half finger that consistently notches the glass with lace after each draw.

Aroma: The aromatics begin with some lightly toasted grain notes and honey.  That solid first wave of malty goodness is then gently overtaken by a clean floral and fruity breath of hops.  That fruity quality opens further to close the profile with a light melon character.

Taste:  Whoa . . . those Huell Melon hops really shine here as the flavor leads with a lovely and pronounced melon presence.  That honeydew note is laced with a touch of citrus, a bit of grassiness, and some floral tones.  All of that is supported by an ever-present undercurrent of toasted, biscuity grains and a dollop of honey.  The balance is just beautiful, and it is all made possible thanks to a nondescript fruitiness coming from the Kölsch yeast.  Fantastic.  Truly fantastic.

Mouthfeel: Light in body with a bright, prickly carbonation.  The balance is nearly spot on here, staying almost perfectly centered between malty and hoppy.  Each sip dries out nicely, constantly begging for another.  The ABV is completely hidden, further adding to the beer’s refreshing and easy-drinking ways.  Aftertaste is minimal, but there is just a touch of residual fruitiness left behind.

Final Thoughts: As we all know, a shower beer must be light, crisp, clean and (above all else) refreshing.   KÖLD SCHAUER hits all those marks with ease, and a great deal of this beer’s success comes from how Sixpoint handled the hops.  They were somehow able to pull all the juicy, refreshing fruit flavor out of these Huell Melon hops but without making the beer overly bitter.  They found a sweet spot that holds maximum hop flavor with minimum bitterness, and it is simply gorgeous when combined with those trademark Kölsch yeast and malt notes.  All in all, this beer is everything I am looking for in Kölsch and it can join me in the shower anytime.  Prost!