Sixpoint Brewery to Sell Newly Launched Small Batch Series Through Mobile App

Sixpoint-Small-BatchOn Saturday, September 30, Sixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, New York) will release two Small Batch offerings, Toppen-ish IPA and Lil’ Raspy Raspberry Berliner Weiss. The twist from the Mad Scientists: these beers are only available at the brewery and can only be purchased through an exclusive Beta app.

The release of Toppen-ish IPA and Lil’ Raspy Raspberry Berliner Weiss marks the first-ever brewery release from Sixpoint Brewery, and there is no denying that they are going big for this occasion.  There are a lot of moving parts to this release, but let’s cover the info on the beers first:

  • Toppen-ish IPA – “Toppen-ish is part of the Farm to Pint Series, a collaboration series with our hop farmer partners. For each beer in the series we source 100% of the hops from a single farm, to highlight individual terroir. This beer is named after Toppenish, Washington, where Cornerstone Ranches is located. Our buddy Graham Gamache hooked us up with awesome El Dorado and Centennial hops for this one.”
  • Lil’ Raspy Raspberry Berliner Weiss – “Then there’s Lil’ Raspy, a hot pink Berliner Weisse brewed with over 200 lbs of raspberries from the Willamette Valley in Oregon per 20 barrel batch. It’s a quenching beer with a big raspberry aroma, smooth body and tart finish. With each case purchase, fans will also receive a bottle of “Raspy Sauce” a raspberry-jalapeno sauce made to pour directly into the beer. Traditionally, the Berliner Weiss was served with a sweet raspberry or woodruff syrup to counteract the intense sourness. With Raspy sauce, we add in a spicy twist as well.  (The sauce was created in conjunction with The Jam Stand, a Brooklyn-based company we’ve been working with since Mad Scientists #15, back in 2013.)

Toppen-ish IPA and Lil’ Raspy cans will be available for pick-up at Sixpoint Brewery on September 30, but fans interested in obtaining these beers can begin purchasing them at noon on September 25 via Sixpoint’s Beta app.  When it comes to Toppen-ish IPA and Lil’ Raspy, “there will be no walk-up sales at the brewery, as all sales of the inaugural canned beer release will take place through the app.”  To ensure that you get all the proper information about how to obtain the app and purchase these beers, here are the step-by-step instructions provided by Sixpoint Brewery:





First, sign up to be on the beta by clicking here.  

1. Once signed up, wait for the beta release email. Follow the instructions and download the beta.

2. Once downloaded, sign up for a Sixpoint account. (Adding your payment info makes for speedier checkout.)

3. Wait for the beer release notification. The first beers will go on sale on Monday September 25th at noon.

4. Buy, buy, buy! (Quantities are limited so look out!)

5. Check back on the Sixpoint app for updates about your liquid. (Imagine how it will taste. So special.)

6. Come out to Red Hook, Brooklyn, pick up your beer at the brewery, and chill with the Sixpoint crew on September 30th.

All of this may leave some of you asking, “Why an app?”.  Well, here’s Shane C. Welch, Founder and Chief Visionary at Sixpoint, with the answer to that question:

“We can now look back and clearly see there were certain moments that altered the course of brewing forever — the discovery of yeast, the invention of pasteurization, the development of the automobile, etc. Flash forward to 2017, and Sixpoint has devised a way to directly link the brewery to its customers from the palm of their hand,” said Welch. “For generations, breweries and their supply chain were shrouded in mystery – the process and the entire ecosystem was kept out of the public eye, and the actual product was just something that appeared on the shelf or on tap alongside a marketing message. We’ve changed all of that with our mobile app, as we have directly linked our customers with our great suppliers, the formulation process, and the product itself. We’re the conduit.”

As you can tell from quote above, Sixpoint’s approach to this beer release is all about innovation and tailoring the experience specifically to you.  Once you are signed up for the app, you will gain “access to a pipeline of new formulation and features, and anything you do now will be carried over to future versions of the Sixpoint App experience.”  This could very well revolutionize and streamline the brewery beer release experience moving forward.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, what we do know is that Toppen-ish IPA and Lil’ Raspy Raspberry Berliner Weiss will not see distribution and the Sixpoint Beta app is your only gateway to these beers.  If you will happen to be in the area of Sixpoint Brewery on September 30 and wish to get your hands on these Small Batch releases, just go ahead and download that app, make your purchases on September 25, and enjoy the experience of being at the cutting edge of craft beer innovation.  Prost!