Sixpoint Brewery Goes Big with Limited Release of Atomic-Res New England-style Triple IPA

sixpoint-atomic-res-siteSixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, New York) has officially announced that it will begin the Limited Release of Atomic-Res NE IIIPA in February 2020.

Here to take the “essence of RESIN . . . to its realized extreme,” Atomic-Res is a New England-style Triple India Pale Ale “loaded up with Citra, Galaxy, Mandarina Bavaria, and Idaho 7 Hop Hash.”  It is the added hop hash – “pure lupulin collected during pelletization [that is] preserved, then frozen with liquid nitrogen and shattered into the beer during dry-hopping” – that supplies the desired “chain reaction of hop intensity going off in every sip.”  Coming in at 11.8% ABV, Atomic-Res allows you to “experience pure juice at the ATOMIC level!”

Atomic-Res NE IIIPA is scheduled to launch in February 2020 and will hang around as long as supplies last.  You can expect to find this new Limited Release available in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans and on draft at select craft beer-focused establishments located in Alabama, Florida, New York and throughout the rest of Sixpoint’s distribution area.  Prost!

Vital Information for Atomic-Res NE IIIPA from Sixpoint Brewery

Release – Limited; February 2020
Style – New England-style Imperial/Triple India Pale Ale
ABV – 11.8%
Hops – Citra, Galaxy, Mandarina Bavaria & Idaho 7 Hop Hash
Availability – 4-packs of 16 oz. cans & draft

Sixpoint Brewery Adds Three New IPAs to its Year-Round Portfolio

SixpointLogoOrangeSixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, New York) has officially announced that Hootie Hazy IPA, Meltdown IIPA and Trail Haze Hazy Adventure IPA will join the brewery’s Year-Round lineup in January 2020.

After spending the last 25 months developing and releasing over 65 beers as a part of their Small Batch innovation program, the fine folks at Sixpoint Brewery have decided to promote three top formulations to Year-Round status. Hootie Hazy IPA, Meltdown IIPA and Trail Haze Hazy Adventure IPA have all been tested by the brewery “at small scale extensively through multiple releases, incorporating feedback, and even going so far as to survey a group of ‘Super Fans’ on their opinions of the beers across several iterations.” After a few tweaks and adjustments, this is how Sixpoint describes the Year-Round versions of these three offerings (descriptions sourced directly from the brewery’s press release):

  • Hootie Hazy IPA – A 6.2% ABV, 5 IBU IPA gratuitously dry-hopped with three hops directly-sourced from farms in the Pacific Northwest and Idaho—Idaho 7, El Dorado, and Amarillo—with Australian Galaxy hops as well to boost the overall potency. It’s an everyday Hazy IPA that’s designed to be incredibly juicy and aromatic, and also very easy to drink with low bitterness.
    The hop strains for Hootie were selected to leverage the direct-to-farmer hop relationships that Sixpoint has cultivated over the years. The beer features the Idaho 7 hop sourced directly from Nate Jackson of Jackson Farms, the breeder of the varietal. Sixpoint also uses El Dorado hops directly sourced from Graham Gamache at Cornerstone Ranches, and the Amarillo variety comes from Double R farms, both in Washington’s Yakima Valley.
    Hootie was one of the first releases from Sixpoint’s Product Development team and has been worked on for over two years. Sixpoint released the beer in 16 oz cans for limited distribution in mid-2019, and the final update to the beer is raising the ABV slightly, from 5.4 to 6.2, to precisely dial in the formulation.
  • Meltdown IIPA – An 8.0% ABV, 20 IBU, Double IPA intensely hopped with Mosaic and Mandarina Bavaria. This beer has a smooth, soft, hazy body meant to be extremely lush and juicy.
    Meltdown is Sixpoint’s expression of the New England Double IPA experience at scale— complete with all the rich texture, extreme hopping rate, and ripe juiciness the style is beloved for— and available on shelves consistently.
    Meltdown was released through Sixpoint’s Infinite Loop rotating IPA series and became an instant favorite, with tasters lauding the smooth and soft body of the beer, plus the complex aroma of both ripe tropical fruit and bright orange peel.
  • Trail Haze Hazy Adventure IPA – A 4% ABV, 99 calorie Hazy “Adventure” IPA, hopped with Southern Hemisphere favorites Vic Secret and Enigma, as well as Mosaic, and produced without any sweeteners or flavorings. The beer is a collaboration with the outdoor recreational co-op REI.
    Sixpoint and REI’s relationship began through event partnership and Sixpoint’s support of REI adventures in the NY metro area. The two teams then developed Trail Haze in the summer of 2019 and released it through Sixpoint’s Small Batch events, as well as at major events at REI’s NYC location, including the announcement of their #opttoact campaign, which presented people with a 52 week plan to take action to reduce their impact on the environment in partnership with the NYC Mayors Office of Sustainability, and “Pray for Snow” Party.
    Trail Haze is an innovative formula using rice and highly attenuative brewing techniques to create a light, crisp, low calorie beer that drinks with the texture and quality of real hazy IPA but doesn’t slow you down. The beer is aggressively dry-hopped with a blend of American and Australian hops to be extremely aromatic and expressive.

Hootie Hazy IPA, Meltdown IIPA and Trail Haze Hazy Adventure IPA are all launching in January 2020.  You can expect to find these new Year-Round offerings available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft at craft beer-focused establishments located in Alabama, Florida, New York and throughout the rest of Sixpoint Brewery’s distribution area.  Prost!


Sixpoint Brewery Sends PUFF PUFF DDH Cloudy IIPA Out for a Limited Release

sixpoint_12ozsleek_puffpuffSixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, New York) has officially announced that it will begin the Limited Release of PUFF PUFF DDH Cloudy IIPA in mid-September 2019.

Back when Sixpoint first created PUFF Cloudy IIPA in 2016, they basically presented their Year-Round Resin IIPA in its “most raw form” by pulling it “straight from the tanks, still densely packed with pure hop particulate for extra potency.” Fast forward three years later and PUFF PUFF has surfaced to take the original PUFF’s “cloudy formulation stratospheric” by “[amping] up the special blend of dry-hops by 2x.”  This makes PUFF PUFF (9.8% ABV) “an absolute haze bomb” filled with “tropical and juicy notes that complement the signature dankness.”

PUFF PUFF is slated to debut in mid-September 2019 and will hang around for a limited time.  You can expect to find this Limited Release available in 4-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft at select craft beer-focused retailers, bars and restaurants located in Alabama, Florida, New York and throughout the rest of Sixpoint’s distribution territory.  Prost!

Vital Information for PUFF PUFF from Sixpoint Brewery

Release – Limited/Infinite Loop IPA Series; launching mid-September 2019
Style – New England-style/Hazy Imperial India Pale Ale
ABV – 9.8%
IBUs – 70
Fun Fact – PUFF PUFF is “at least twice as hazy” as the original PUFF. “By utilizing the NEIPA techniques developed by Eric Bachli and tested in our small batch program, PUFF PUFF is an absolute haze bomb.”
Availability – 4-packs of 12 oz. cans & draft

Sixpoint Brewery Gets Experimental, Introduces Dabble IIPA

sixpointdabblecanSixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, New York) has announced that DABBLE Experimental IIPA will begin a limited run in January.

Surfacing as the latest release in Sixpoint’s Infinite Loop Series of rotational IPAs, DABBLE is an Imperial India Pale Ale that explores the “insane new flavors” and varietals coming out of hop farms these days.  After a bit of hands on research (or “dabbling”, if you will), the brewers at Sixpoint decided to have DABBLE’s hop bill include Sabro (“provides an incredible coconut note”), Cashmere (“brings a soft, delicate complexity”) and Idaho 7 hops (brings potency and depth).  Coming in at 8.2% ABV and 20 IBUs, DABBLE is here to remind you that “there’s nothing quite like your first taste.”

DABBLE will begin rolling out as early as next week (January 14) and is scheduled to hang around through April 2019.  You can expect to find this new Limited Release available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft at select craft beer establishments located in Alabama, Florida, New York and throughout the rest of Sixpoint’s distribution footprint.  Prost!

Vital Information for DABBLE Experimental IIPA from Sixpoint Brewery

Release – Limited/Infinite Loop IPA Series, January – April 2019
Style – Imperial India Pale Ale
ABV – 8.2%
IBUs – 20
Featured Hops – Sabro, Cashmere & Idaho 7
Fun Fact – On the Infinite Loop IPA Series: “Dabble is part of our Infinite Loop IPA Series, which showcases innovation and will bring you a new rotational IPA every few months. These beers will all be aromatic forward and will showcase new age hops, but will have variation within the range.”
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans & draft



Sixpoint Brewery Sends Meltdown IIPA Out for Network-Wide Release

sixpoint-brewery-limited-release-MELTDOWNSixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, New York) has announced that Meltdown IIPA is officially hitting shelves and taps now as the brewery’s latest Limited Release.

Arriving as the second release in Sixpoint’s network-wide rotational IPA series, Meltdown is a New England-style Imperial India Pale Ale that forces “tons” of Mosaic and Mandarina Bavaria hops – almost five pounds of hops per barrel – to be “heated until the solid lupulin sap is diffused into solution.”  This liquid sap intensifies the hop character, allowing the Mosaic hops to provide “a lush, ripe tropical aroma/flavor, along with some complexity often described as blueberry”, while the Mandarina Bavaria “gives the beer this unmistakable, bright orange zest aroma.”  Clocking in at 7.8% ABV and 30 IBUs, Meltdown promises to be a “lush, hazy, juicy IIPA with ripe tropical and bright citrus characteristics, and a soft, easy finish.”

“In 2018 we’ve put a tremendous effort into innovation, creating over 35 new brands this year out of our home base in Brooklyn. These beers have spanned a broad range of styles including sours, strong porters, barrel-aged goses, and New England IPAs, with the goal of pushing boundaries and creating new flavor experiences. We scaled the techniques we’ve developed through our small batch beers to create MELTDOWN, the second in a line of rotating IPAs released network-wide this past week.

Meltdown is a double New England IPA generously dry-hopped with 4 lbs per bbl of Mosaic and Mandarina hops, and bursting in aromatics and flavor. We’ve spent the better part of the past year working towards scaling our formulations to achieve national distribution with a New England Style IPA true to the roots of the style—an absolute citrus juice bomb that’s available coast-to-coast. It took some serious effort to scale it for our entire network without sacrificing any of the integrity of the beer in the process. I’m incredibly proud of the result and am excited to share this beer with you.”


– Eric Bachli, Sixpoint Brewmaster

Meltdown IIPA is rolling out now and is expected to hang around for a limited time.  You can find this Limited Release available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft at select craft beer-focused retailers, bars and restaurants located in Alabama, Florida, New York and throughout the rest of Sixpoint’s distribution network.  Prost!

Vital Information for Meltdown IIPA from Sixpoint Brewery

Release – Limited, late-October 2018 
Style – New England-style Double/Imperial India Pale Ale
ABV – 7.8%
IBUs – 30
Featured Hops – Mosaic & Mandarina Bavaria
Fun Fact – The almost five pounds per barrel of hops used in Meltdown is the “most hops [Sixpoint has] ever used in a full-network release.”

Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans & draft
Beer Finder –


Binary IIPA Kicks Off New Rotating Year-Round Series from Sixpoint Brewery

sixpointbinary2Sixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, New York) has officially introduced Binary IIPA as the first release in its brand new rotational year-round Imperial IPA series.

Meant to serve as a “connection between hop bines from opposite ends of the globe”, Binary is an Imperial India Pale Ale that sources stone fruit and tropical notes – “think mango-peach bomb” – from Galaxy hops from Tasmania, Australia while Citra hops from Yakima, Washington provide “dank citrus notes . . . complemented by complex flavors of white wine and gooseberry.”  All this hop goodness is set upon an “east-meets-west” IIPA setup that features “a milder, but still present bitterness, a touch of malt sweetness, and the use of high protein malts [to create] a soft impression, almost like an NEIPA, but with subtle haze.”

“Binary is a super-expressive, hugely aromatic Double IPA. Peach, mango, and pineapple hop aromas lead the way, with orange juice citrus notes underneath. Subtle white bread malt sweetness makes any bitterness on the palate seem super low, and the peachy/tropical flavors continue to dominate. A pillowy soft mouthfeel makes this beer drink like a Northeastern style IPA, even if it doesn’t have the haze to look like one.” 


– Max Finnance, Advanced Cicerone and Sixpoint Quality & Education Specialist

Binary IIPA is rolling out now and will be available for a limited time.  You can expect to find this Limited Release offering available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft at craft beer-friendly establishments located in Alabama, Florida, New York and throughout the rest of Sixpoint’s distribution network. Prost!

Vital Information for Binary IIPA from Sixpoint Brewery

Release – Limited, launching September 2018
Style – Imperial India Pale Ale
ABV – 8%
IBUs – 40
Featured Hops – Citra & Galaxy
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans & draft


Sixpoint Brewery Hits Summer with Two Versions of Jammer Gose

SixpointCitrusJamSixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, New York) recently announced that it is tackling the summer heat with two Seasonal releases this year: Jammer Gose and Citrus Jammer Gose.

First brewed back in 2011, Jammer is a Gose-style ale that has seen its sea salt and coriander additions constantly tweaked by Sixpoint’s brewers ever since so that they could get the “pH level, the salinity, and that coriander aroma just right.” The goal is to make Jammer “tart enough to tingle the tastebuds, but not so sour that you can’t throw a few back.”  Mission accomplished, and Jammer is back for another year to act as the brewery’s “refreshing, spritzy, tangy” summer formulation.

Well . . . we should probably say half of Sixpoint’s “refreshing, spritzy, tangy” summer lineup because Jammer has some company this year.  Citrus Jammer takes that OG Jammer and hits it with a twist of “just the right amount of lemon and lime juice.”  Rockin’ a “little more tang” than the original, Citrus Jammer is here to ensure that you get your recommended dose of Vitamin J this summer.

Jammer and Citrus Jammer are both available now and are scheduled to hang around through the summer months.  You can expect to find these Seasonal brews available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft at select craft beer establishments located in Alabama, Florida, New York and throughout the rest of Sixpoint’s distribution area.  Prost!

Vital Information for Jammer Gose from Sixpoint Brewery

Release – Seasonal (Summer), arriving late April 2018
Style – Gose
ABV – 4%
IBUs – 16
Added Ingredients – Coriander & sea salt
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans & draft

Vital Information for Citrus Jammer Gose from Sixpoint Brewery

Release – Seasonal (Summer), debuting late April 2018
Style – Gose
ABV – 4%
IBUs – N/A
Added Ingredients – Coriander, sea salt, lemon & lime juice
Availability – 6-packs of 12 oz. cans & draft




Tasting Notes: KÖLD SCHAUER from Sixpoint Brewery

Koldshowerpour1000With sights set on ultimate refreshment, this week’s Tasting Notes has us getting into a KÖLD SCHAUER from Sixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, New York).

The “shower beer” has officially gone mainstream, and Sixpoint Brewery is getting in on that action with the Limited Release of KÖLD SCHAUER.  Intent on creating something “light, fresh, and clean”, they decided to go with a Kölsch that is light on bitterness (23 IBUs) but still has “a distinctive honeydew melon aroma from Huell Melon hops.”  With “distinctive kölsch yeast [and] pilsner malts” supporting those juicy hop notes, the 4.9% ABV KÖLD SCHAUER shows absolutely “no shrinkage in the flavor department.”  KÖLD SCHAUER is rolling out now, and this Limited Release is available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft at craft beer establishments located in Alabama, Florida, New York and throughout the rest of Sixpoint Brewery’s distribution footprint.

Alright, I guess it’s time to grab a towel, hit the showers and get into these Tasting Notes . . .

Tasting Notes for KÖLD SCHAUER from Sixpoint Brewery

Appearance:  The pour produces a yellow-tinted, light orange colored brew capped with nearly two fingers of fluffy white foam.  When held to direct light, yellow hues intensify and the color turns to more of a burnished gold.  The beer is slightly hazy and displays a steady carbonation presence bouncing about within.  Head retention is good, but it slowly falls to a rocky half finger that consistently notches the glass with lace after each draw.

Aroma: The aromatics begin with some lightly toasted grain notes and honey.  That solid first wave of malty goodness is then gently overtaken by a clean floral and fruity breath of hops.  That fruity quality opens further to close the profile with a light melon character.

Taste:  Whoa . . . those Huell Melon hops really shine here as the flavor leads with a lovely and pronounced melon presence.  That honeydew note is laced with a touch of citrus, a bit of grassiness, and some floral tones.  All of that is supported by an ever-present undercurrent of toasted, biscuity grains and a dollop of honey.  The balance is just beautiful, and it is all made possible thanks to a nondescript fruitiness coming from the Kölsch yeast.  Fantastic.  Truly fantastic.

Mouthfeel: Light in body with a bright, prickly carbonation.  The balance is nearly spot on here, staying almost perfectly centered between malty and hoppy.  Each sip dries out nicely, constantly begging for another.  The ABV is completely hidden, further adding to the beer’s refreshing and easy-drinking ways.  Aftertaste is minimal, but there is just a touch of residual fruitiness left behind.

Final Thoughts: As we all know, a shower beer must be light, crisp, clean and (above all else) refreshing.   KÖLD SCHAUER hits all those marks with ease, and a great deal of this beer’s success comes from how Sixpoint handled the hops.  They were somehow able to pull all the juicy, refreshing fruit flavor out of these Huell Melon hops but without making the beer overly bitter.  They found a sweet spot that holds maximum hop flavor with minimum bitterness, and it is simply gorgeous when combined with those trademark Kölsch yeast and malt notes.  All in all, this beer is everything I am looking for in Kölsch and it can join me in the shower anytime.  Prost!

Sixpoint Brewery to Sell Newly Launched Small Batch Series Through Mobile App

Sixpoint-Small-BatchOn Saturday, September 30, Sixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, New York) will release two Small Batch offerings, Toppen-ish IPA and Lil’ Raspy Raspberry Berliner Weiss. The twist from the Mad Scientists: these beers are only available at the brewery and can only be purchased through an exclusive Beta app.

The release of Toppen-ish IPA and Lil’ Raspy Raspberry Berliner Weiss marks the first-ever brewery release from Sixpoint Brewery, and there is no denying that they are going big for this occasion.  There are a lot of moving parts to this release, but let’s cover the info on the beers first:

  • Toppen-ish IPA – “Toppen-ish is part of the Farm to Pint Series, a collaboration series with our hop farmer partners. For each beer in the series we source 100% of the hops from a single farm, to highlight individual terroir. This beer is named after Toppenish, Washington, where Cornerstone Ranches is located. Our buddy Graham Gamache hooked us up with awesome El Dorado and Centennial hops for this one.”
  • Lil’ Raspy Raspberry Berliner Weiss – “Then there’s Lil’ Raspy, a hot pink Berliner Weisse brewed with over 200 lbs of raspberries from the Willamette Valley in Oregon per 20 barrel batch. It’s a quenching beer with a big raspberry aroma, smooth body and tart finish. With each case purchase, fans will also receive a bottle of “Raspy Sauce” a raspberry-jalapeno sauce made to pour directly into the beer. Traditionally, the Berliner Weiss was served with a sweet raspberry or woodruff syrup to counteract the intense sourness. With Raspy sauce, we add in a spicy twist as well.  (The sauce was created in conjunction with The Jam Stand, a Brooklyn-based company we’ve been working with since Mad Scientists #15, back in 2013.)

Toppen-ish IPA and Lil’ Raspy cans will be available for pick-up at Sixpoint Brewery on September 30, but fans interested in obtaining these beers can begin purchasing them at noon on September 25 via Sixpoint’s Beta app.  When it comes to Toppen-ish IPA and Lil’ Raspy, “there will be no walk-up sales at the brewery, as all sales of the inaugural canned beer release will take place through the app.”  To ensure that you get all the proper information about how to obtain the app and purchase these beers, here are the step-by-step instructions provided by Sixpoint Brewery:





First, sign up to be on the beta by clicking here.  

1. Once signed up, wait for the beta release email. Follow the instructions and download the beta.

2. Once downloaded, sign up for a Sixpoint account. (Adding your payment info makes for speedier checkout.)

3. Wait for the beer release notification. The first beers will go on sale on Monday September 25th at noon.

4. Buy, buy, buy! (Quantities are limited so look out!)

5. Check back on the Sixpoint app for updates about your liquid. (Imagine how it will taste. So special.)

6. Come out to Red Hook, Brooklyn, pick up your beer at the brewery, and chill with the Sixpoint crew on September 30th.

All of this may leave some of you asking, “Why an app?”.  Well, here’s Shane C. Welch, Founder and Chief Visionary at Sixpoint, with the answer to that question:

“We can now look back and clearly see there were certain moments that altered the course of brewing forever — the discovery of yeast, the invention of pasteurization, the development of the automobile, etc. Flash forward to 2017, and Sixpoint has devised a way to directly link the brewery to its customers from the palm of their hand,” said Welch. “For generations, breweries and their supply chain were shrouded in mystery – the process and the entire ecosystem was kept out of the public eye, and the actual product was just something that appeared on the shelf or on tap alongside a marketing message. We’ve changed all of that with our mobile app, as we have directly linked our customers with our great suppliers, the formulation process, and the product itself. We’re the conduit.”

As you can tell from quote above, Sixpoint’s approach to this beer release is all about innovation and tailoring the experience specifically to you.  Once you are signed up for the app, you will gain “access to a pipeline of new formulation and features, and anything you do now will be carried over to future versions of the Sixpoint App experience.”  This could very well revolutionize and streamline the brewery beer release experience moving forward.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, what we do know is that Toppen-ish IPA and Lil’ Raspy Raspberry Berliner Weiss will not see distribution and the Sixpoint Beta app is your only gateway to these beers.  If you will happen to be in the area of Sixpoint Brewery on September 30 and wish to get your hands on these Small Batch releases, just go ahead and download that app, make your purchases on September 25, and enjoy the experience of being at the cutting edge of craft beer innovation.  Prost!

Tasting Notes: Lo-Res Sesher IPA from Sixpoint Brewery

LoResTasting Notes keeps the hop theme this week, but we adjust our focus a bit as we get into a few cans of Lo-Res Sesher IPA from Sixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, New York).

Not too long ago, we provided you with the news that Sixpoint Brewery was fending off the heat of summer with the release of Lo-Res Sesher IPA.  Arriving as the smallest sibling in the Resin family of beers, Lo-Res is a Session India Pale Ale that changes the resolution to “focus on the juice.”  This easy-drinker has been heavily dosed with Mandarina Bavaria hops to “provide a huge citrusy blast, while a pale, dry body finishes super clean and easy.” Thanks to its 4.5% ABV, you can enjoy a couple Lo-Res Sesher IPAs “before things get pixelated.”  This Limited Release offering is available now in 8-packs of 12 oz. cans and on draft at craft beer establishments located in Alabama, Florida, New York and throughout the rest of Sixpoint’s distribution area.

Now that all the fine details are covered, let’s zoom out a bit and take in all that Lo-Res Sesher IPA has to offer by jotting down some Tasting Notes.

Tasting Notes for Lo-Res Sesher IPA from Sixpoint Brewery

Appearance:  Lo-Res pours up a slightly hazy, golden yellow-colored brew that holds some bright orange tones as well.  When held to direct light, the liquid radiates with bright, lemon yellow hues.  A meandering carbonation presence can be seen feeding the half finger of wispy white foam capping the beer.  Retention is decent, but it eventually fades to a bubbly ring that leaves thin, airy tracts of lace behind whenever the glass is jostled.

Aroma:  From the first whiff, it is abundantly clear that the brewers at Sixpoint were focused on coaxing out the fruity characteristics of the chosen hops.  I say that because the aroma is not translating as the expected dank hoppiness . . . no, what we got here is a whole lot of nice and clean citrus notes translating primarily as tangerine and orange.  A touch of sweetness creeps in along with just a breath of bitterness, but this profile is mostly concerned with juicy citrus fruit.  Smells of summer.

Taste:  There is no denying that Lo-Res is the lil’ bro to Resin because that hop bite is alive and well in the flavor department.  Aggressively dank, the bitterness impressively asserts itself before easing back a bit to allow notes of tangerine zest and juice a chance to get some attention.  That bite returns with some grapefruit bitterness just before a slight amount of nondescript, balancing sweetness arrives to close things out.

Mouthfeel:  This Session IPA is light in body with a moderate carbonation level to supply an easy-drinking and refreshing experience.  Although it is mostly bitter on the palate, it dries out nicely for a wonderfully clean finish.  As you would expect from the style, the ABV plays no part here.  The aftertaste is just a bit of grapefruit zest.

Final Thoughts:  Lo-Res Sesher IPA may be a great deal smaller in size, but it certainly maintains its familial ties to Resin IIPA and Hi-Res IIIPA.  This Session IPA mirrors its family’s hop-laden personality and edge, but it does so in a way that somehow keeps it easy-drinking and gulp-worthy to basically provide its drinker a big ol’ IPA experience that’s wrapped up in a 4.5% ABV package.  It may not be a 1-UP to the traditional IPA, but Lo-Res Sesher IPA is certainly here to provide us all with a cheat code that allows us to enjoy as many pours of hoppy goodness as we want.  That’s definitely something I can get behind.  Be sure to check out Lo-Res before it’s game over on this Limited Release offering.  Prost!